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WINTER • 199 1 

1989-90 Alumni Association IVIembershIp 


WINTER 1991 

VOL. 79, NO. 2 


James S. Ferguson 1 

in/ Robert M. Calhoon 

Because of you . . . 

Good things are happening at UNCG 5 

by Ann Phillips McCracken '60 

The Blue Valleys 29 

Reviewed In) Fred Chappell 

On Campus 30 

A classroom dances 

in Dr. Donald DeRosa 's mind 32 

by Kay E. Bennett '92 

Play Ball! 34 

hj Mike Gaski '77 MFA 

Association Network 36 

It's Happening at UNCG 38 

Class Notes 40 

Alumni Business 48 









What do leaves have to do with alumni? 

Think of what they have in common: 

No two are alike, and, because of their unique 
locations and positions, each has a different 

view of the world. 

They both provide the sustenance to ensure the 
quality of their beneficiaries. 

They offer their resources to benefit the whole, 
not themselves. 

When new ones come on, we delight in the 
promise they hold; when old ones drop off, we 
miss them sorely. 

It takes a lot of individual ones to make a patch 
of shade. 

They can never disavow their roots. 

Leaf through the pages of this issue and find the names 
of the good people who, along with you, make it known 
that UNCG alumni care. 



Ann Phillips McCracken '60, Sanford 
JoAnne Smart Drane '60, Raleigh 

First Vice President 

N. Susan Whittington, '72, '74 MEd, Wilkesboro 

Second Vice President 
Sue Ormond Singleton '59, Washington 

Recording Secretary 

Brenda Meadows Cooper '65, '73 MEd 

Executive Secretary-Treasurer 

Acting Director of Alumni Affairs 


Helen Bumgamer Bell '39, North Wilkesboro 

Ellen Bryant '88, Greensboro 

Elizabeth Farrior Buford '68, Raleigh 

Rebecca Kasuboski Cook '66, Clemmons 

Betsy Ervin '79, Asheville 

Grace Evelyn Loving Gibson '40, Laurinburg 

Charles Hager '80, Greensboro 

Anne Hathaway '71, '78 MLS, '83 EdD, Monroe 

Julia Alexander Kaufmann '47, Cambridge, MA 

Laura Lanier '90, Greensboro 

Ruth Crowder McSwain '45, WUmington 

Jaylee Montague Mead '51, Greenbelt, MD 

Rae Ann O'Neill '89, Greensboro 

Lois Bradley Queen '60, Titusville, FL 

Betsy BuUuck Strandberg '48, Rocky Mount 

Alice McDowell Templeton '40, Advance 

Julia Ross Lambert Thayer '51, Morganton 

Rozelle Royall Wicks '53, Maysville 

Gregory S. Greer '80, Davidson 

Alumni Annuai Giving Council Chair, ex officio 
Jody Kinlaw Troxler '72, Greensboro 

Finance Committee Chair, ex officio 
Alicia Fields-Minkins '86, Greensboro 

Black Alumni Council Co-chair, ex officio 
Cynthia Moore Johnson '87, Greensboro 

Black Alumni Council Co-chair, ex officio 


Chair (appointment pending) 

Jay Butler '79, Raleigh 

Saralou Debnam Caliri '50, Southern Pines 

John E. Dubel '72, Greensboro 

Karen McNeil-Miller '80, Greensboro 

Jim Clark '78 MFA, Faculty Representative 

Arm Phillips McCracken '60 

President of the Association, ex officio 
Anne Hayes Tate '68 

Immediate Past Chair, ex officio 
Miriam Com Barkley '74 

Editor of Alumni Publications, ex officio 
Brenda Meadows Cooper '65 

Executive Seaetanj-Treasurer, ex officio 

Acting Director of Alumni Affairs 


Editor: Miriam C. Barkley '74 

Editorial Assistant: Susan Manchester 
Staff Writer: Charles Wheeler 
Graphic Designer: Kim Potts 
Photographer: Bob Cavin 

ALUMNI NEWS is pubUshed four times a year by 
the Alumni Association of The University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro, 1000 Spring Garden 
Street, Greensboro, NC 27412. Contributors to the 
Annual Giving Program receive Alumni News. 

James S. 

Dr. Ferguson walked a tightrope 
with balance and integrity 

■ By Robert M. Calhoon 

James Ferguson had two 
cats, "Black Cat" and 
"Cat." Black Cat was his 

Black Cat meowed his way into 
Dr. Ferguson's affection after 
being trapped for a week under 
the Foust Administration 
Building. A buildings and 
grounds crew had replaced the 
crawl space cover through which 
the cat had begun its explorations. 

Working at his desk, Chancellor 
Ferguson heard the muffled cries 
of a cat in distress. He invest- 
igated, removed the crawl space 
cover, and saw a black kitten, too 
weak and terrified to come out. So 
the chancellor, a tall lanky man, 
crawled in. 

Whenever Dr. Ferguson told a 
self-deprecating story, his face 
went solemn, and his eyes 
twinkled. Black Cat must have 
noticed this Lincolnesque 
expression when the two of them 

met beneath Foust that day. With 
the discernment into human 
character which is given to cats. 
Black Cat attached itself to Dr. 
Ferguson and for years followed 
him around campus. 

James S. Ferguson was acting 
chancellor and chancellor of this 
University for fourteen years, and 
for nearly four years after he 
retired from administration he 
taught in the history department. 
His knowledge, his love of 
teaching, and his ability to 
summon others to a common 
educational cause embody all that 
we mean by the term academic 

James Ferguson was born in 
Anguilla, Mississippi, in 1916 and 
grew up in a succession of 

This essay is adapted from 
y '^It f''^ Honors Convocatioti 
t ^B address giveti on May 1 , 

■ * member of the history 
department and the 
Residential College. He 
joined the faculty in 1 964 
shortly before ]ames 
Ferguson first became 
acting cliancellor. Dr. Calhoon is collecting 
material about James Ferguson's career and 
invites readers with recollections of Dr. 
Ferguson or responses to this essay to write to 
him in care of the history departmeiit. 

Methodist parsonages in small 
towns in southern Mississippi. He 
chopped wood for the kitchen 
stoves of his two aunts in Jackson, 
Mississippi, while attending 
Millsaps College in the mid 1930s. 
He did his graduate work at LSU 
and Chapel Hill. In 1944 he 
returned to Millsaps to teach and 
in 1953 became dean. 

There he gravitated to a group 
of faculty at Millsaps and nearby 
Tougaloo College, a black school. 
The group included historian 
Vernon Wharton and two 
sociologists, George Maddox at 
Millsaps and Ernst Borinski at 
Tougaloo. They regularly brought 
their students across the color line, 
and in classes and seminars 
explored racial justice in the 
"closed society" of segregated 

Borinski, a refugee from Nazi 
Germany, was the most dynamic 
figure in the group. He recognized 
in Ferguson a kindred spirit who 
like him "knew a social force when 
he saw one and knew how to make 
it intelligible to students and 

After Little Rock in 1956, the 
history and sociology of race 
became dangerous subjects in 
Mississippi, and Millsaps' 
president, Ellis Finger, regularly 
received phone calls denouncing 
the "communists" on his campus 
and at Tougaloo. Finger upheld his 
trustees' opposition to integration 
but steadfastly defended his 
faculty's academic freedom against 
assaults from the White Citizens' 
Council that "either you and your 
faculty are for segregation or you 
are for integration." 

Tension mounted to the point of 
death threats against Ferguson's 
colleague and friend, George 
Maddox. As dean, Ferguson asked 
the Jackson police to protect 
Maddox, but when the police 
ignored him, the Maddox children 
spent several tense nights sleeping 
at the Ferguson's. 

James and Frances Ferguson 
were liberals on race in academic 
life before that was fashionable 
and, in Mississippi, before it was 
safe. "He was a force for 
conscience," one student recalls, 
"just by being there." 

"You have to understand," 
George Maddox explains, "that 
the Methodist Women's Society 
for Christian Service" in early 
twentieth century Mississippi 
"was the haven for those with an 
expectation of racial justice; 
Jimmy, as he was known to his 
Mississippi friends and family, 
grew up in that environment." By 
the early 1960s Ferguson's quiet 
courage had enraged 
segregationists in Jackson to the 
point that they turned the wrath 
of the community on him, on 
Frances Ferguson, and finally on 
their two young daughters. 

It was time to leave. His 
friend, Otis Singletary, now 
chancellor of the Woman's 
College in Greensboro, invited 
Ferguson in 1962 to become the 
first dean of the Graduate School. 
In 1967 he succeeded Singletary 
as chancellor and over the next 
decade built an outstanding 
facultv and an excellent library. 

Two episodes at UNCG 
tested his leadership. In 
April 1969 the cafeteria workers 
employed by Slater ARA Services 
went on strike. Mostly black and 
many of them A & T students, the 
strikers received the support of 
the Carolinian and the Student 
Government Association. 

This backing almost at once 
threatened to splinter along 
racial, gender, generational, and 
ideological lines. The students 
supporting the strike were 
biracial, but their leadership was 
white. The strikers included 

older, more cautious blacks and 
younger, impatient A & T 
undergraduates. The A & T student 
body had just won concessions from 
Slater on its campus. The students 
now wanted to test the power of 
large student demonstrations led by 
black males on a predominately 
white female campus. The city 
police were determined not to let 
campus demonstrations get out of 
hand. The University administration 
could not become a party to the 
dispute without acquiring financial 
liability for the settlement. 

As chancellor, Ferguson was in a 
tight position. A spontaneous 
dining hall demonstration on the 
second night of the strike, a 
Saturday, led to a march on the 
chancellor's residence where one 
radical student and a hundred or so 
supporters shouted demands that 
he impose a settlement. 

The following Thursday, a mass 
meeting of 650 UNCG and A & T 
students in Cone Ballroom lasting 
long past midnight almost erupted 
into a similar march. What the 
moderate students opposing this 
tactic and the radical ones 
demanding it did not know was that 
a large force of city police had taken 
up positions on Forest Avenue 
ready to arrest anyone who 
marched on the street or trespassed 
on the chancellor's lawn. 

A desperate Randy Bryant, SGA 
president, persuaded the crowd to 
wait until morning to confront the 
chancellor by promising that he 
would address the student body at 
10 am — which he did, manfully, 
for there was still nothing decisive 
he could say. 

One of the key figures in 
preventing UNCG from blowing up 
between Palm Sunday and Easter, 
1969, was Henry Frye, now a justice 
on the North Carolina Supreme 
Court, and then the lawyer retained 
by the strikers and the SGA. 

The other key figure was 
Ferguson. On the Thursday night 
while moderate and radical students 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

debated tactics in Cone Ballroom, 
and police readied tear gas 
canisters on Forest Avenue, 
Ferguson was on the phone to 
Philadelphia giving Slater's 
management a short course on 
race relations in the South and 
some idea of who Henry Frye was, 
and why his representation of the 
strikers was a precious 
opportunity for Slater and the 
University to settle the dispute 
without violence. 

The second crisis of his 
chancellorship occurred in 
1973 when a conservative faction 
in the Student Senate held a late 
night meeting, suspended the by- 
laws, excluded interested parties 
from speaking, and then rammed 
through a resolution stripping the 
Neo Black Society of funding — on 
the grounds that it refused to 
admit whites, a charge which was, 
in fact, untrue. Two white students 
interested in race relations had 
quietly joined the Society months 
earlier and had amicably 
participated in its activities. 

NBS President Leon Chestnut 
and several others woke the 
chancellor at 2 am to appeal the 
decision. "He was not hostile at 
all," Chestnut recalls; "in his 
pajamas and bathrobe he listened 
to our concerns" and promised a 
thorough review. 

As that process began the next 
morning, sixty students from both 
races sat down on the Foust 
Administration Building lobby 
floor in solidarity with the Society 
and stayed there for four days. 
Ferguson persuaded the students 
to scrunch far enough apart to 
allow small footfalls between their 
bodies and allow him to rule that 
the building was not being 
illegally obstructed. He appointed 
a faculty committee to review the 

CliniiceUor Fcri^uson 

dispute: Kendon Smith, Franklin 
Parker, Ernest Griffen, Harriet 
Kupferer, and Doris McKinney — 
"among the ablest and most fair- 
minded people we have," 
Ferguson told the trustees. 

Always the teacher, Ferguson 
remembered what he and Ernst 
Borinski had learned in the 1950s, 
— that a biracial roomful of 
students is a classroom in the best 
sense of the term. His flexibility 
and patience — as well as his final 
ruling restoring Neo Black Society 
funding — enabled those students 
to learn something important 
about the validity of their own 
beliefs, the nature of institutions, 
and the meaning of conflict 
resolution. Fittingly, it was 
Professor Joseph Himes, the father 
of the sociology of conflict 
resolution, who congratulated 

Ferguson on his handling of the 

In both the 1969 strike and the 
1973 sit-in, Ferguson faced 
situations in which police could 
easily have been drawn onto 
campus to make arrests involving 
some degree of force. By 
preventing that from happening, 
without jeopardizing the rule of 
law or sacrificing the interests of 
the institution, he prevented 
wounds to the University which 
would have taken years to heal. 

Ferguson's composure and skill 
in these events was the product of 
his education. At Millsaps he 
regularly took his turn teaching the 
required course in western 
civilization, and when the return of 
that course to the arts and sciences 
curriculum at UNCG hung 
precariously in the balance in 1979, 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

he quietly but effectively 
encouraged the change. He knew 
that the western intellectual 
tradition of history and philosophy, 
rationalism and skepticism were 
disciplines against easy answers 
and the fashionable ideas of the 

When he returned to 
North Carolina in the 
1960s, Ferguson brought 
progressive sympathies and 
theological assumptions about evil 
and redemption to bear on the 
meaning of educational expansion 
in the Tar Heel state. The North 
Carolina Populists and their 
Republican allies during the early 
1890s, he explained, demanded 
school for all children. An 
educational reformer like Charles 
Duncan Mclver knew that agrarian 
discontent represented a moment 
to be seized in developing his new 
Normal College for women near 
the spring gardens in west 

Charles Aycock and con- 
servative Democrats rode back to 
power in the 1898 and 1900 
elections with a virulent campaign 
to segregate the races and expand 
public education. It took racism 
and commitment to education to 
ensure enough votes to get the 
Populists and the Republicans out 
of power. 

Ferguson believed that this 
University — owing its existence to 
the best and the worst in North 
Carolina's political culture — had 
in the 1960s and 1970s a short time 
to help redeem education in North 
Carolina by bringing wholeness, 
dignity, and inclusiveness to the 
men and women who came to 
study here. 

As chancellor he often quoted 
the anthropologist Ralph Linton on 

the gap between "declared 
behavior" and "manifest behavior" 
in the life of every society. It was a 
gap people in the 1960s were 
demanding to have closed, a 
demand to which universities had 
to respond. Ferguson knew that his 
credibility with students in the 
1960s and at times the actual safety 
of the University depended on his 
ability to articulate the difference 
between ideals and realities. 

It was an urgent James Ferguson 
who told one North Carolina 
academic audience in 1967 the story 
"of how the nephews of Thomas 
Jefferson in a drunken spree 
heinously chopped a Negro slave 
into little bits because of their anger 
over his dropping and breaking a 
water pitcher, heirloom though it 
was." This episode symbolized 
what he called "the division within 
the soul of America" which was for 
Ferguson a personal void which he 
worked for a lifetime to repair with 
teaching, knowledge, kindness, and 

"What better goal could an 
emerging South define for itself," 
he asked a meeting of southern 
leaders in 1969, "than the 
encouragement and promotion of a 
society that values the personalism 
and the dignity of the individual?" 

Looking back on his parents' 
generation, he made his own pact 
between what he inherited and 
what he hoped to bequeath. 
"During the first third of this 
century ... men oversimplified the 
matter of applying reason to the 
solution of man's problems," he 
told a Georgia audience in 1969, 
"but it is in the human capacity for 
rationality that our chief hope lies. 
We cannot be faint of heart. The 
fact that our task is more complex 
than we first thought should not 
cause us to turn our backs on 
rationality. ... No matter how 
conflicting they may be, the 
emotional urgings of men ... can 
lead as easily to delusion as well as 

reality. ... Of course, emotions 
have added fine qualities to life, 
but the fundamental question is 
whether we control these urgings 
or are controlled by them. 
Education seeks to develop men 
and women in whom the former is 

Spoken in troubled times, 
Ferguson's words sustained 
disciplined learning in this 
University two decades ago, as did 
his practice of conflict resolution. 
In September 1978, in his last 
report to the trustees, he looked to 
the future: "It is time to move 
into another phase of the history of 
this stalwart institution, to turn to 
a new leader, and to experience 
the new bursts of energy and 
interest and vision that accompany 
such change." 

It was an accurate prediction. 
The University's growing 
reputation for academic excellence 
during the 1980s owed much to 
the faculty, library, and 
curriculum which were the legacy 
of the Ferguson era. 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association IVIembership 

Because of you . . . 

Good things are happening at UNCG. 

By Ann Phillips McCracken '60 

Last May I attended my 
thirtieth class reunion at 
UNCG, and I was delighted 
to see so many from the Class of 
1960. We had a great time on 
Friday and Saturday, and I com- 
mend the Alumni Office and our 
class reunion planning committee 
for making this time at UNCG so 
special for us. (I loved the class T- 
shirt!) I trust all of you in the other 
reunion classes had the same 
happy experience. 

For many reasons, this reunion 
was especially memorable for me, 
but I sensed a bond among my 
classmates that I perhaps had not 
recognized before. 1 think the 
passing of thirty years made this 
reunion a time for reflection as well 
as fun, for recognizing that our 
being at UNCG (then the Woman's 
College) in the late 1950s helped us 
to be better prepared for the 
challenges of a world that would 
drastically change. Perhaps we 
were even responsible for some of 
those changes! 

In later messages I hope I will 

be able to share my feelings of 
pride in our own and each other's 
accomplishments, of liking who 
and what we have become, and of 
appreciating more than ever our 
unique college experience. 

This time, however, 1 invite 
you to recognize the names of all 
the Alumni Association members 
— those who share your devotion 
and loyalty to UNCG. Your 
support is very important in 
maintaining the prominence of 
the University and enhancing its 
potential. Thank you very much 
for your gifts. 

I hope your involvement with 
UNCG and with the Alumni 
Association will not stop with 
your financial gifts. Your contri- 
bution automatically makes you a 
member of the Alumni Associa- 
tion. The Trustees of the Alumni 
Association and the staff of the 
Alumni Office are eager for you to 
participate in as many activities as 
possible that are planned for 
alumni, both on and off campus. 
The Alumni Association is one of 

your most important links to the 
University of which you are 
forever a part, and 1 encourage all 
of you to become even more active. 
Your enthusiasm, your support, 
and your interest and concern can 
only make a stronger Alumni 
Association, and, consequently, a 
stronger University. 

The Board and I have a charge 
from immediate past president 
Betty Crawford Ervin '50 and 
others to see that the Association 
continues to meet its obligations to 
alumni while guarding its integ- 
rity. With your support, we look 
forward to making the Alumni 
Association even more responsive 
to the needs of alumni and to the 
greater good of The University of 
North Carolina at Greensboro. 

Ann Phillips McCracken '60 
began her term as president 

of the Alumni Association 
last June. 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


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Elizabeth Reynolds Parker 
Vassie Proctor Paxton 
Ellen Shepherd Pierce 
Elizabeth Cowan Presslu 
Charlotte Chatfin Pnce 
Ora Hunnicutt Reese 
Olive Renfroe 
Elizabeth Roper Reynolds 
Lillie Royster 
Margaret Denson Ruffin 
Grantham Seabury 
Dorothy Lewallen Sours 
Minnie Matthews Stuart 
Cecile Lindau Thomas 
Gladys Spencer Thomas 
Evelyn Starr Thomas 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Aline Todd 

Frankie Jo Mann Torpy 
Kathleen Walters Traywick 
Sarah Daniel Vaughan 
Virginia Stewart White 


Mabel Aderholdt 
Delia Boren Arthur 
Jessie Middleton Blue 
Eloise Woosley Gates 
Cecil Rogers Clifford 
Mary Guion Cotfman 
Rebecca Webster Collier 
Willie Davis Conrad 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Laurie Martin Copeland 
Lucille Clark Cornatzer 
Frances Misenheimer 

Margaret Ware Davenport 
Frances Wallace Edwards 
LydiaCohoon Elliott 
Kate Robinson Farr 
Selma Stegall Flinn 
Kate Soger Fowler 
Lorene Meares Gibson 
Louisa Hatch 
Lola Hanward Henry 
Mayne Robinson Herring 
Eliza Cowper Hotler 
Pearle Dellmger Hord 
Elizabeth Monty Home 
Ruby Allen Hough 
Kathryn Regan Ivey 
Mary Delia Rankin Jarman 
Betty Brown Jester 
Leah Heilig Levine 
Mary Ellen Bass Mayo 
Martha McGee 
K T Wharton Montague 
Sallie Moonng 
Rosalie Avery Morgan 
Ermine Neal 
Inez Murray Overton 
Ruth Markham Pale 
Netta Robertson Patterson 
Eloise Ward Phelps 
Anita Hobson Reece 
Madge Rhyne 
Penelope Lewis Sauls 
Nancy Cox Schaeffer 
Virginia Motte Seidens 
Evelyn McNeill Sims 
Sara Henry Smith 
Pauline Hood Stahl 
Sallie Stott 
Tillie Robinson Sugg 
Frances Shearon 

Jeannette Trotter 
Edith Vail 

Louise Gorham Winstead 
Edith Meigs Witmore 

Kate Tucker Allmond 
Nell Haney Baucom 
Mary Bellinger 
Elizabeth Brittle Blount 
Mary Meeks Bryan 
Evelyn Bullock Bullard 
Ruby Byrd Campbell 
Vellie Suggs Capps 
Gwendolyn Britt Clifton 
Eugenia Clonmger 
Pannne Smith Coffin 
Iris Nelson Cooke 
Katherine Turner Cornelius 
Bessie Cowan 
Dorothy Joyner Dail 
Elizabeth Davidson 
Lucile Styers Davis 
Alma Ferguson 
Frances Fitzgerald 
Ruby Fleming 
Jean Lane Fonville 
Marion Holoman Fowler 
Pansy Matthews 

Jewell Brady Gathings 
Alethea Manning George 
Fannie McCall Gibson 
Louise Perkins Guy 
Virginia Bean Hamlet 
Claudia Prevost Harden 
Mabel Thornburg Helwig 
Katherine Perry Hilburn 
Elizabeth Dover Holcomb 
Eddis Byers Houck 
Inez Trogdon Hussey 
Frances Wise Jacquet 
Martha Fountain Johnson 
Isabelie Keith 
Minerva Waynick Kenyon 
Edna Livingston Kinlaw 
Mary Lowdermilk Kirk 
Lucile Sharpe Long 
Rose Goodwin McAllister 
Exie Beasley McAuley 
Lucille Callahan McDaniel 
Waverley Thomas McLeod 
Mary Sikes Meredith 
Mary Deese Murray 
Katherine Murray 
Amy Newcomb Nanzetta 
Alice Humphrey Nortleet 
Mary O'Neal 

Martha Hutchison Osteon 
Charlotte Thorpe Parker 
Hazel Yelverton Pike 
Hazel Goodman Poole 
Alice Power 
Gladys Price 
Helen Comer Pulliam 
Mildred Cowan Pitch 
Eunice Rountree 
Sue Horner Sample 
Ethel Louise Byerly 

Emeve Paul Singletary 
Lucile Joyner Speas 
Roberta Johnson Sterner 
Margaret Hester Stevens 
Margaret Church Tanner 
Pickett Henderson Taylor 
Janie Brame Tunnell 
Evelyn Undenwood 
Doris Abbott Walker 
Sarah Poole West ' 
Rachael Johnson Wills 
Leisel Womble 
Margaret Mims Wnght 


Elizabeth Wilson Amos 
Ethel Ellington Await 
Jerrie Arthur Baker 
Virginia McGuire Barlow 
Beulah Welch Bean 
Emma Hege Beckerdite 
Johnnie Slroupe Blackburn 
Hattie Kendnck Boggs 
Christine Mooney Branon 
Elizabeth Ward Brooks 
Frances Hayman Brown 
Lucy Mayfield Brown 
Catherine McCracken 

Laura Wilkinson Cheney 
Mary Lentz Cline 
Elizabeth Cody 

Katherine Williams Coslon 
Fay Dellinger Crossley 
Lenora Lineberry Culbreth * 
Lib Langford Cupp 
Ruth Cobb Curtis 
Mary Bailey Williams Davis 
Frances Brame Dew 
Mary Brummitt Donavant 
Virginia Morgan Dysard 
Mary Lowry Eatman 
Sara Yelverton Evans 
Marjone Field Foil 
Caldwell Hoyle Frederick 
Jean Freeman 
Dorothy Elliott Godwin 
Margaret Weeks Hammond 
Susan Capehart Hardy 
Eloise Cobb Harris 
Margaret Stallings 

Dorothy Blackwood Hoots 
Vera Black Hoyle 
Virginia Dalton Hughes 
Elizabeth Lowdermilk 

Elizabeth Albntton 

Mary Holley Latta 
Kitty Lambe Leigh 
Ernestine Halyburton 

Edwina McDowell Margrett 
Hazel Matthews 
Mary Omohundro 

Laura Jarretl McGlamery 
Blanche Mooring McKee 
Emma Tuttle McLean 
Emma Rice Merritt 
Lizzie Powers Miller 
Mildred Templeton Miller 
Margaret Henderson 

Sadie Mull Moser 
Kitty Nowell 
Lorraine Stack Owens 
Mary Hernngton Patrick 
Helene Coogan Phelan 
SueShernll Phillips 
Catherine Mctver Rowland 
Ruby Paschall Shackleford 
Valeria Jackson Shuford 
Adelaide Pounds Shuping 
Lollie Boyd Sigmon 
Mildred Brunt Smith 
Peggy Hefner Swanson 
Charlotte Barber Switt 
Margaret Watson Trahan 
Mary Hoyle Underwood 
Louise Ward 
Mary Bell Weathers 
Kate Harrison Wharton 
Alice Reid Whitmore 
Lottie Wall Wildman " 
Frances Bulwinkle Williams 
Alice Poe Williams 
Clara Lennon Withrow 
Burdine Womble 
Atha Culberson Wright 
Mildred Boatman Young 
Daisy Young 

ssmma bssesi 

Johanna Lichtenfels 

Barbara Lincoln Ashbaugh 
Janet Belvin Ashe 
Marjone Whilaker Barrow 
Kennon Taylor Beam 
Sarah Fisher Beatty 
Grace Williams Bell 
Rosalind Paul Blackwell 
Martha Peele Brown 
Margaret McGoogan 

Elizabeth Guy Calhoun 
Isabel Brawley Cashion 
Pearl Rosser Chinners 
Asenath Cooke 
Hazel Broxton Curtwnght 
Rebekah Kime Davis 
Bernice Willis Davis 
Margaret Brown Dunning 
Anzonetta Fisher Edwards 
Laivora Sally Ehrhardt 
Adelaide Crowell Felmet 
Barbara Best Fonvielle 
Inez Reeves Garner 
Connie Cartrette Gibson 
Priscilla Mullen Gowen 
Catherine Stokes Graham 
Rachel Lipscomb Graves 
Susan Gregory Hamner 
Margaret York Hart 
Hannah Boylan Hetzer 
Louise Martin Hobbs 
Catherine Taylor Hodges 
Adelaide Fortune 

Rebecca Hoskins 
Morie Murray Howard 
Louisa Cox Isler 
Margaret Plonk Isley 
Flora Royall Johnson 
Mary Elizabeth Keister 
Margaret Pleasants Little 
Helen Bisher Loftin 
Helen Brown Lombardo 
Frances Bodenheimer Long 
Mary Moser Mann 
Julia Watson Maulden 
Evelyn Ayers McNairy 
Irene Bivens McNeill 
Lucile Ward Mosback 
Catharine Curl Murray 
Jean Lefler Noble 
Ruth Long Nordstrom 
Margaret Palmer 
Louise Parker Parker 
Margaret Rabb Rash 
Claudia Moore Read 
Molly Winborne Roper 
Caroline Trenholm Rouse 
Julia Palmer Sanders 
Octavia Smith 
Mary McKay Spence 
Ernestine Sherwin Spillman 
Isabelie Freid Vatz 
Martha Gibson Weir 
Martha Meroney Weisner 
Elizabeth Wills Whittington 
Mary Smith Wiegmann 
Elizabeth Mitchell 

Helen Whitener Zink 

Helen Abernethy 
May Lattimore Adams 
Mary Allen 
Millie Brown Altman 
Alice Thomas Ashton 
Anne Minion Austin 
Jo Kiker Avett 
Leila Stewart Baldwin 
Helen Lebby Barkley 
Charlotte Porter Barney 
Mary Swett Barney 
Louise Robbms Beale 
Josephine Robinson 

Elizabeth Allardice Bohrer 
Margaret Boylan Bost 
Mary Brantley Boyd 
Mary Miller Bruce 
Mebane Holoman Burgwyn 
Mary Burns 
Lorna Colson 
Anne Wortham Cone 
Gene Brown Cothran 
Brockie Daniels 
Martha Nan Davis 
Pauline Beasley Davis 
Marion Ferrell Durham 
Elizabeth Toxey Dwiggins 
Evelyn Garrett Edwards 
Rosalie Inman Froneberger 
Cathleen Bell Gaines 
Dora Dunlap Gaston 
Paulanna Cooper Gerhard! 
Margaret Abbitt Goodwin 
Cornelia Calvert Graham 
Charlotte Brown Greever 
Lalon Maynard Groover 
Elizabeth Pope Hall 
Bryte Baker Ranson Hall 
LuheWimbish Harbison 
Toba Polakavetz Harris 
Mary Harrison Benson 

Dell Causey Higgins ' 
Lois Grier Hogg 
Mercer Reeves Hubbard 
Bennie Craig Inman 
Frances Grantham King 
Frances Belvin Kline 
Mary Wells Lane 
Margaret Thompson 

Hazel May Little 
Mary Allen Mann 
Mary Swift Mantle 
Pauline Hambright 

McCallum * 
Esther Scott McCraw 
Jane McGuire 
Josephine Pittman Moseley 
Margaret Phillips 
Roberta Wakefield Pnlchett 
Kathryn Roysler 
Cathenne Bernhardt Safnt 
Virginia Bennett Schlosburg 
Marion McDowell Schnurer 
Frances Smith Shelhart 
Miriam James Sims 
Robbie Dunn Siske * 
Ruby Bass Smith 
Alice Taylor Stanley 
Lucy Ross Taylor 

Frances Smith Temple 
Elizabeth McLean 

Shirley Hovis Tucker 
Jane Powell Tudor 
Ruth Davis Wallace 
Jane Costner Ware 
Virginia Adams Waters 
Doris Poole Watkins 
Anna Wills 

Dons Speegle Wilson 
Edith Wilkinson Wilson 
Kate Wilkins WooHey 
Edythe Ellis Wyrick 
Frances McCrary Younts 
Dorothy Yarbrough 


Lois Swett Abbott 
Cornelia Snow Adams 
Edith Lambeth Alexander 
Mary Davis Armfield 
Betty Griesinger Aydelette 
Josephine Tomlinson 

Kathleen Capps Barham 
Rebecca Jeffress Barney 
Kate Dunn Barrow 
Evelyn Cavileer Bash 
Frances Tate Blair 
Ruth Morns Blum 
Frances McNeill Bradford 
Susan White Brubaker 
Evelyn Sharpe Bumgarner 
Drusilla Martin Cathell 
Virginia Chnsty 
Mary Corbett 
Ruby Keller Corbitt 
Helen Page Crenshaw 
Kent Blair Davidson 
Lillian Hartness Deaton 
Martha Burnside Dorsett 
Mary Lewis Rucker 

Eliza Cromartie Elder 
Mary Motsmger Evans 
Eugenia Parker Foster 
Mary Gibbs Gilley 
Mary Fitzgerald Gillie 
Grey Manning Griffin 
Cordula Lanier Hassell 
Neta Blackwelder Haywood 
Elise Monroe Hendrix 
Helen Jones Herndon 
Leslie Darden Highsmith 
Carolyn Hines 
Carmen Austin Hogan 
Margaret Neister Rosea 
Margaret Harbison Hoyle 
Nellie Williamson Hunter 
Mazie Spinks Jones 
Kathenne Walsh Jones 
Elizabeth Yates King 
Pat Knight 

Carolyn Weill LeBauer 
Etta Warren Marshall 
Mildred Rogers Martin 
Louise Cox Mattocks 
Isabelie Gray McLean 
Elizabeth Harvell Miller 
Lela Hooker Miller 
Alice Watson Miller 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

Louise Bell Moffitt 
lone Wright Morgan 
Frances Boyette Morton 
Ann Crawley Newsom 
Jeta Pace 
Caroline Parker 
Mary Bradshaw Peacock 
Clarice Whitaker Pickett 
Florence Richardson 

Sarah Permar 

Martha Thomas Read 
Elizabeth Shore Reece 
Annie Sapp Ridenhour 
Sarah Andrewes Rivers 
Jean Singleton Robbjns 
Eloise Taylor Robinson ' 
Mary Clare Stokes Sanders 
Miriam McFadyen Scoft 
Gladys Draper Seawell 
Helen Floyd Seymour 
Nan Burgin Sik 
Emma Morisey Slater 
Florence Greis Sumner 
Margaret Farnor Swinson 
Louise Matthews Taylor 
Ruth Harns Thompson 
Louise George Touhy 
Elizabeth Polston Varney 
Irby Shaw Walker 
June Garden Ward 
Clara Gattis Ward 
Bess Rankin Warlick 
Miriam Miller Warshauer 
Mary Miller Wilkinson 
Larue Parrish Wilson 
Rachel Dunnagan Woodard 

Marguerite Holland Albnghi 
Martha McRae Alsup 
Edna Carpenter Baker 
Elizabeth Anderson Barnes 
Grace Harnman Black 
Dorothy Smith Boone 
Fan Bost Brooks 
Dorothy Sherwin Brown 
Mary Witherspoon Brown 
Virginia Moseley Buckley 
Rachel Darden Carmichael 
Pauline Hendren Clark 
Rachel Moser Cobb 
Janet Morrison Coble 
Marjone Lee Coffield 
Mataline Collette 
Marjone MacLean Cowles 
Bryte Kluttz Crowell 
Letha Royall Grumpier 
Willa Towne Curtis 
Gerry Bonkemeyer Darden 
Manie Oliver Davenport 
Elizabeth McEachern Davis 
Julia Stewart Dixson 
Mary Nunn Drumheller 
Alleme Grimes Echerd 
Kate Elmore 

Margaret Haigler Gernnger 
Frances Berbert Gooch 
Dewilla Ward Goodrich 
Lillian Pugh Grant 
Helen Hamrick 
Lynne Harrell 

Eleanore Stifler Haviland 
Grace Reynolds Hazeiton 
Annie Mackie High 
Gladys Lowery Hinson 
Annie Alspaugh Hunter 
Eleanor Gnmsley Jamieson 
Mary Shepard Jones 
Laura Reed Joost 
Mary Neal Saunders Kelly 
Helen Bolick Keziah 
Ruth Weitzel King 
Laura Abernethy Kingsley 
Virginia Bnttain Kirkman 
Linda Mitchell Lamm 
Mary Elizabeth Kenny 

Martha Andrews Mason 
Eva Scott Naumann 
Claryce Osborne Norman 
Belva Farmer Oelnch 
Elizabeth King Ogden 
Phyllis Parker Olsen 
Isabelle Moseley Perry 
Pattie Pittman Peterson 
Mary Helen King Plat! 
Dorothy Weddmgton Raker 
Aileen Pendleton Ray 
Dorothy Jones Richards 
Mary Louise Rankin Rouzer 
Wilfred Schlosser Seager 
Dabney Meeks Settle 
Esther Burch Sharp 
Elizabeth Gnmsley Sikes 
Gladys Pntchard Smith 
Gladys Solomon Sorentrue 
Frances Rothrock Squires 
Evelyn Tart Struthers 
Patncia Sturdivant 
Betsy Dupuy Taylor 
Grace Carmichael Watson 
Mabel Livingston Waynick 
Ethel Newell White 
Fae Williams 

Mary Agnew 
Sara Holt Arthur 
Gwen Stegal! Baucom 
Jessie Douglas Berry 
Mary Scott Symmes 

Elizabeth Johnson 

Lib Aycock Blackman 
Grace Parker Boutwell 
Ida Brock Bowers 
Edith Cardwell Bowlick 
Kathenne Aycock Boyette 
Hannah Steele Browneli 
Virginia Smith Carter 
Elizabeth Clay 
Helen Lewis Coleman 
Ruth Whalin Cooke 
Nancy Sawyer Copeland 
Gotda Peedin Davis 
Evelyn Hammond Dukes 
Carletta Shaw Eamon 
Sarah Matthews Elliott 
RevieClein Feingold 
Dorothy Oliver Floyd 
Susan Swett Forrester 
Rebecca Shaw Foscue 
Clarice Jones Foster 

Emily Hinshaw Gray 
Sara Hamby Greer 
Mary Elizabeth Shaw 

Chloe Roberson Harsch 
Dorothy Toler Hawkins 
Lyndll Ross Holden 
Rachael Howell 
Edith Jackson 
Lillian Byers Jenkins 
Louise Bowles Kapp 
Lucy Spinks Keker 
Lena Davis King 
Rachel Nye Kitts 
Blair Lyle Krakowski 
Selma Blake Kreutzig 
Hazel Barnes Lackey 
Sarah Cecil Lasher 
Laura Bateman Lawrence 
Eleanor Dunn Lloyd 
Mary Lou McRae Loftin 
Lib Reeves Lyon 
Catherine Davis Marcus 
Margaret Tyson Marsh 
Cathenne Matthews 
Douglas Plonk McElwee 
Bessie Mae McFadden 
Ruth Ivey Meissner 
Ins Howell Miller 
Maude Steele Monroe 
Frances Bland Monde 
Irene Rich Murphy 
Elizabeth Dotger Murray 
Harhet Nowiin 
Mary Lee Whitley 

Elaine Schmidt Potter 
Edith Surratt Price 
Elinor Reece 
Marjone Glenn Reich 
Helen Sturgeon Richeson 
Margery Edwards Ross 
Bettie Hunt Rubel 
Mary Boney Sheats 
Norma Shuford 
Mary Allen Williamson 

Lillyan Miller Smith 
Frances Truitt Smith 
Roberta Wolf Sosnik 
Frances Rivenbark Spivey 
Liz Peden Taylor 
Gladys Arney Tillman 
Minam Goodrum Tuttle 
Gerry Matthews Tyren 
Mary Withers Umbarger 
Frances Cuthbertson Vick 
Martha Loftin Whaley 
Josephine Wiley 
Steve Wiley 
Mary Hefner Wimbish 
Ruth Elliott Winslow 
Helen Zeack Wiswesser 
Heiene Person Youse * 


Carolyn Dukes Ahlin 
Evelyn Cox Alexander 
Evelyn Shepherd Apple 
Grace Mewborn Aycock 
Anne Garrison Baber 
Hannah Huske Baggett 
Miriam Solomon Baggett 

Margaret Mabrey Barrier 
Helen Bumgarner Bell 
Jean Lindsay Berry 
Margaret Galloway 

Betty Norwood Bocock 
Helen Book Bond 
Sarah Winslow Bond 
Jane Clegg Bradley 
Kitty Rettew Bregman 
Frances Horner Brown 
Alice Murdock Brown 
Gladys Strawn Bullard 
Mary Wilson Henderson 
Evelyn Swanngen 

Virginia Nowell Causey 
Myrtle Simpson Chaney 
Frances Fentress Chappell 
Mary Gill Clarke 
Leanna Koonce Coleman 
Frances Furr Cooke 
Minnie Lou Parker Creech 
Trudy Rainey Creede 
Catherine Brabble 

Elna Daniels 
Louise Darden Davis 
Dons Dozier Davis 
Frances Coughenour 

Josephine Watson Disney 
Grace Sharpe Draper 
Cathenne Martin Evans 
Martha Floyd Faller 
Mary Pun/is Finlator 
Dons Bowman Fisher 
Mildred James Forde 
Pauline Smith Frazier 
Nancy Parish Furr 
Eleanor Weeks Gaver 
Dons Spainhour Gibson 
Edna Levine Glass 
Jean Brinkley Green 
Margaret Greene 
Mary Elizabeth Suitt Hall 
Jean Cannon Hancock 
Mabel Hargett Harrington 
Mildred Pigg Hartsell 
Rubyleigh Davis Herndon 
Virginia Edwards Hester 
Pearle Chamness Hines 
Mary Taylor Hodges 
Mike Gault Holt 
Blois Crawford Hunsucker 
Alma Ormond Husketh 
Doris Hutchinson 
Sarah Smith Hutchison 
Adelaide Love Israel 
Vera Rackley Jenkins 
Alice Wright Jenkins 
Connna Bam Johnson 
Mary Johnson 
Sarah Jones 

Josephine Lowrance Jones 
Jane Sykes Kirksey 
Margaret Poynor Kompier 
Agnes Warren Lee 
Marjone Leonard 
Claudeline Lewis 
Edna Cartwnght Linthicum 
Jane Hodgin Long 
Christine McAdams 


Lib Wilkinson McNeely 
Elaine Reagan McPhail 
Kathryne Hurdle Midgett 
Virginia Miles 
Mary Barnes Miller 
Reva Heidinger Mills 
Margaret Best Mitchell 
Frances Joyner Monk 
Aimee Moore 
Margaret Phillips Moore 
Virginia Livingston Muse 
Pauline Fields Myrick 
Betsy Wharton Newland 
Mary Mims Nisbet 
Jane Umstead Norwood 
Myrtle Merntt O'Shields 
Eloise McLean Oliver 
Emily Stanton Parker 
Bertie Patterson 
Elizabeth Scott Pearson 
Pearl Turner Peebles 
Elizabeth Phillips 
Arlene LiTtlefield Pizzi 
Willie Eakes Pledger 
Frankie Northcott Pointer 
Emelie Brown Porter 
Helen Boiling Potts 
Emily Harris Preyer 
Sarah Whitney Pntchett 
Irma Jordan Randall 
Jeanne Carey Reynolds 
Lillian Osborne Reynolds 
Christine Marshburn 

Julia Godwin Romney 
Diana Curley Sanman 
Anne Sage SchencK 
Paulyne Finkelstein Scher 
Ruth Severson 
Louise Sharp 
Mattie Edwards Sholes 
Elizabeth Michael Smith 
Helen Veasey Smith 
Jeanette Hickman Smoot 
Mane Justus Smyth 
Edna Whitley Spruill 
Virginia Hunter Starnes 
Inez Shuford Starnes 
Mary Newsome Sutton 
Elinor Henderson Swaim 
Elizabeth Myers Tillery 
Dot Tyson Warren 
Margaret Ryan Watkins 
Susannah Thomas Watson 
Kathryn Mewborn Webb 
Lucile Bethea Whedbee 
Dorothy Kolman Wildman 
Gretchen Aycock Willey 
Nelle Sturkey Willis 
Louise Beck York 


Mary Cochran Adams 
Anna Railey Akerman 
Eleanor Bell Alexander 
Anne Person Allison 
Sue Shermer Ashburn 
Grace Harding Ashley 
Dorothy Brock AydleTt 
Virginia Gaylord Ayscue 
Alma Usher Barclay 
Edith Daniel Barrow 

Mamie Smith Baynes 
Virginia Gardner Becker 
Ruth Palmer Bell 
Minna Wolfson Berger 
Laura Muse Blair 
Janette Thornton Boles 
Mary Frye Boroughs 
Elaine Meyers Brandchaft 
Mary Cecile Higgins 

Lillian Johnson Brinkley 
Margaret McBane 

Patsy Jones Buffmgton 
Joyce Chambliss Burgin 
Helen Wygant Bussey 
Evelyn Campbell 
Julia Fuller Carr 
Frances Sutton Carr 
Dorothea Matthews 

Geraldine Rogers Chrisco 
Dorothy Coley 
Josephine Conley 
Frances Harward Conneil 
Mary Sides Cooke 
Pauline Penland Cowan 
Grant Jones Creekmore 
Wilhelmina Efird 

Mary Ellington Cuthrell 
Elizabeth Holmes Dailey 
May Davidson 
Kathryn Everett Davis 
Jennie Marks Delagrange 
Charlie Washington 

Margaret Black Dickson 
Mary Hawkins Doughtie 
Emily Slier Durban 
Eunice King Durgin 
Cora Leigh Scott Edge 
Theresa Snow Edwards 
Elva Evans 
Mary Rudd Faison 
Carrie Walker Fansh 
Marian Fisher 

Marguerite Koonce Fleming 
Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Nell Benton Fuller 
Clara Pardue Gabard 
Helen Page Gaither 
Dorothy Brown Gantt 
Martha Brown Gardner 
Mary Heffner Gehrke 
Grace Evelyn Loving 

Nancy Ham Green 
Mary Riddick Gregory 
LoisGuyer Groff 
Gertrude Crabtree Hall 
Frances Hall 
Elinor Howard Hamilton 
Nola Reed Hankins 
Nancy Browne Hams 
Emma Hemphill 
Kathryn Wrenn Higgms 
Joan Williams Hight 
Isabel Palmer Hoag 
Sara Keller Hough 
Eleanor Thomas Howard 
Marguerite McCollum Howe 
Virginia Ambrose Howell 
Anne Pike Howes 



Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Dorothy Bell Hubbard 
Lois Barnes Hubbell 
Margaret Huff 
Helen Richardson Hughes 
Dorothy Kanipe Hyatt 
Thelma Hammond James 
Mary Spruill James 
Emma Avery Jeffress 
Alice Andrews Johnson 
Elicia Caroon Johnston 
Leah Croom Jones 
Mary Simmons Jones 
Ruth Gillmore Kaths 
Carolyn Dowd Keith 
Bessie Rhodes Kerbaugh 
Tommae Chisholm King ' 
Evelyn Greeson Kinney 
Shirley Armentrout Kirven * 
Kathryn Fuller Kraus 
Rosemary McLean Krausse 
Margaret Moser Landers 
Ann Fox Landrum 
Olive Williams Lanier 
Lib Church Lankford 
Audrey Williams Larson 
Bertha Ammons Lassiter 
Dovie Kinlaw Lee 
Josephine Gore Leishman 
Janet Allen Leonard 
Helen Howerton Lineberry 
Nannie Worthington Linton 
Sara Joyner Lockhart 
Jeannette Peterson Lord 
Rebekah Gilbert Mahoney 
Barbara Huft Maner 
Faye J Martin 
Rebekah McBnde Martin 
Nancy Yates McAmis 
Blanche Anderson 

Virginia Howard McDavid 
Frances Furqueron 

Margaret Abemethy Mtller 

Mary Helen Cavin Miller 

Glennie Gnffin Miller 

Maunne Godbey Mock 

Jean Cooney Moniot 

Mabel Caddell Monroe ' 

Mary Rives Moore 

Hildred Tomlinson Moore 

Margaret Toler Munn 

Marion Okell Murch 

Ruth Fretz Murphy 

Jean Hartsook Murphy 

Betsy Davison Nelson 

Annie Rose O'Bnant 

Satenik Nahikian ODonnell 

Jennie Klem Oleksy 

Maxie Moore Osborne 

Mary Overman 

Mary Simmons Overman 

Mary Futrell Page 

May Crookes Parnsh 

Mildred Coleman Peeler 

Patncia Injvin Perkins 

Ruth Chadwick Perry 

Elizabeth Pettigrew 

Anne Shook Peyton 

Martha Plonk 

Eloise Smith Poe 

Dee Dee Morris Ponder 

Dorothy Marks Powell 

Daisy Chamness Proctor i 

Rose Pully 
Roberta Purdy 
Dorothy Koehler Reed 
Lois Porter Ritter 
Trudy Gnmes Robbins 
Evelyn Wunsch Robinson 
Jeanette Harry Rountree 
Manan McNeill Royal 
Rosalie Rappaport Saul 
Elizabeth Rice 

Deborah Lender Schandler 
Maude Staton Seganish 
Helen Forester Seiden 
Ruby Morgan Sheridan 
Lulu Gravely Shuff 
Elizabeth Morgan Sides 
Kathleen Soles 
Alma Kirstein Spicer 
Mary Talley Stevenson 
Pearl Sykes Stovall 
Thelma Fentress 

Eleanor Ross Taylor 
Alice McDowell Templeton 
Anne Burnett Townsend 
Eleanor Horner Vaughan 
Helen Gray Whitley Vestal 
Mary Louise Spratt Viehe 
Kathryn Britten Waite 
Rebecca Davis Walkiey 
Laura Mayo Warren 
Lyie Crook Watrous 
Edna Earle Richardson 

Mabel Lohr Webster 
Virginia Alverson Williams 
Bobbie Hardin Williams 
Jean Kinsey Winders 
Wadie Brooks Winslow 
Evelyn Howell Withers 
Polly Hudspeth Wood 
Mary Day Woolard 
Dorothy Dennis Worthen 
Marion Galloway Wren 
Kathiyn Saltman Zucker 

Rachel Fish Alford 
Elizabeth Helsabeck Alley 
Margaret Dickson 

Salhe Cobb Andrews 
Louise Bnsson Bailey 
Betsey Trotter Baker 
Kathleen Barber Barnes 
Shirley Piller Barr 
Rowena Knott Berry 
Marian Perry Biggs 
Alice Billings 
Mary Bobbitt Billman 
Frances Scott Btvins 
Nancy Brewster 

Lib Booker 
Carolyn Howell Bnnk 
Vallie Anderson Brown * 
Sigrid Heine Brown 
Mildred Pleasant Bulluck 
Ruth Hall Bunch 
Arpha Burrell 
Ermah Yelverton Cahoon 
Hannah Beatty Galium 

I Marjone Silbiger Camras 

' Jennie Stout Case 

! Eleanor Sloop Cashion 
Guyla Dail Clark 
Ruth Cowan 
Evelyn Cox 

Carolyn Willis Cunningham 
Hope Holland Curnn 
Anna Hatcher Dawson 
Lucille Roseberry Dodson 
Jean Faulconer Droke 
Bertha Keller Dubose 
Mary Edwards 
Margaret Coit Elwell 
Jennie Cecil Enckson 
Carolyn Newby Finger 
Rita Dubois Fitzgerald 
Elizabeth Pleasants Foster 
Isabel Mcintosh Fowler 
Betty Sandel Francisco 
Jonlyn Murray Fuller 
Mildred Vreeland Gamber 
Helen Lefler Garner 
Chnstme Royal Gaskins 
Munel Craig Gill 
Florence Calvert Glenn 
Betty Moore Gore 
Bette Hook Graham 
Anne Butler Gray 
Jean Williams Hamilton 
Peggy Ann Hammond 

Louise Alexander Harris 
Helen Morgan Harris 
Marjone Williams Hams 
Virginia Lamm Hayes 
Etta Evans Heath 
Buzz Falls Heisler 
Mary Farlow Hensley 
Clara Roesch Herdt 
Sarah Ramsaur Heyward 
Helen Mullican Hicks 
Edith Hinshaw 
Anna Meixell Holhday 
Anna Caldwell Horn 
Matrena Lockharl Hunter 
Frances Edwards Jenkins 
Margaret Smith Jenkins 
Lovie Parker Jones 
Gladys Stedman Joyner 
Helen Parker Kelman 
Lora Walters Kernodle 
Eugenia Kearns Kirkman 
Tommie Gandy Lankford 
Eleanor Cox Lee 
Mary Mickey Leeds 
Jane Gillett Leighton 
Lucile Gntfin Leonard 
Helen Fondren Lingle 
Elizabeth Schrum Little 
Dons Mann Lupean 
Janet Murphy MacCubbin 
Alice Peters MacMackin 
NellMcCallum McKellar 
Joan Feldman 
Martha Mendenhail 
Alice Caider Miles 
Eleanor Echols Mills" 
Bobbie Clegg Minton 
Ellen Magill Moyer 
Sarah Monroe Munford 
Frances Cooke Neal 

Nan Rogers Neal 

Neena Jackson Northcott 
Virgmia Holleman Nulton 
Elizabeth Heyman Oelsner 
Ada Page Ormand 
Jeanne Owen 
Lula Sanders Paschal 
Azalea Buries Peterson 
Katherine Taliey Pickett 
Dora Oliver Pratt 
Mayme Jones Prevost 
Eva Jones Pryor 
Dorothy Dickerson Rackley 
Dorothy Brown Ranes 
Mary Jordan Regan 
Edith Goodman Rhodes 
Marybelle Dime Rhyne 
Nancy Smith Rose 
Anne Braswell Rowe 
Lucile Lewis Sapp 
Pauline Douglas Siceloff 
Mary Lewis Smith 
Mildred Smith 
Came Cox Spruill 
Bessie Johnson St. Clair 
Nancy Blanton Stallcup 
Anna McDonald Stallings 
Dorothy Ward Templeton 
Oteen Norman Tharpe 
Janie Paschal Thaxton 
Rachel Yarbrough 

Judith Bullock Thomson 
Faye West Warren 
Virgmia Wells Welch 
Louise Yeattes Wesson 
Virginia Lee Whitmire 
Margaret Fordham Wilson 
Dora Braswell Witmeyer 
Elizabeth Hargett Woodruff 
Rebecca Woosley 
Helen Sherwm Yu 


Marion Morris Allred 
Peggy Wallace Ayres 
Ruth Butler Bailey 
Nancy Ferguson Barker 
Judy Barrett 
Elise Soger Barner 
Frances Alexander 

Jean Partridge Beroth 
Carolyn Ballow Bilyeu 
Violet Hall Bishop 
Elizabeth Dufour Bliss 
Claire Hyman Blumenthal 
Mary Ellen Woodlief 

Margaret Barrjnger Brooks 
Ruth Bright Brown 
Sidney Tooly Buchmann 
Maida Lollar Cannon 
Annie Lou Chandler 
Frances Dillingham 

Eloise Newell Clark 
Eloise Teague Cobb 
Elizabeth Sargent Cothran 
Mary Ellen Payne Craven 
Donna Howell Davidson 
Carolyn Poole Dettinger 
Betty Frazier Dewey 
Lucille Rook Dickens i 

Blanche Berry Dillon 
Hennetta Hodgin Dorsett 
Betty Jones Dorsett 
Ann Elliott Dowdy 
Susan Seagle Dunlap 
Irene Smith Edwards 
Alberta Keck Ellington 
Willena Schoene Elmore 
Beatrice Goldman Fisher 
Jean Grantham Fisher 
Hazel Storey Fisher 
Virginia Harrelson Fonville 
Marie Wells France 
Katherine Warren Galloway 
Ruthana Gill 

Isabel Edmunds Gillespie 
Lillian Rosenteld Ginsberg 
Leah Leyton Gmsburg 
Charlotte Moseley Girhard 
Mable Lloyd Gordon 
Margaret Gnffin 
Molly Edwards Hagel 
Georgia Bell Hagood 
Betty Youngblood Harbin 
Susie Mohorn Haulenbeek 
Harnet Hall Henson 
Margaret Van Hoy Hill 
Jean Von Canon Hilton 
Martha Grayson Hipps 
Pauline Peay Hoover 
Mae Duckworth Hope 
Lula Hinton Hoskins 
Salhe Smith Hupman 
Esther Clapp Irby 
Etoise Taylor Jackson 
Mary Elizabeth Ingram 

Bessie Bernhardt Keller 
Anne Parkin Key 
Nancy Alexander Kimmons 
Martha McPhail King 
Edythe Rutherford Lambert 
Mary Cochrane Ledbetter 
Julia Davis Leonard 
Katherine Palmer Lewis 
Mary Kerr Scott Lowdermilk 
Amy Joslyn MacDougall 
Madeline Parker Mathews 
Lucille Darvin Maurer 
Ruth Heffner McAllister 
Kathleen Hoots Mcllhatlen 
Betty Stevenson McLeod 
Maude Middleton 
Jeanne Armstrong Milbrath 
Frankie Newsom Miller 
Annie Ruth Clark Millikin 
Dorothy Butler Moore 
Helena Blue Neill 
Frances Hammond Noble 
Dorothy Cooper Peace 
Alice Wilson Pearce 
Lena Morns Petree 
Virginia Ketner Petty 
Marjone Edwards Plyler 
Laura Brown Quinn 
Clance Ensley Rams 
Marjone Holmes Raynor 
Cassandra Kernodle 

Hilda Hollis Roy 
Mary Lib Sweet Rufty 
Polly Creech Sandidge 
Mary Ann Scott Seelye 
Peg Downey Seiler , 

Edia Asbell Shaw 
Evelyn Rayle Showfety 
Betty Walker Shuford 
Ruby Dixon Sides 
Lois Stnngfield Simone 
Ann Southerland Smith 
Norma Croom Southard 
Ruth Holt Southern 
Josephine Stewart 

Sarah White Stedman 
Nancy Stockard Stem 
Beatrice Mann Steinberg 
Sybil Gillikin Sullivan 
Rosemary Reed Troxler 
Mary Eppes Turner 
Virginia Moore Vaughn 
Maxine Dark Wallace 
Cleo Brendle Waltnp 
Patncia Malone Watts 
Anne Pearce Weaver 
Catherine Webb White 
Elizabeth Kelly Wilkerson 
Marveign Cockfield Wilkins 
Eleanora House Williams 
Ellen Southerland Willis 
Elizabeth Ryan Wiviott 
Virginia Bowden Ziegler 



Mary Tyson Alexander 
Mary Bramble Aller 
Jody Rendleman Bankoff 
Bette Cabell Bart 
Sadie Harrill Baysmger 
Penelope Morton Bender 
Mary Burney Bethune 
Ann Webster Boardman 
Louise Boatman 
Margaret Morrison Bolick 
Sara Hamnck Broadway 
Sara Queen Brown 
Dorothy Lancaster Buffaloe 
Mazie Bam Buliard 
Mane Brennan Buliard 
Jeanette Mmms Cahill 
Sara Sears Caperton 
Dorothy Morrison Carney 
Ruth Harbison Carr 
Dorothy McPherson Cheek 
Nancy Alexander Church 
Serena Riser Clark 
Joan Hunt Cochran 
Betty Dahlin Colby 
Phyllis Crooks Coltrane 
Doris Knox Conrades 
Sarah Gill Cook 
Virginia Daugherty Cooper 
Nan Turner Corriher 
Merle Swaim Corry 
Cathenne Merchant 

Lydia Taylor Dorsett 
Mary Palmer Douglas 
Martha Warren Enscore 
Martha Harris Farthing 
Elizabeth Ferguson 
Frances Baer Fleishman 
Susan Forbes 
Louise Poore Fraser 
Marian Callis Funderburk 
Jean Yates Fuquay 
Belie Purvis Gaskill 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

Gertrude Moore George 
Ann Mumford Grist 
Jean Shoemaker Grogan 
Winston James Guest 
Dorothy Guelh 
Rachel Johnson Hallen 
Amelia Hinkle Hardy 
Susie Maltox Harrington 
Ruth Thayer Hartman 
Mary Frances Bell 

Terreisa Rowe Hefner 
Anna Hauser Hernandez 
Jean Hair Higdon 
Eleanor Glenn Hinton 
Gayneiie Hogan 
Fieta Hohn 

Pauline Abernelhy Hord 
Mary Frances Howell 
Doras Downey Hubert 
Frances Fox Hume 
Dorothy Beadle Huston 
Marjory Johnson 
Genevieve Oswald 

Hazel Bryant Johnston 
HarneTte McAllister Kelley 
Mary Hudson Kirksey 
Frances Glaze Koestiine 
Harriet Kupferer 
Emmie Dark Lane 
Elizabeth Newton Lewis 
Margaret Hine Linville 
Menefee Bennett Little 
Kathryn Schrum Lloyd 
Jane Hardaway Loflin 
Carolyn BasoaLong 
Rachael Long 
Dorothy Matthews Lowe 
Agnes Cooley Lyie 
Marguerite Hudson 

Ruth Cash Maynard 
Elizabeth Owen McAdams 
Lane Siler McArtan 
Ann Hardison McGoogan 
Kathleen Rhyne McGugan 
Sarah Rountree Meaders 
Gladys Beatty Miller 
Jean Comins Mitchell 
Rosalie Pilley Motfett 
Ruth Yoffe Myers 
Anna Winslow Newbold 
Joan Flanagan O'Bnen 
Dons Richardson Owens 
Katherine Bowling Palmer 
Josephine Dees Peacock 
Suzanne Watdrop Peterson 
Anne Pitoniak 
Kate league Poole 
Sara Wanwick Porter 
Helen Davis Ramsey 
Edna Wtlkins Reaves 
Dorothy Odum Richardson 
Dorothy Cashion Robbins 
Norma Dozier Robbins 
Ruby Lettwich Robertson 
Jenny Cox Rodgers 
Ella Pinkston Rodman 
Florence Stowe Roebuck 
Charline Rotha 
Janie Watson Ruby 
Josephine Cooley Runnels 
Martha Savi^er 

Dorothy Cox Schmidt 
Elizabeth Fryer Schulte 
Evelyn Reinhardt Sharpe 
Mary Beard Sherrod 
Margaret Kinlaw Shields 
Ruth Porter Short 
Clarice Michael Siler 
Rebecca McKeithan Sisson 
Grace Slocum 
Margaret Shernll Sloop 
Evelyn Easley Smith 
Julia Pepper Smyth 
Jane Neal Snow 
Louise Whitehurst 

Carolyn White Southerland 
Dorothy Hendnx Spainhour 
Marjone Gilmore Sparrow 
Nancy Calloway Stancil 
Dety Laughridge Stem 
Louise Aycock Sullivan 
Constance Sweeney 
Eloise Rankin Taylor 
Carolyn Brooks Thomas 
Mary Lois Gordon Thomas 
Winifred Williams Thrailkil! 
Carolyn Grady Thurmond 
Julia Cameron Trice 
Carrie Hughes Trop 
Christine Staton Veach 
Dons Clark Walker 
Margaret Hunt Wallace 
Martha Kirkland Walston 
Marcia Gilchrist Walters 
Anna Tomlinson Webb 
Ruth White 

Dorothy McAdams Wiggins 
Mary Allison Wilson 
Elise Rouse Wilson 
Anne Spivey Wimbish 
Ethelda McArver Wolhart 
Dorothy Furr Yount 
Lillian Zachary 

Grace Butler Adams 
Ida Harper Amsworth 
BilheNifong Albnght 
Josephine Whitley Askew 
Dons Bradley Austin 
Anne Buckley Bachman 
Betty Baker 

Josephine Collins Beamer 
Constance Bradley 
Paxlon Elliott Brewster 
Lois Williams Browning 
Margaret Johnson Bryan 
Ruth Ferguson Burson 
Ruth Lowe Butler 
Mary Edwards Campbell 
Margaret Odom Carlough 
Hannah Beard Carter 
Betty Johnson Cheek 
Mary Womble Clack 
Betty Canady Clifton 
Margaret Mills Grumpier 
Adella Williams Cumbie 
Elizabeth Caldwell Curne 
Dot Scott Darnell 
Mary King Davis 
Margaret Honeycutt 

Lillian Hodgin Delk 

Barbara Bentley Dewey 
Julia Current Dobson 
Betty Johnson Dowiing 
Frances Faulkner Dudley 
Carol Overcash Dudley 
Chase Johnson Duffy 
Ginny Mayberry Elam 
Molly Elhs Elliott 
LuraKincaid Ellis 
Grace Forsler Ethndge 
Anne Carter Freeze 
Ruth Greene Fulton 
Caroline Morrison Garrett 
Suzanne Walker Glenn 
Rebecca Herring Glover 
Edith Cole Goodman 
Louise Ware Gostin 
Elizabeth Cobb Greer 
Sarah Curtis HamrJck 
Annabel Embrey Hansen 
Mary Leach Harper 
Ann Taylor Hines 
Frances Helms Hinshaw 
Joy Clark Hipp 
Toni Lupton Hires 
Mane Sayles Hocutt 
Mary Kirkman Holdsambeck 
Mary Holmes Holmes 
Laura Powers Hooper 
Emogene Sinclair Huff 
Anne Holmes Jones 
Sara Knox Kearns 
Mary Anne Bristol King 
Frances Keel King 
Elizabeth King 
Barbara Roy Kingsbury 
Frieda Boger Lane 
Mary Hoffler Lanier 
Patricia Patton Lawhon 
Lois Fowler Lehon 
Blanch Thies Lenhart 
Bonnie Angelo Levy 
Mary McFarland Lingerfelt 
Helen Johnson Ludwig 
Phyllis Sheeran Lyon 
Anna Cole MacKay 
Blanche Poole Mann 
Mollie Bowie Marsh 
Katheryne Levis 
Billie Upchurch Miller 
Janice Hooke Moore 
Frances Reedy Moore 
Edna Wright Mullis 
Dorothy Levis Munroe 
Jean Bam Nance 
Jo Freeman Nichols 
Judy Proctor Norvell 
Nell Stephens Owen 
Grace Haynes Page 
Anne Guilder! Peeples 
Ruth Hill Peterson 
Jean Stephenson Pelrea 
Juha Pollock Plonk 
Eugenia Cox Pratt 
Irma Siceloff Pnce 
Frances Hair Pndgen 
Harriet Sink Prophet 
Lola Johnson Ragan 
Jean Harrell Raynor 
Alma Robbins 
Roberts Davis Roberts 
Dorothy Stewart Rogers 
Myra Stowe Rose 

Stella Efland Roulhac 
Evelyn Fowler Sadler 
Sue Hali Schapiro 
Margaret McNeely Schmidt 
Mary Kincaid Schultz 
Elizabeth Bennette 

Frances Fountain Shaw 
Ruth Peacock Shaw 
Nancy Andrews Shubert 
Manlib Barwick Sink 
Mary Alice Shackelford 

Katherine Taylor Stewart 
Mary Rhyne Stokes 
Myrle Lutterloh Swicegood 
Jamie Fowler Sykes 
Betty Dorton Thomas 
Ruth Rowland Threatt 
Florence Caldwell 

Laura Little Truitt 
Delon Kearney Turner 
Anne Butler Twitty 
Juha Wolff Waedemon 
Charlotte Jones Wagner 
Lois Rushing Walker 
Betty Nickerson Ward 
Ora Beasley Warren 
Ann Ramey Weidman 
Peggy Wagoner Wells 
Gwendolyn CoHins West 
Carolyn Lore Wheat 
Mattille Hicks Whitaker 
Lida Ormand Whitehurst 
Mary Alice Rose Wildman 
Betty Snider Wilkins 
Alison RiceWillard 
MableStirewalt Williams 
Jerry Wall Williams 
Louise Long Walker Wilson 
Eva Higdon Wood 
Henrietta Hall Woodward 
Dot Buitman Wray 
Lucy Taylor Yntema 
Constance Champion 


Jean Roberts Adams 
Anne Johnson Altvater 
Mary Handley Andrus 
Carolyn Bass Aument 
Alice Ross Austin 
Mar|orie Causby Avery 
Erna Dysart Baker 
Polly Northrup Barnett 
Grace Hoyle Barrett 
Page Page Bench 
Ruby Swisher Blackwelder 
Dons Boone 
Mary Price Boquist 
Mary Barber Boyette 
Barbara Latham Brailey 
Betty Tilley Brown 
Sara Smithson Capps 
Billie New Carroll 
Ruth Lloyd Cheek 
Ellen Hunt Chewning 
Mary Mashburn Clark 
Omer Shermer Colvard 
Evelyn Gulledge Corbett 

Mary Belle Pnce Coupe 
Luna Jan/is Cuttino 
Sarah Dawson Davis 
Jean Dickson De Gregory 
Carolyn Moore Dietz 
Elizabeth Randall Drawdy 
Thelma Payseur Duncan 
Ann Edgerton Dunstan 
Margaret Mullen Easlerlmg 
Sarah Hodgin Echerd 
Mary Thomas Edwards 
Mary Hallenbeck Elliott 
Kathryn Eskey 
Marylou Watkms Ferrell 
Gwyndola Pierce Fish 
Katherine Fishel 
Sarah Armstrong Fiske 
Polly Hale Flowe 
Elizabeth Pearce Fuller 
Elwell Joyce Goodfnend 
Anna Graham 
Harriet Grant 
Mary Marim Greene 
Aureiia Lackey Greer 
Jeanne Newbold Gnffin 
Dons Undenwood Groover 
Julia Hill Gunn 
Jane Guy 

Anne Calvert Halper 
Eugenia Cox Harris 
Mary Sutton Harris 
Eleanor Johnson Harward 
Sadie Suggs Hatley 
Nell Phillips Hauser 
Libby McCall Haynes 
Rachel Baxter Hecht 
Irene Kossow Hedstrom 
Martha Hipp Henson 
Camilla Gnftin Herlevich 
Mary Hicks 
Frances Acree Hixon 
Rebecca West Hook 
Elaine Powell Horn 
Audrey Hunter 
Anne Jesnak 
Ruth Bowman Jessup 
Ellen Calvert Johns 
Sara Blanton Johnston 
Tina Bunting Jones 
Nancy Katzenberg 
Eleanor Taylor Kennedy 
Vivian Powell Kimbro 
Maxine Parks King 
Frances Gatewood Krehel 
Marjorie Harnll Kunze 
Dorothy French Langley 
Alyce Haynes Lanier 
Elaine Kirschner Laucks 
Elizabeth Davis Lefevers 
Joye Miller Lentini 
Shirley Pndgen Lindley 
Lois Smith Livingston 
Edna Carraway Luongo 
Irma Estes Magner 
Mary McLean Mason 
Lee Shernll Mathews * 
Jean Holmes McAdams 
Joy Spratt McCall 
Patricia Hiatt 
"Toto" Thies McGehee 
Kay Tolhurst McNamara 
Doris Murph McNeely 
Ruth Crowder McSwain 

Jean Cherry Messick 
Jean Bialock Middleton 
Joan Weil Mills 
Betty Lou Sloan Mitchell 
Matilda Thompson Moore 
Carolyn Fulcher Moran 
Julia Taylor Morton 
Louise Cole Moseley 
Evelyn Motley 
Sue Boaz Myers 
Patsy FordhamMyrick 
Hennette Manget Neal 
Barbara Smallwood Nellis 
Roberta Barnett Nelson 
Pattie Southerland Newlin 
Martha Davis Newman 
Frances Scott Nicholson 
Elaine Miller Odenwald 
Wilma Moody Overbeek 
Evelyn Willis Peterson 
Cora White PicKard 
Beatrice Wilcox Proetsch 
Meg Grant Ramsey 
Neil Lowe Rankin 
Helen Bnght Ribet 
Anna Gillespie Rogers 
Betty Shernll Roth 
Patricia Rothrock 
Janet Holmes Ruddy 
Ruth Talley Sherman 
Margaret Clark Simmons 
Betty Barber Smith 
Georgie Leftwich Smith 
Alice Mauney Snow 
Constance Willis Steed 
Margaret Alexander 

Lib Winston Swindell 
Mary Satterfield Taylor 
Jane Wilcox Teneyck 
Martha Zeaiy Uimer 
Carol VanSickle 
Glona Wagner Welti 
Edna Tice White 
Hannah Waldenmaier 

Eloise Whitson 
Kathleen Wicker 
Rachel Evans Wilson 
Peggy O'Connell Wilson 
Mildred Thomas Wilson 
Eleanor Wolfe 


Caroline Bell Abbe 
Adelene Scott Akard 
Lillian Rivers Allen 
Anne Andrews 
Merryl Whisnant Anthony 
Sue Smith Applewhite 
Virginia Atkins 
Margaret Short Atkinson 
Carolyn Hollingsworth 

Betty Osborne Baldwin 
Haldane Bean Ball 
Caroline Summerlin Barbee 
Jo Singletary Barbre 
Jerry Jones Beadle 
Annie Johnson Beane 
Jean Morrison Beaver 
Elizabeth Chapman 




Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Mary Lindsay Becken 
Elizabeth Grumpier Bell 
Betty Shipman Bennett 
Gwendolyn Biggerstaff 
Evelyn Whittenton Btngham 
Olive Kimbrough Bobbitt 
Lillian Boney 

Lizzie Davenport Browder 
Jean Cooke Brovi/n 
Marjorie Burns 
Betty Bostian Caddell 
Phyllis Freeman Campbell 
Rebekah Toler Carson 
Laverne Barrs Christensen 
Orrell Moody Clark 
Sarah Moss Clark 
Virginia Allen Cobb 
Laura Propper Cohen 
Florence Hoffman Cohn 
Betty Sarrart Cowan 
Reba Pipkin Cowell 
Cathenne Sanders Craig 
Dorothy Gwyn Cude 
Ruth Causby Dameron 
Louise Elliott Davis 
Mary Gunn Davis 
Betty Clement DeLancey 
Jean Dunlap Dickinson 
Ruth Day Michael Dickson 
Nancy Brame Dumbell 
Rachel Fleming Edwards 
Brent Woodson Elmore 
Nancy Williams Eppley 
Margaret Griffin Evans 
Claire Thatcher Evans 
Frances Stephenson Foil 
Evelyn Snow Forbes 
Elizabeth Cummings 

Jane Severance Fry 
Elizabeth Hobgood Fuller 
Mary Friddle Gibson 
Chnstme Zachary Gilbert 
Kathenne Morgans 

Shirley Newland Glover 
Louise Johnson Goodnight 
Lorena Gaddy Goodwin 
Jean Rauch Grabb 
Fannie Sowers Green 
Nelda Gnffin 

Dorothy Spruill Haltiwanger 
Nancy Edmunds Hannah 
Susan Garden Harrell 
Hazel Soles Harrelson 
Mary Harris 
Emmie Pittman Hams 
Judith Owen Hayes 
Kathryn Tilley Hinkie 
Maxine Templeton Holmes 
Angela Snell Homme 
Doris Ward Huff 
EmilieCobb Huffman 
Mary Picker Hunt 
Marilyn Jackson 
Beryl May Jaynes 
Janis Williams Jen/is 
Janice Pridgen Johnston 
Emily league Johnston 
Agnes Manson Jones 
Laura Owen Jones 
Jean Ross Justice 
Claudia Helms Kay 
Jane Kimmel 

Juanita Hatfield 

Nancy Ingram Landen 
Emma Jean Landrum 
Edna Flynn Lane 
Joyce Phillips Leonard 
fvlary Graham Little 
Betty Yost Little 
fvlargaret Ottinger Lundgren 
Jessie Gregory Lutz 
Carolyn Jones Maness 
Elizabeth fulaxwell 
Johnnie York McAulay 
Flora Elizabeth Curne 

Julia Spence McDamel 
Virginia Hunter McDermott 
Virginia Gravely McGrath 
Mary Whitener McLaughlin 
Mary McPhail 
Gerry Morrison Medlin 
Mabel Newlm Michael 
Ruth Kesler Miller 
Miriam Knowles Minges 
Dons Smith Moffatt 
Dons Funderburk Morgan 
Susie Robbins Mowbray 
Margaret Prongay Mulvey 
Edna Freeman Murray 
Jane Pollard Myatt 
Eleanor Hayes Myrick 
Lavonne Current Nance 
Frances Jordan Nicholson 
Janice Lee Norns 
Elizabeth Laughndge 

Mary Williamson Nowlan 
Betty Dixon Paschal 
Caroline Morrow Patton 
Sarah Weeks Pelletier 
Bilhe Phipps 
Edna Fulp Pike 
Jean Stockton Piner 
Ruth Daniel Roberts 
Elizabeth Gabriel Robinson 
Kat Cole Ronson 
Mary Kirkman Routh 
Joyce Rucker Ruark 
Betsy Ivey Sawyer 
Anne Matlock Schenck 
Name Fisher Shearin 
Tot Baldwin Spencer 
Jane Stafford Sporleder 
Betty Buyck Stack 
Dorothy Lee Slapleton 
Bennie Lowe Stedman 
Irene Womble Stevens 
Billy Joe Lamb Stoil 
Lib White Stroup 
Peggy Marley Styers 
Dons Braswell Sweetland 
Harnett Tucker Taylor 
Ruth Cooke Thomassen 
Helen Ricks Thompson 
Wanda Willard Tilley 
Louise Stigall Tripp 
Eleanor Hclmstme Tucker 
Evelyn Smithwtck Turner 
Celeste Ulrich 
Jeanne Ware 

Corrine McQuague Whatley 
Nancy White 
Helen Santord Wilhelm 
Anne Brandon Wilkerson 

Louise Highsmith Wilkerson 
Rite Smith Wood 
Lucille Grier Wyant 
Margaret Bunting Wylie 
Winnie Yount 


Barbara Sigmon Abernethy 
Gerry Pearson Adair 
Mary Ann Roberson Adams 
Dons Turner Alexander 
Dorothy Gray Ancona 
Jean Koonce Anderson 
Esther Smith Arne 
Sarah Austin 
Audrey Turner Austin 
Jean Rhodes Ayers 
Sally Williams Bales 
Nancy Dozier Barnwell 
Dorothy Pugh Benton 
Betty Sue Beaman Bobo 
Kathryn Ferguson 

Julia McLean Brossman 
Myrtle Graybeal Brown 
Mary Hallman Brown 
Jane Terry Brown 
Nancy Cromer Budiansky 
Mary Ellen Harrell Bullard 
Jane Joyner Burton 
Margaret Corbin Cartner 
Gladys Rosoff Catterton 
Elizabeth Jones Cease 
Betty Jean Witter Charles 
Corinne Abernethy Cole 
Virginia Cowan Connell 
Mary Lee Lambert Cooper 
Grace Brewer Corey 
Carol Walker Courts 
Dee Covington 
Martha Baber Davis 
Helen Hinshaw Davis 
Hope Willard Davis 
Betty Jean Higgins Deitz 
Frances Roach Dorsey 
Patricia Elliott Dow 
Lucy Wolfe Eaton 
Betty Jean Matthews 

Dons Smith Feltrup 
Anne Snyder Foltz 
Agatha Strickland Forlines 
Mary Ruth Fryar 
Mary Elizabe May Fulp 
Jane Harrell Ganser 
Mildred Carson Garner 
Margaret Bloodworth Glenn 
Lois Smith Goewey 
Marjorie Jones Greene 
Betty Wallace Hacker 
Gay Morenus Hammerman 
Prudy Alexander Harrell 
Eleanor Huffman Harnll 
Judith Switt Harns 
Mary Lois Howard Harrison 
Dorothy Garner Heath 
Billie Jean Miller 

Jean Humphrey Henline 
Thelma Davis Hewett 
Pat Harvey High 
Mary Louise Mitchell 


Flora Mclntyre Hooper 
Helen Price Hooper 
Elsie Cheek Hopkins 
Sara Prevatt Home 
Jean McArn Horlon 
Martha Dell Purvis Hudson 
Lois Russell Huffman 
Edith Mooring Ignacki 
Geraldine Jarman Inman 
Cornelia Draughon Jenkins 
Marie Hurlocker Jones 
Marie Solomon Kahn 
Julia Alexander Kaufmann 
Dacia Lewis King 
fvlarie Robertson Lartin 
Mutt Moring Lauten 
Lucy Home Leath 
Elizabeth Waiters Lingle 
Jane Moon Linsky 
Jane Isley Lisk 
Mary Elizabe Reavis 

Rebecca Jones Lowe 
Rosalyn Nicolas 

Virginia McKinnon Mann 
Gladys Storey Martz 
Mane Moore Mauney 
Elizabeth Aiken McGuerty 
Nenie Henry Midyette 
Betty Lou Huffines Miller 
Marion Hunter Moore 
Beverly Caudle Myatt 
Margaret Hicks Nesbitt 
Nancy Mullican Niebuhr 
Betty Lou Wright Noland 
Ann Bannerman Osborne 
Dorothy Perry Owens 
Jessie Potts Owens 
Eulala Doughtie Paddock 
Annette Wadlin Patterson 
Margaretta Vine Patton 
Ruth Breazeale Perrige 
Mary Anne Walker Person 
Frances McClure Peters 
Dorothea Rogers Pickard 
Edith Huffman Poston 
Judy Parham Powell 
Jewell Kelly Price 
Anne Washburn Proctor 
Martha Faulconer Pursley 
Janie Crumpton Reece 
Joy Lyon Reese 
Ellen Fisher Register 
Dorothy "Dink' Deal Rogers 
Sylvia Falk Rosenthal 
Ola Ross Rutledge 
Grace Temple Seat 
Nancy Sechrest 
Nell Swaim Sechnst 
Janet Gibson Sharp 
Betty Denny Shook 
Mary Williams Sloop 
Rebecca McCulloch Smith 
Bootsie Webb Smith 
Rachel Stacy Smothers 
Caroline Padgett Stilwell 
Pansy Walton Slockard 
Dorothy Hubbard Styron 
Vera Lovins Sullivan 
Betty Leonard Thacker 
Martha Ivey Tiller 
Alice Tilson 
Peggy Comms Tinder 

Emma Lou Taylor Traylor 
Mary Ellen Agnew Trivette 

Elkie Katzin Tulman 
Nancy Phifer Upshaw 
Mary Elizabe Van Dyke 
Nell Mornson Vinson 
Nancy Bowman Wagoner 
Margaret Southwick Waldie 
Mary Miller Weaver 
Rita Bernstein Weisler 
Mary Palmer Hunter Wells 
Roberta Austin Widman 
Ruth Gray Williams 
Bernice Oliver Wilson 
Jean Hoover Wise 
Terese Galligan Wood 
Marjorie Belch Wroten 
Elizabeth Sutton Wyatt 


Ruth McGehee Allen 
Mary 'Tink" Johnson 

Juanita Davis Andrews 
Dorothy Calvert Arndt 
Dons Robbins Arzonico 
Jean Barnette Auten 
Faela Robinson Backer 
Lois Hall Bailiff 
Emily Ballinger 
Ann Copley Baxter 
Geneva Stafford Bebber 
Hazet Owens Bell 
Mimi Wardrup Bellatrs 
Pat Waldrop Billmgsley 
Eula Gaddy Bivens 
Ruth Murphy Blaylock 
Nan Ridenhour Boon 
Janice Bosworth 
Susan Deyton Botti 
Patsy Smith Bowles 
Lita Bulla Brank 
Dotty Rabey Brantley 
Ann Barnett Brown 
Adeline Rogers Browning 
Nancy McBane Buchanan 
Frances Bulluck 
Bettie Byers 
Agnes Knull Cantwell 
Grace Quinn Carlton 
Cathenne Lattimore Cline 
Emily Bundy Cone 
Jean Howard Cooke 
Alice Ingram Coulter 
Ann Collins Crutchfield 
Sarah Davis 

Ann Hoover Johnson Dees 
Marlyvonne Dehoney 
Jane Key Eger 
Bert Swam Elliott 
Minor "Punky" Boring Elson 
Angle Thompson Ensign 
Carolyn Goforth Erwin 
Dot Miller Enwin 
Zana Groome Faircloth 
Helen Hunter Fidler 
Theresa D'Arcy Findlay 
Almeta Edwards Fisher 
Susan Bynum Rugate 
Peggy Almond Fullington 
Ellen Stirewalt Gentry 
Isabel Howard Gist 
Mary Blue Golby 

Peggy Clemmer Golden 
Sylvia Hill Gray 
Becky Worsley Green 
Elizabeth Pant Hamilton 
Mary White Harriman 
Louise Martin Harrison 
Martha Hoilyday Hedrick 
Lillie Henson 

Katharine Arrowood Hicks 
Joann Snyder Hodge 
Betsy Benson Holtzclaw 
Margaret Sparger 

Esther Cresson Hoyle 
Margie Lewis Hurley 
Wanda Trogdon Nderton 
Pat Bailey Johnson 
Louise Davis Johnson 
Elizabeth Budlong 

Ruth Macy Jones 
Frances Fox Kepchar 
Wilma Wilfong Knight 
Meade Moore Lamb 
Betty Sue Tilley Lancaster 
Hellen Costas Langford 
Bobbie Duncan Ledbetter 
Lunelle Patterson Lee 
Mary Lois Howell Leith 
Nancy Romefelt Mapes 
Edith Matthews 
Minam Scott Mayo 
Fran Ashcratt McBane 
Marian Young McCullers 
Wilma Sears McDamel 
Rachel Swaim McFarlmg 
Marjorie Chapman McGinn 
Martha Kluttz McLeod 
Betsy Cole McNeill 
Mildred Huggins Mercer 
Nancy Souther Merntt 
Maxine Alexander MHIer 
Janet Breeding Monk 
Jeanne Pope Montague 
Betsy Lippard Morgan 
Sara Owen Mulligan 
Julia TalleyMulhs 
Nina Barnes Mustian 
Aditha Lloyd Nagle 
Barbara Parrish 
Jane Amos Parsons 
Jane Lagier Payne 
Jean Patterson Peck 




Mary Belle Teague Petty 
Margaret Bond Phelps 
Derusha Darden Phillips 
Sylvia McGee Pickett 
Georgianna Pate Pierce 
Rose Zimmerman Post 
Lib Kittrell Proctor 
Biilie McNeely Propst 
Nancy Osteen Quigley 
Margaret Bradley Oumn 
Susan Womack Reece 
Weazel Manley Rhodes 
Lynn Reaben Roberts 
Rose Morton Sayre 
Margaret Covington 

Minam Meares Schulken 
Dottie Smith Scott 
Elsie Chin Seeloo 
Helen Seawell Sharpe 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


Mane Blue Sheiton 
Becky Walker Shepard 
Mary Bodenheimer 

Allene Parks Smallwood 
Mane Coslon Smith 
Connie Edwards Smith 
Lois Smith 
Barbara White Smith 
Marjorie Smith Smithey 
Kissell Suggs Stalcup 
Mildred Taylor Stanley 
Betty Bryant Stansel 
Miriam Hancock Stalon 
Jane Pruitt Stephenson 
Ins Ann Peterson Stewart 
Dorothea Stewart 
Martha McBnde Stewart 
Helen McNaull Stone 
Betsy Bulluck Strandberg 
Nola Pate Sullivan 
Jean Cathey Taylor 
Theo Elliott Taylor 
Sarah Jane White Taylor 
Alma Bullard Thompson 
Myrle Mason Tyndall 
Sadie Herndon Vannier 
Gladys Rowland Vincent 
Madge Poole Virgin 
Myra Slagle Waldroop 
Frances Winston Wannner 
Betty Rush Mitchell Webb 
Audrey Shelley Westcott 
Dorothy Isley Weston 
Vance McAdams Whitcomb 
Jane Gay White 
Josie White 
Eloise Jones Whitesell 
Opal Chester Williams 
Nancy Hope Willis 
Rachel Armstrong Wilson 
Joyce Posson Winston 
Betty Wolfe Wolff 
Helen Douglas Woodside 
Allene Hancock Worley 
Chris Michaels Xeros 
Elaine Solomon Zerden 

Sarah Allison Albright 
Margaret Hart Albnght 
June Holtzendort Ammirati 
Margaret Donald Amos 
Martha Coates Ashley 
Kathleen Loomis Atkinson 
Elizabeth Ricks Avery 
Reba Woodard Baggette 
Janet Jones Banzhof 
Colleen Gregory Barham 
Margaret Becker 
Elizabeth Bremer Behrends 
Fran Jackson Bell 
Mary Lib Smith Btackwell 
Ginger Scnbner Bodin 
Lib Sydnor Boone 
Ruth Sellers Boyce 
Mary Lib Trollinger Boyles 
Mary Nuter Braley 
Frances Ferguson Brinkley 
Rachel McCormJck Brooks 
Joycelyn Walters 

Gatsey Butler Brusewitz 

Patsy McNeill Bryan 
Nancy Campbell 
Rulh Taylor Carter 
Marjone White Casey 
Frances Barwick Cole 
Georgia York Connell 
Sarah Taylor Conrad 
Pat Haines Copley 
Jane Wyche Cratt 
Elaine Scott Culley 
Betty Bradford Cummings 
Frances Rhyne Daily 
Nancy Newell Daniel 
Florence Watson Daniel 
Jean Stanfield Decker 
Geraldine Curlee Denning 
Ellen Morgan Dennis 
Gay Dickerson 
Ruth McBrayer Dover 
Gertrude Bender Duncan 
Evelyn Carter Duncan 
Jean Fulcher Fesperman 
Mary Patrick Fields 
Marilyn Cohn Fine 
Hazel Sessoms Fowler 
Martha Howell Freeman 
Ruth Gill French 
Athena Pappas Gallins 
Evonne Sanders Garrett 
Eleanor Keeter Geer 
Lois Hunter Gobie 
Joyce Oberman Goldfeder 
Helen Jenkins Goodwin 
Janie Brooks Grantham 
Fran Cornwell Greene 
Elizabeth Clapp GnHin 
Clara Cooke Gnffin 
Leila Stephens GnHin 
Lois Jean Thomas Griffiths 
Dorothy Hahn 
Anna Harmon Hamilton 
Betty Poplin Hams 
Elizabeth Ann CoHett Hay 
Cleo Cannady Hennon 
Patty Ingram Herring 
Rachel Simmons Hill 
Marion Herbin Hinsdale 
Mary Barnhardt Hipp 
Betty Davis Hoffman 
Betsy Scott Holder 
Nina Adams Holler 
Robinette Meador Husketh 
Nelle Marston James 
Christine Foil Johnston 
Clarence Boren Jones 
Sue Hayes Kincaid 
Carolyn Phillips Kmgdon 
Patncia Luther Kislevitz 
Betty Howe Kiuttz 
Betty Stroup Korb 
Joan Watson Krumm 
Jane Davis Lambert 
Joyce Langdon 
Frances Glenn Lawrence 
Glenna Duncan Lewis 
Jane Perry Lewis 
Annaionette Bobbin Lilly 
Jane Glenn Longfellow 
Ellen Tucker Lyon 
Freda McDonald 
Betsey Paper Martin 
Esther Bagwell Mathews 
Peggy Knox McConnell 

Anne Mclver 

Martha Fowler McNair 

Elizabeth Graybeal 

Mac McCollum Moore 
Janice McFalls Morgan 
Joy Culbreth Morrison 
Ruth Rawls Muller 
Margaret Grayson Nelson 
Nancy Hubbard Pack 
Mary Moore Pagett 
Marilyn Handley Pernn 
Patsy Gordon Plyler 
Irene Glass Prewett 
Celeste Orr Prince 
Helen Powell Proffitt 
Louise Moore Pugh 
Mary Jean Pyatt 
Julia Gabai Ripps 
Peggy Goodman 

Blanche Eure Rountree 
Jean Graham Rowland 
Georgia Miller Ryan 
Anne Gaw Schluter 
Dons Hall Seelig 
Mary Allen Senn 
Betty Underwood Sheppard 
Lucy Johns Simons 
Anna Kirkman Smillie 
Marian Adams Smith 
Rena Bray Smith 
Jackie Rigsbee Smith 
Dot Spangler 
Sarah Morns Steele 
Susan Dawson Sterken 
Meegie Cloninger Stout 
Dorothy Swicegood 
Dorothy Mills Tate 
Barbara Edinger Taylor 
Wanda Bowen Thayer 
Anne Wall Thomas 
Maud Taylor Tucker 
Betsy Umstead 
Muriel Moore Weathers 
Beam Funderburk Wells 
Elmira Whitley Whetstone 
Esther Yarborough 

Sarah Denny Williamson 

Peggy Renegar Allgood 
Catharine Quick Ambos 
Elizabeth Hutchinson Astin 
Patricia Austin 
Louise Johnson Baker 
Mona Fipps Baldwin 
Dorothy Ballinger 
Ramona Lamm Barnes 
Emily Atkins Bates 
Peggy Gillikm Beaman 
Sally Lawson Bears 
Virginia Bertholf 
Alice Boehret 
Barbara Sanders Booth 
Elisabeth Bowles 
Alice Brumfield 
Helen Moody Buckner 
Ellen Bush 

Saralou Debnam Caliri 
Alice Lee Cash 
Jean Fisher Clendenin 

Dorothy Parks Colhard 
Mildred Coble Collins 
Barbara Stemberger Cone 
Zaiene Angier Corey 
Sarah Williams Cote 
June Carter Cottrell 
Joanne Brantley Craft 
Becca Hardaway Dalton 
Mane Shaw Dee 
June Bost Derby 
Sammy Samuelson 

Nancy Dickey Dickinson 
Joanne Shoemaker 

Manlyn Hrll Doebler 
Carolyn Drum 
Virginia McRackan 

Ruth Elliott 
Betty Crawford Ervin 
Lee Mahan Evans 
Dorothy Callahan Fisher 
Dons Poole Fulton 
Rose Potter Garvey 
Patricia Cunning Gilbed 
M B. Bedell Gilfdian 
Mary Anderson Goodson 
Joyce Jefferson Gossett 
Nancy Greenlee 
Anne Grinnells Grow 
Jane Head Guthne 
Janet Large Hawkins 
Sallie Correll Heald 
Mary Holmes 
Virginia Ingram 
Janet Handler Jaffa 
Carolyn Campbell Johnson 
Peggy Coppala Jones 
Peggy Jeffnes Jones 
Mary Romfelt Kendall 
Barbara Brown Kendnck 
Mm Munich Klein 
Malynda Hiott Knight 
Barbara Wagoner Knowles 
Virginia Baughman Lawing 
Robbie Best Leach 
Ina Albert Lekachman 
Lillian Rosenberger 

Lois Buck Levin 
Helen Mamber Levin 
Rebecca Lloyd 
Nell Siceloff Long 
Jeanne Rothenberg Lott 
Vivian Trevathan Maitland 
Faye Jenkins Martin 
Shirley Swift Mast 
Sara Holland McBnde 
Oriana McArthur McKinnon 
Anne Davis McKnight 
Martha Miller McKnight 
Barbara Fehr McManeus 
Mary Shuler McMillan 
Florence Mornll Melvm 
Frances Davis Mills 
Shirley Williams Moody 
Elisabeth Burns Nimocks 
Barbara Fuller Owen 
Ruby Rumley Paul 
Elizabeth Westmoreland 

Patsy Miller Perlman 
Davilla Smith Perry 

Jane Trogdon Reade 
Betty Tuttle Riley 
Joyce Parker Robertson 
Allene Neai Scarce 
Louise Birchett Shelby 
Jo Anne Ferguson Shell 
Adelaide Sigmon Smetana 
Martha Burke Spivey 
Dons Walker Stauffer 
Jane Edmunds Stephenson 
Melrose Moore Stocks 
Margaret Moynaham 

Connie Miller Sweeney 
Kathenne Loughead 

Elizabeth Norman Thiel 
Jean Smith Treadway 
Mary Blevins Tuttle 
Bernice Bronstein Tye 
Betsy Tyson 
Pat Hunsinger Waill 
Mane Harkey Wail 
Alston McKeithan Williams 
Emily Williams 
Sarah Barringer Wilson 
Grey Lilley Wood 


Inza Abernathy 
Teeny Kittrell Andersen 
Odessa Torrence Archer 
Kathryn Sink Ayers 
Ann Linville Bailey 
Louise Wright Bailey 
Cathenne Gnll Baker 
Ann White Baker 
Peggy Bentley Barbour 
Jane Swindell Barringer 
Connie Liverman Batchelor 
Mane Averitt Baucom 
Laverne Sykes Bauer 
Mary Weatherspoon Beard 
Joycelyn Coats Beggs 
Dixie Crumpler Blackmon 
Ann Flack Boseman 
Barbara Mangum Bowland 
Ann Lowrance Brady 
Rosemary Barber Braun 
Betsy Howard 

Lydia Underwood Brendle 
Gladys Sealy Britt 
Dorothy Martel Brown 
Eloise Jordan Bryan 
Louise Burgess 
Chattie Price Byrd 
Betty Young Calhoun 
Nellie Joyce Callaway 
Elizabeth Davis Carter 
Sally Jo Hamrick Carter 
Kathleen Deans Cartiand 
Jean Aycock Chase 
Nadia Daughtridge Coble 
Belle Elliott Coble 
Dons Smith Conrad 
Enid Ayers Cope 
Anne Correll 
Estelle Baker Cranford 
Evelyn Proctor Crawford 
June Rose Curtiss 
Dorothy West Dausmann 
Jane Bledsoe Davidson 

Mary Bassett Davis 
Mary Monnett Davis 
Mary Hunt Dekle 
Bett Outlaw Dinkier 
Janet Drennen 
Shirley Sharpe Duncan 
Gerry Pearce Dunham 
Patricia Morrell Eakes 
Bill Edwards 
Minam Huggms Elliott 
Nancy Whitley Estes 
Patricia Fowler Farnor 
Jeanette Christian 

Betty Mclnnis Fellows 
Jean Hogshead Few 
Nell Adkins Finch 
Ann Bergen Finkelstein 
Margaret Montgomery 

Dorothy Copeland Fremd 
Daisy Loud Frye 
Betty Gandy 
Nellie Bugg Gardner 
Sally Weaver Garey 
Ruth Levin Geisenheimer 
Jane Hawk Godwin 
Virginia McDade Gourley 
Mary Grady 
Ruby Gray 
Dee Banner Griffith 
Betty Lou Mitchell Guigou 
Frances Taylor Harris 
Elaine Early Hebert 
Sarah Lancaster Herndon 
Jeannette Ruiter Hester 
Harper Higgins Jr 
Louise Griffin Hill 
Nancy Burton Hockett 
Miriam Gonella Honeycutt 
Edith Hendnx Home 
Ginger Smith Homig 
Dons Hovis Hudson 
Francie Lynam Huffman 
Anne Gner Isley 
Martha Phillips Johnson 
Ann Cragan Johnston 
Laura Dodson Johnston 
Ann Fowler Jones 
Jeannine Stanley Jones 
Joan Austin Keirstead 
Dale Keller 
Hester Bizzell Kidd 
Sarah Hamilton Kimball 
Ann Ingram Kirk 
Sara Jo Garrison Kruchten 
Dorothy Parrish Lambert 
Dot Stanfield Lambeth 
Corinne Ethendge Landis 
Jean Lloyd Ledden 
Mary Taylor Lilley 
Mary Ruth Hall Lloyd 
Jean Floyd Lynch 
Carolyn Pickel Lynch 
Mary Copenhaver MacLin 
Emily Manlove 
Addie Williamson Mann 
Kathenne Kilgore 

Dorothy Clodfelter 

Jean Hester McMillan 
Emogene Powell McNeely 
Jeanette Horton McSwain 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989 90 Alumni Association IVIembershIp 

Jaylee Montague Mead 
Nancy Pritchett Miles 
Sally Cheney Miller 
Jeanne Montgomery 
Betty Beauford Mooney 
Betty Lalhan Morgan 
Mary Hobbs Morrow 
Mildred Sugg Mudikin 
Nancy Ijames Myers 
Dorothy Strother O'Bnen 
Zilphia Pool OHaiioran 
Ann Young Oaktey 
Tempe Hughes Oehler 
Mildred Orrell 
Barbara Wiiliford Owens 
Blanche Foster Page 
Nancy Winningham Page 
Mary Miller Payne 
Frances O'Conner Pearce 
Katherine Routh Poole 
Sarah Jackson Potter 
Peggy Putnam 
Bonnie Ashe Rancke 
Evelyn Blalock Reaves 
Peggy Sutton Reynolds 


t Rollir 

Pobbie Haynes Rowland 
Carol Byrd Sellars 
Kathehne Dukes 
Mary Young Sheets 
Dot Elliott Sink 
Nancy Blanton Smith 
Cornelia Kuykendall Smith 
Mimi Temko Stang 
Catherine Oliver Steger 
Lydia McKeithan Stokes 
Jinx Thompson Stoll 
Patricia Ashley Story 
Vangie Coker Swam 
Naida Lyon Swam 
Anne Marlette Teachey 
Nina Singleton Tharpe 
Roberta Redman Tibbetts 
Virginia Key Trueblood 
Flora Mclver Trulove 
Jean Pitman Turner 
Betty Godwin Ulnch 
Laurah Dobson Van Poole 
Cecelia Cone Walker 
Dorothy Spahr Walker 
Gwen Wilborn Warren 
Ada Jane Moore 
Janette Jones Watson 
Charlotte Bunch Webb 
Boo Pearsall White 
Sara Jordan Wilds 
Cloise Williams 
Jewel Miller Wilson 
Lois Stephens Wilson 
Tavia Holbrook Wyatt 
Elizabeth Parker Wynne 
Eileen Osheroff Zanar 


Margaret Holland Adams 
Frances Leatherwood 

Dons Hancock Allen 
Henrietta Jackson Allred 
Barbara Brown Allston 
Peggy Johnston Alspaugh 

Hugh Altvater 
Jannie Atwood Anderson 
Virginia Conner Anselman 
Anne Russell Applegate 
Eugenia McCarty Bain 
Martha May Barber 
Mary Fowler Basinger 
Dorothy Hogan Basnight 
Joan Roberts Benton 
Kathryn Kirschner Bentz 
Dons Huffines Bernhardt 
Ellen Shuford Biggs 
Jean Rotha Blake 
Libby Boulus 
Evelyn Lawrence Boyette 
Regena Waterman Bragin 
Coleen Brock 
Tommie Haywood 

Raedeile Patterson Brooks 
Jane Troy Brown 
Martha Maynard Bruton 
Alice Faucette Callahan 
Janice Wood Carter 
Sara Wyche Casper 
Nancy Moore Cates 
Betsy Bachman Catlett 
Beth Bracken Coleman 
Kate Moore Cox 
Anne Reavis Creech 
Benha Crockett 
Lucille Pillatt Crumling 
Anne Baker Culbreth 
Lucille Hampton Daniel 
Ellen Wicker Davis 
Wanna Faye Laws 

Mary Rose Compton 

Elizabeth Ross Dickson 
Elaine Smetana Dorton 
Nancy Rothrock Dunn 
Jean Andrews Earnhardt 
Barbara Maughan Eisele 
Marion Skinner Erath 
Sara Breeden Enwm 
Carolyn Blanchard 

Roddy Rau Flow 
Shirley Lyon Freedman 
Betty Duncan Fnddle 
Sarah Bennett Garrett 
Gean Jones Gault 
Jacqueline Hauck 

Milliceni Simon Gmburg 
Barbara Collins Goldmg 
Sarah Swam Gorrell 
Betty Grey Harrington 

Nancy Thomas Hampton 
Emily Micol Hargrove 
Betty Green Hauser 
Helen Day Haynes 
Mary Ward Hester 
Joan Carpenter Hiatt 
Josephine Mundy Hill 
Mildred Newitt Hogoboom 
Betty Goss Holyfield 
June Ramey Honeycutt 
Jeanne Pinner Hood 
Nancy Smith Hooke 
Anne McGoogan Hopkins 
Rachel Smothers Hull 

Macy Jo Phillips Hutchinson 
Rosa Mae Ingram 
Mary Turner Ipock 
Diana Addison Johnson 
Janice Murchison Johnson 
Betsy Gehman Jolley 
Mildred Fain Killgore 
Betty Jane Taylor King 
Virginia Van Dyke Kinney 
Betty Jo Petrea Kornowski 
Pat Miller Lamachio 
Rebecca Lamy 
Carolyn Burton Landers 
Ellen Rickert Leach 
Helen Lmville Ledford 
Betty Van Hook Levenson 
Jean Stone Linker 
Everette Sanderford Marley 
Lucine O'Brien Marous 
Naomi Hanna McCluskey 
Frances Clegg McCormick 
Geraldme Thomas 

Barbara Jobe Michos 
Peggy Arthur Miller 
Janet Linker Mitchell 
Virginia Bridges Moretz 
Louise Mooney Morgan 
Mary Fisher Nantz 
Jane Spencer Neal 
Carol Rogers Needy 
Rosemary Boney Neill 
Emma Orr Nelson 
Kathryn Fnday Nicol 
Shirley Smith O'Bnen 
Nannie Gibson Overman 
Dorothy Scott Paetzell 
Joan Wrenn Parmelee 
Rose Fincher Patterson 
Bernice "Bunny" Greenberg 

Elaine Holly Pearce 
Carolyn Tweed Ponder 
Bettie Dixon Powell 
Lucile Stowe Ragland 
Patsy Wagoner Ralls 
Anne David Rankin 
Joann Johnston 

Barbara Hams Richmond 
Betsy Richardson Ripple 
Ban Caldwell Robinson 
Bette Barksdale Rudd 
Virginia Brown Rule 
Viola Batts Rus 
Lenore Satterfield 
Mary Ann Barlow 

Barbara Hall Scott 
Emily Williams Scott- 

Ellenor Eubanks Shepherd 
Lib McLeod Sherwood 
Jane Sarsfield Shoaf 
Hazel Dale Shores 
ChMstine Davis Shuford 
Betty Pearl Simon 
Mane Blake Sinclair 
Mary Lou Barnes Smith 
Jane Kirkman Smith 
Martha Lohr Smith 
Dollie Moser Smith 
Sally-Anne Smith 
Sue Boykin Stott 

Lora Reeves Thrash 
Dot Hallenbeck Touchstone 
Mary Austin Tugman 
Ruth Cartwnght Vestal 
Nancy Maples Weant 
Mane Sawyer Webb 
CallieLou Little Williams 
Nancy Gray Winslow 
Nancy Sides Womack 
Betty Troutman Young 

Fred Albright 
Dale Watkms Allen 
Sara Taylor Alston 
Ann Bennett Antonelli 
Fay Sylvester Arnold 
Jean Denny Ashley 
Ree Richardson Baker 
Margaret Huffman Barkley 
Maxine Mclnms Earnhardt 
Betty Cobb Baysdon 
Dorothy Tribble Best 
Jo Ann Fuller Black 
Kathleen Adkins Blackweil 
Joan Rosen Block 
Patsy Clodfelter Bowers 
Betsy Lee Boyd 
Elizabeth Stimson Boyd 
Mary Idol Breeze 
Nancy Gaston Brookshire 
Rebecca Williams Bulla 
Louise Beverly Buliock 
Patsy Bnnson Burwell 
James Calloway Jr. 
Edna Tew Canter 
Harriette Anthony Carlson 
Jean Brown Carlson 
Mary Wilson Cavedo 
Joan Whelpley Chlan 
Ann Turner Collins 
Ann Zachary Compton 
Barbara Helms Cook 
Mildred White Corbett 
Mary Harris Councill 
Jane Cragan Cowell 
Betty Thompson Crow 
Mary Beam Darr 
Pattie Leach Dawson 
Zita Spector Desenberg 
Mary Franck Downs 
Elizabeth Phillips 

Jo Ann Williams Duke | 

Mary Alice Elliott ' 

Cenieth Elmore 
Frances Armstrong Evans 
Harnett Sham Evenson 
Joan Jacobi Falk 
Martha Hams Farley 
Valmda Butler Feather 
Carolyn Mclntyre Feinglass 
Salvatore Festa 
Katherine Swanson 

Fletcher i 

Ruth Sevier Foster 
Carol Stockard Fray 
Ann Heafner Gaither 
Judith Adams Gallo 
Mary Lou Howie Gamble 
Mariena Jolliff Garrett 
Lib Handley Gilhkin 
Cora Warren Gold 

Yvonne Davis Gragg 
Mary Dovrtin Green 
Sarah Jones Hambleton 
Kay Koster Harbison 
Betty Styers Harbison 
Martha Harrison 
Edna Stephens Hartley 
Betsy Carrol! Harvey 
Jennie Lee Pruitt Hawks 
Patricia Owen Hedrick 
Lou Outen Helms 
Betty Pegram Hernng 
Clare Forney Hirata 
Peggy Shotwell Hollis 
Sallie Hicks Holt 
Diane Young Hopkins 
Carol Miller Hopper 
Sue Morns Hopper 
Ruth Starr Huffaker 
Billie Oliver Huffman 
Lois Royall Huffman 
Mary Sampson Irvin 
Annette Strickland Jackson 
Sammie Mercer Jochum 
Adelaide Johnson 
Dolores Joseph 
Sylvia Kanter Kaier 
Dot Kendall Kearns 
Pauline Mauney Kellam 
Joyce Carpenter Kiser 
Margaret Crumpler Ladd 
Shirley Uden Levme 
Margaret Fuquay Lewis 
Jean Paschal Lippard 
Elizabeth Hill Little 
Betty Little 
Patricia Hocker Lore 
Catherine MaCrae Lyerly 
Lura Clingenpeel Malcolm 
Pat Markas 
Lois Peters Markle 
Joanne Holmes Martin 
Ann Ward Martin 
Marilyn Robmette Marx 
Mary Carpenter Mason 
Julie Packer Mazo 
Beverly Bryant McCall 
Geraldme Holland 

Beverly Justice Moore 
Sara McLean Moser " 
Harriet Hall Murrell 
Frances Thompson 

Marshall Deshazo Norman 
Elizabeth Cornwell Page 
Barbara Ledford Painter 
Barbara Sheffield Pasiuk 
Norma Bowen Patton 
Dorothy Kerner Per-Lee 
Jeanne Gwyn Pettyjohn 
Jessie Allen Pooie 
Ginny Potts 
Ruth Lam Reavis 
Margaret Anderson 

Kathryn Shields Rivers 
Billie Ervin Roberts 
Jean Rollins 
Betty Daves Ruth 
Sarah Ann Butts Sasser 
Leiia Wmslow Senter 
Kay Minton Sharpe 
Lucile Gills Shaw 

; Dorothy Shields 
Barbara McKeithan Shultz 
Edith Rawley Sifford 
Norma Smith 
Catherine Solomon 
Annette Parker Sparks 
Margaret Lewis Sparrow 
Ann Edwards Stapleton 
Helen Havi/field Stephens 
Helen Hammond Stough 
Jean Howard Taylor 
Jane Strelitz Taylor 
Anne Stroud Taylor 
Caroline Crews Thomas 
Nancy Yelverton Thorp 
Piney Cox Tice 
Patricia Donnell Toole 
Jan Stern Unger 
Dottie Rockwood Vamman 
Joan Deviney Wall 
Ann Harris Welchman 
Mary Mitchell Wellons 
Gloria Smith Wessmger 
Rozelle Royall Wicks 
Sally Theiling Williamson 
Ann Foster Wise 
Sylvia Wiseman 
La Rue Johnson Wright 

I Carolyn Junker Yeuell 

Fran Evans Adamo 
Jane McDuffie Allen 
Jacquetta Baker Asbury 
Virginia Harris Ashlock 
Mary Davis Babb 
Barbara Kearns Barker 
Beverly Becker 
Pattie Phillips Bennett 
Josephine Tilton Berte 
Phyllis Franklm Bierstedt 
Dorothy Rose Borden 
Mary Alspaugh Bowers 
Gilmer Brande 
Dora Wiley Brown 
Jo Collier Bryan 
Peggy Bunton 
Patncia Cashion Burgess 
Minam Pickett Burk 
Frances Jackson Butter 
Nancy Graybeal Byrd 
Frances Harris Casey 
Betty Saunders Cashion 
Carolyn Phillips Clapp 
Ann Lowrance Clark 
Dot Buchanan Collins 
Jo Ann Black Connell 
Nancy Evans Cooney 
Macie Collins Coots 
Martha Moore Cowan 
Peggy Best Curlee 
Betty West Curlin 
Isabelle White Davis 
Maxine Michalove Deal 
Grace Blackmore Deely 
Patsy Stanfield Dickey 
Frances Brown Dorward 
Ashley Holland Dozier 
Joanne Horn Eaker 
Peggy Perry Eason 
Mary Cross Farthing 
Agnes Lee Farthing 
Margaret Swann Flaherty 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Merle Gates Frazier 
Blanche Ingram Fulp 
Frances Allred Garvey 
Maud Gatewood 
Anne Ford Geis 
Joyce Bateman Giglioni 
Hope Leonard Gooch 
Izoria Sheppard Gordon 
Jane Whitley Gray 
Ruth Long Greer 
Dorothy Shields Griffin 
Jern Brown Griffin 
Anne Barber Griffiths 
Peggy Britt Griswold 
Margie Preisinger Haines 
Barbara Walter Haitz 
Lorraine Decker Hale 
Elizabeth Putnam Hamrick 
Cleha Garrison Hand 
Margaret Stamey Hayes 
Lois Brown Haynes 
Clara Pugh Herner 
Nancy Beamer HIatt 
Betty Hagan Hiibish 
Barbara Wooiard Hodge 
Patncia McMahan Holt 
Kathanne Keller Hood 
Gertrude Myers Hopkins 
Ellen Farmer Howell 
Margaret Pntchett Howell 
Frankie Herman Hubbard 
Kim Kimrey Number 
Elizabeth Mackey Hunter 
Kathenne Brown Ingle 
Dorothy Bluett Ingliss 
Alice Joyner Irby 
Nancy Ballinger Jackson 
Barbara Dixon Jackson 
Ruth Sutherland Jackson 
Joyce Cook Jasper 
Lota Harrison Johnson 
Robert Jones 
Kay Kipka Jones 
Irene Peck Jordan 
Leanora Katzman 
Nancy Neill Kefauver 
Nancy Shankle Kerr 
Charlotte Murphy Kirby 
Peggy Jordan Kornegay 
Lois Magnuson Laney 
Sue Bell Lee 
Sue Nichols Lefes 
Virginia Liles 
Marilyn Brannon Magoni 
Shirley Waugh Marshall 
Frances Anne Robertson 

Biliie Jo Works Matthews 
Anne Umstead Maultsby 
Carolyn Leagon McDaniel " 
Dorothy Fisher McGee 
Judith Whitley McLendon 
Elizabeth Mitchell Meador 
Joan Ratclitfe Mialik 
Louise Easteriing Militzer 
Virginia Harris Miller 
Sarah Almond Moore 
Libby Almond Morrison 
Margaret Cox Nance 
Peggy Otterbourg 
Lucy Cheek Peterson 
Ruth Petree 

Barbara Cornelius Phillips 
Marianne Jones Pruett 
Margaret Benfield Ray 

Rebecca Lane Reed 

June Greene Reichle 
Tommie Lentz Reid 
Nancy Gilbert Rhodes 
Leola Sheffield Richardson 
Martha Lashley Rierson 
Peggy Strother Rogers 
Sarah Carpenter 

Nancy Fox Seism 
Sue Koenig Seward 
Florence Bowden Sheron 
Gwendolyn Bosl Shernll 
Carolyn Davis Sherrill 
Grace Limehouse 

Coralie Bowers Shimpock 
Allene Shore 
Nancy Wilson Short 
Suzanne Weiss Silver 
Billie Casper Simpson 
Nancy Hill Snow 
Mary Cooper Somers 
Yvonne Stohlman 
Marian Sutton 
Carolyn Styron Thomas 
Bette Allison Todd 
Roberta Kunz Tolson 
Marian Faison Townsend 
June Long Trivette 
Mary Abernethy Troutman 
Joanne Floyd Underdown 
Margaret Bill Vilcins 
Jeanne Gravely Waggoner 
Becky Freeman Wagoner 
Jean Church Walker 
Gladys Walling 
Nan Schleisner Weiss 
Billie Hughes Welker 
Georgia Nicolas West 
Mary Ann Britt Wilkinson 
Sue Hodges Wilkinson 
Nell Myers Wooten 
Willa Young 

Susan Fleming Alem 
Elmo Allgood 
Olive Brown Anderson 
Marian Hunter Andrews 
Gayle Hartman Atkinson 
Peggy Crow Barham 
Mary Jackson Baucom 
Clara Ramsey Bennett 
Pat McDuffie Bibb 
Mary Hams Blalock 
Maria Richardson Bliss 
Patncia Stroud BIythe 
Kathenne Barrier 

Molly Atkins Bowden 
Tirzah Ison Bowden 
Sory Guthery Bowers 
Roberta Lail Brandon 
Sara McCormick Britt 
Joan Conner Brown 
Christine Freeze Brown 
Mary Herring Bryant 
Zora Daniel Bunin 
Ann Burt 

Suzanne Rodgers Bush 
Maitland Broadwell Byrd 
Helen Russell Caines 

Barbara Carter 
Barbara Pickett Chamblee 
Brent Chapman 
Barbara Campbell Clark 
Rebecca Kearns Cline 
Joan Kearns Clodfelter 
Jewell Arnold Coleman 
Phyllis Wolfe Colter 
Jane Morns Conder 
Shirley Cox 

Nannette Starling Craig 
Mary Hobgood Crisp 
Fran Kauftman Dash 
Elizabeth Mcdonald Davis 
Ruth Nelson Davis 
Peggy Hill Denning 
Rachel Warlick Dunn 
Barbara Whitney Edwards 
Anita Byrum Eppley 
Hazel Fisher Eptmg 
Carolyn Bryson Earns 
Gloria Weaver Fisher 
Mary Owens Bell Fitzgerald 
Fay Flinchum 
Anne Hawfield Foley 
Ruth Hawkins Foy 
Carol Giroud 
Jo Ann Hege Goodson 
Emily Graham 
Pearl Parry Green 
Carolyn Falls Grove 
Sue Coomes Hadley 
Dons MacPhail Hall 
Margaret Giles Hill 
Polly Sanders Hilton 
Julia Hix 

Barbara Rowland Hocutt 
Nettie Lambeth Holmberg 
Henrietta Bruton Huffines 
Mary Thornton Hutchins 
Barbara Dunn Jackson 
Ida Johnson 
Nancy Revelle Johnson 
Lura Ingram Jones 
Martha Keys Jones 
Evelyn Kemp 
Thomasine Fox Kibbe 
Velma Drake King 
Belle Smith Koester 
Lillian Harding Kortheuer 
Virginia Lind 
Betty Harrell Linton 
Sarah Johnson Logan 
Helen Lackey Lupton 
Louise Lynch 
Frances Weadon Mabe 
Frances Green Magill 
Evelyn Allen Mangum 
Ruth Walker Maynard 
Ingrid Parmele McAden 
Barbara Sanderford 

George Stradtey McFarland 
Carolyn Hollis Meadows 
Perky Isley Mercer 
Louise Kiser Miller 
Elizabeth Spruill Nanney 
Joyce Crews Nash 
Mary Stafford Noland 
Peggy Oliver 
Sammy Penny Overby 
Jeanette Weaver Payne 
Franda Dobson Pedlow 
Sylvia Dismuke Perry 

Nancy Wright Phipps 
Eloise Bates Price 
Flowe Rodgers Price 
Ernestine Hall Ragan 
Sarah Sherrill Raney 
Lucy McCargo Rankin 
Monna Schaper Ray 
Patsy Beam Reed 
Marian Hopkins Reeser 
Barbara Pillatt Resnick 
Dean StaHings Reynolds 
Jeanette Cuthrell Ridge 
Jean Gnffin Rogers 
Jean Craig Rosenstein 
Mary Rowland 
Lou Sawyer Royal 
Carmen Bolick Sasser 
Caroline Byerly Sasser 
Rose Johnson Schmoll 
Dons Durham Seabolt 
Barbara Elliott Serral 
Dorothy Gasktn Sloan 
Annie Brown McClelland 

Gerald Solomon 
Dixie Boney Soo 
Carolyn Redding Spencer 
Helen Haynes Strader 
Wayne Hartsell Taylor 
JernneSteifle Taylor 
Amelia Kirby Thomas 
Alice Joyner Thompson 
Jane Smith Toomey 
Anne Peoples Trogdon 
Melissa Jones Van Noppen 
Eleanor Coulbourn Vinson 
Gaye Stewart Wakefield 
Nancy Walker 
Edyth Sams Wallin 
Martha Washam 
lola Sheann Wells 
Karen Campbell Wiggins 
Sara Eldred Williman 
Evie Winkler 
Lillian Jones Woodford 
Ellen Slrawbndge 



Edith Bagwell Alexander 
June Dixon Alexander 
Becky Whitlow Ashmore 
Nancy McLemore Ayscue 
Margaret Stevens Babson 
Carolyn Royal Bailey 
Ann Hollingsworth 

Edith Foster Baxter 
Nancy Andrews Beard 
Mary Cooper Bell 
Marijane Beltz 
Wilma Yarborough Berryhill 
Dons Leatherman 

Kay Ramsey Blankenship 
Sally Scott Bost 
Elizabeth Braddock 
Louise Butts Brake 
Margaret Crouse Bray 
Eugenia Green Brock 
Ouida Brown 
Joanne McGill Bunce 
Sarah Kemp Bunn 

Pauline Carroll Burnett 
Sarah Adams Burrow 
Margaret Huntley Bush 
Anne Buie Butler 
Nancy Pendergraft 

Romaine Barnes Campell 
Carol Collier Caudill 
Carolyn Shepard Chisholm 
Patricia Turner Clark 
Martha Hopkins Clifton 
Nadine Gnmes Cole 
Winifred Smith Coleman 
Ruth Smart Comer 
Flora Stabler Conger 
Judy Ellison Couch 
Mary Berryman Cox 
Lou Bissette Cozart 
Annice Perkinson Davis 
Geraldme Somers Davis 
Mary Westray Diseker 
Sylvia Lackey Disher 
Betty Elzey 
Faye Young Eury 
Patsy Rudman Fine 
Ruth Matthews Floyd 
Barbara Weiss Fox 
Jacqueline Gnffin Freeman 
Joan Coltrain Fussell 
Ann Cofleld Gardner 
Gerotha Thompson Gentry 
Martha Brooks Giles 
Sybil Crofts Gray 
Clarajo Lovett Gruendel 
Kara Jarrett Haigler 
Peggy Mabe Hampton 
Hartie Ferebee Hanshaw 
Joanne Arrant Hart 
Jean Shinn Hart 
Donna Thomas Hege 
Anne Hill 

Janice Hartman Hinds 
Beverly Annis Howard 
Janet Durham Isley 
Martha Laughndge Jenkins 
Hilda Davis Jennings 
Faytie Cox Johnston 
Patricia Bemer Jones 
Margaret Clark Jones 
Sandra Motsmger Jones 
Rose Samet Kline 
Jean Burgin Kolb 
Marilyn Mayo Koonce 
Shirley Brown Koone 
Edwma Barnett Langford 
Jean Evans Leatherman 
Barbara Friedman 

Betty Felmet Lewis 
Shirley Councilman Lindley 
Shirley Curran Lublin 
Herbena Lundegren 
Ann Knight Lyons 
Bonnaleta Coxwell Malone 
Mary Ann Baum Merger 
Johanna Gorter Markwood 
Sylvia Wyrick Marston 
Jo Ann Meacham 

Nancy Jim Ouinn McCoy 
Carolyn Home McGougan 
Morguenya Roope McNeil 
Cynthia Caldwell McTyre 
Betsy Dunn Mebane 

Mary Michal 
Martha Fulcher 

Mary Falls Moody 
Dorothy Donalson Moore 
Anne McArihur Morgan 
Bonnie Williams Morrah 
Barbara Stephens Morris 
Sidney Newton Morton 
Beverly Beautord Newton 
Nancy Bridgers Norwood 
Vivien Hinson Norwood 
Jean Eubank O'Conner 
Louisa Mordecai Odom 
Patricia league Packett 
Elsie Painter 
Mary Towe Parker 
Evelyn Greenberg Peck 
Annie Cameron Perry 
Helen Karras Peterson 
Grace Blanton Pierce 
Margie Payne Pitts 
Nancy Lowder Raynor 
Nancy Mitchell Reiners 
Carolyn Head Ritchie 
Betty Clark Rogers 
Anne Wrenn Russell 
Keisey Schuyler 
Helen Jernigan Shine 
Jeanne Pritchard Singleton 
Helen Maynard Sluder 
Betty Bell Smith 
Nancy Bolick Smyre 
Virginia Lawler Stepanek 
Sara Hickerson Stuart 
Marion Osborne Thornton 
Betty Lee Tobert 
June Pulliam Tulloch 
Myrtle Tuttle 
Mary Talley Upton 
Harrold Lee Vaughn 
Mary Ann Sides Wallace 
Amaryllis Beasley Walkins 
Shay Harris Weeks 
Julia Whitty 
Shirley Osteen Willcox 
Helen Pate Williams 
Mary Scott Wordsworth 
Kitty Crawley Young 
Betty Shuford Zeps 

Joan English Allen 
Kay Speas Alley 

Jerry Jervis Allred 
Helen Trader Anderson 
Betty Rabit Armstrong 
Margie Edmonds Babcock 
Patricia Huff Baker 
Anne Alexander Ballard 
Patricia Foster Ballew 
Robert Barrett 
Janice Noble Banwick 
Bill Baxter Jr 
Caroline Hayes Bentley 
Barbara Davis Berryhiil 
Julia Dunn Bing 
Mary Lou Cameron Black 
Gwen Harrington Bland 
Betsy Rea Blankenship 
Carolyn Hill Bolen 
Glenda Brady 
Ann Burke Braxton 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association IVIembership 

Faye GrJzzard Brown 
Barton Edwards Bruce 
Norma Alderman Busic 
Virginia Winner Byrd 
Jane Burns Campbell 
Carolyn McSwain Carle 
Josephine Tanner 

Julia Jessup Clark 
Jewell Williams Collier 
Mary Hargrove Craven 
Jo Conrad Cresimore 
Harriet Conrad Crutchfield 
Linda Morns Davis 
Patricia Willis Davis 
Alberta Clayton Dennis 
Patricia McDaniel 

Edna Guyer Driver 
Sylvia Evosevich Duda 
Donna Snyder Duke 
Lois Duncan 
Jo Duncan 
Phyllis Robinett Elliott 
Mary Gin Farr Fairiey 
Martha Smith Ferrell 
Doris McCraw Fonville 
Delia Canada Freeman 
Mary Henrie Arthur French 
Shirley Stilwell Fuller 
Betty Lloyd Amis Gallup 
Loretta Dillehay Garner 
Anne Gordon 
Ann Holton Green 
Christine Feather Greene 
Mildred Gregory Greig 
Barbee Winchester 

Frances Crews Hall 
Jackie Davis Hall 
Julia Parsons Hardy 
Beth Pardue Harper 
Anne Jessup Hartsell 
Shirley Matheson Haywood 
Nancy Robinson 

Martha McBrayer 
Carole Cardwell Hill 
BetteTilley Hill 
Ann Mcintosh Hotfelder 
Dorothy McConnell Holland 
Shirley Blanton Hoover 
Patricia Cramer Hudson 
Greta Jones Johnson 
Billye Keith Jones 
Nancy Wilkerson Jones 
Elizabeth Gantt Jordan 
Dorothy Moureau Kalet 
Sarah Boyles Khieif 
Frances Deal Kimball 
Joan Hester King 
Grady King 

Elizabeth Martin Lackey 
Mary Rankin Lane 
Nancy Paschall Ledtord 
Audrey Anderson Librizzi 
Mary Frances Lawrence 

Shirley Jones Mallard 
Toaksie Tucker Maloney 
Elinor Dorsk Marshall 
Dorothy Stafford Mason 
Ben Nita Black McAdam 

Mary Wall McAdams 
Sharon Lupton McColl 
Kay Smith McEntire 
NgiII McLeod 
Mary Faye Jackson 

Elizabeth Hawes Meyer 
Jane Harrell Miller 
Elizabeth Tuggle Miller 
Chns Velonis Miller 
Virginia Harris Mohorn 
Minnie Ella Curnn 

Sara Livingstone Moore 
Joan Moser 
Janice Woosley Nelson 
Helen Sharpe Ozment 
Betty Jean Harris Parrott 
Mary Ingram Payne 
Nancy Chesson Perry 
Joan Pitts 

Stella Lambeth Pleasants 
Ann Lundy Poole 
Karen Bryant Pooler 
Joanne Rathman 
Nancy Roberts Reese 
Katie Swam Reynolds 
Ann Woody Richardson 
Phyllis Conrad Robbins 
Rae Haralson Roeder 
Carolyn Talbot Russell 
Jo Anne Satrit 
Dottie Lee Schaeffer 
Caroline Sevier 
Elizabeth Martin Shaw 
Sandra Davis Sloop 
Barbara Johnson Smart 
Sharon O'Neal Smith 
Mary Starr Smithwick 
Martha Davis Springer 
Patricia Lentz Stehman 
Irene Abernethy Strasser 
Ann Fitzhugh Slubbs 
Pauline McSwain Sutton 
Joan Ackerman Swoap 
Maxine Jarrett Tanner 
Martha Watts Throop 
Anne Wooten Tilley 
Joan Thompson Trotti 
Edith Ausley Vann 
William Warren 
Cynthia Covington Wease 
Alice Spell Weinstein 
Jean Yelton Wertz 
Charlotte West 
Rachel Pharr White 
Marilyn Baker Whiteside 
Polly Lloyd Wicker 
Jane Austin Wilcox 
Florene Howett Wilkerson 
Patsy Lament Willcox 
Blanche Williams 

Joyce Breeze Wilson 
Peggy Sanders Wright 
Marilyn Mondy Yike 
Shirley Knott Young 
Eleanor Tatum Young 


Nancy Hinson Adcock 
Janet Agnew 
Miriam Wilson Austin 

Rose Leonard Baker 
Sally Stephenson Ballard 
Charlotte Ridinger Battino 



5 Bell 

Betty Funderburk Berryhill 
Anne Spencer Best 
Lois Pnvette Boggs 
Barbara Brown 
Jane Hoke Bultman 
Beverly Bryant Burgess 
Frances Haynes Campbell 
Louise Saunders Campbell 
Claire Cannon 
Barbara Lamar Carrubba 
Pat Shore Clark 
Sandra Burke Coleman 
Mary Schulken Costner 
Yvonne Potts Cregger 
Jane Braswell Curtis 
Elaine Voss Davidson 
Tilsa Beleos Dermalas 
Norma Parrish Dinkins 
Edna Dowdy Etheridge 
Diane Fary 
Patricia Helgesen 

Reva Ingram Fortune 
Dee Goodnight Galphin 
Pattie Pittman Gilliam 
Barbara Caudle Gitter 
Janet Finch Gorham 
Dorothy Burns Graham 
Jane Carpenter Graper 
Frona Conn Greenspun 
Phyllis Pake Habeck 
Winnie Costello Hamer 
Barbara Kennerly 

Hard away 
Evelyn Suggs Hams 
Claudette Butler Hatfield 
Joanne May Heath 
Kay Congteton Hedgepeth 
Eleanor Taylor Hoke 
Meda Grigg Howell 
Dorothy Taylor Howell 
Shirley Pearman Hunter 
Jo Anne Woosley Jarrett 
Barbara Moore Joseph 
Julie Schwerin Karam 
Annette Boyette Kernstine 
Roxanne Dark Kessler 
Amelia Stockton Kimball 
Sarah Lewis Koestline 
Rascha Sklut Knegsman 
Janie Merritt Lamb 
Meetta Carlton Lampert 
Janice Swing Lea 
Anne Leach 
Patricia Jones Lindell 
Mary Lucas 
Lee Handy McKee 
June Eudy Meetze 
Millie Burch Mehnert 
Elizabeth Uzzle Meldau 
Rochelle Simon Minton 
Anne Tice Morns 
Ann Black Neal 
Carolyn Young Oglesby 
Katharine Moore Fame 
Virginia Sabiston Palmer 
Janice Belk Pans 
Saihe Carroll Park 
Frances Strother Patterson 
Martha Reid Pitts 
Barbara Cooper Planer 

Carrie Davis Ponder 
Norma Davis Poole 
Ann Scripture Rady 
Polly Young Rafii 
Edith Balentine Redmond 
Sylvia Galloway Reese 
Nancy Childress Reid 
Rebecca Doughton 

Lenna Rose Severs 
Jane Wharton Shackelford 
Sandra Wilkerson Shoaf 
Sarah Shuping 
Sondra Kaltm Slosman 
Pelham Curlee Smith 
Gail Steacy 
Mary Floyd Suggs 
Pnscilla Swindell 
Jean Wood Todd 
Jan Rankin Toole 
Mary Ehle Turner 
Jacqueline Wallace Varner 
Hilda Walker 
Ann Ward 
Mary Warren 
Nancy Harris Warren 
Janice Little Weeks 
Mary Wilson Wilkerson 
SueSigmon Williams 
MargarelTilletl Williams 
Alice Jackson Willingham 
Saundra Craddock Wilson 
Lurlei Routh Woodard 
Virginia Scarborough Yates 
Jane Johnson Young 

Jayne Ackerman 
Jo Weber Alexander 
Helen Bewley Ashby 
Patricia Kyles Auton 
Denise Shea Backus 
Tammy Gerow Baerman 
Patncia Dupree Baker 
Ann Henderson Barry 
Leah Miller Berman 
Jane Johnson Bird 
Madge Earley Bolin 
Alethea Massey Booth 
Katherine Collins Borders 
Geneva Hardesty Bosweil 
Julie Mebane Bradt 
Charlene Davis Broiling 
Betty Fulp Brown 
Mary Ann Cross Busby 
Mary Bush 
Emilie Cannon 
Gay Triplett Cass 
Sylvia McCommons 

Bettie Ferreil Clark 
Mary Glower 
Kathryn Dwighl Colona 
Darlene Harris Conner 
Vivian Gnffin Cooley 
Mary Nicholson Copple 
Carol Counc Cordle 
Sara Clegg Cox 
Janice Atkinson Cutchin 
Nancy Dallia 
Joanne Fisher Davis 
Shirley Gales Dean 
Mary Jane Phillips 


Nancy McCallum Donahue 
Anna Morgan Dull 
Sarah Townsend Emanuel 
Betsy Paramore Fidalgo 
Mary Charlotte Alexander 

Margaret Griffin Fischer 
Barbara Jean Davis Fodor 
Sally Brown Fryar 
Sarah Cobb Garbrick 
Barbara Bridgers Garey 
Sandra Hux Garner 
Floy Nell Hawkins Garrison 
Willie Johnson Gay 
Barbara Herman Grossman 
Dellene Lyerly Gudger 
Patricia King Haley 
Joan Edwards Hall 
D'Ann Welch Hanna 
Sue Cooke Harris 
Jane Harrison 
Camille Hendrix Henderson 
Marilyn Shugar Henick 
Betsy Witson Herford 
Evelyn Riddle Hollowell 
Georgia Hulac 
Wanda Fishel Hutchison 
Ann Boatwright Igoe 
Dorothy Moore Jackson 
Ann Lou Jamerson 
Dorothy Hughes Jobe 
Ettalea Kanter 
Sylvia Williams Kercher 
Mane Flynt Key 
Kay Stewart Kidd 
Ernestine Killian 
Janice Specter Kingoff 
Rebecca Causby Landrum 
Terry Garrison Lashley 
Laura Lmgle 
Lmda West Little 
Margie Park Lucas 
Sylvia Hunt Masbruch 
Peggy Hinson Mason 
Henrietta Ford Maus 
Annette Cagle Mayfield 
Jacqueline Adams 

Bennie Williams McGinley 
Linda Inman McLester 
Linda Robinson Metcalf 
Evelyn Hunter Michelle 
Patncia Madry Miller 
Clare Smith Miller 
Patncia Truitt Miller 
Hazel McKeel Mitchell 
Jane Perkins Moffen 
Evelyn Bruton Monroe 
Rebecca Moore 
Rachel Nichols Mullis 
Odell Nassar 
Nancy McDowell Nev^on 
Beth McLamb Norris 
Mary Vernon Patterson 
Grace Winchester Peacock 
Betty Rowe Penny 
Peggy Cottrell Phelps 
Janet Pate Riggms 
Ann Lee Barnhardt Robbins 
Becky Geddie Rowe 
PattiHo Ramseur Royster 
Wanda Russell 
Anne Duke Sanders 

Emma Kanoy Shernll 
Anne Kesler Shields 
Miriam Posner Slavich 
Joyce Ewing Smith 
Patncia Hall Smith 
Patricia Terrell Smith 
Waneen Wyrick Spirduso 
Jane Baucom Stephenson 
Patncia Clifton Stradley 
Maxme Harris Surratt 
Jane McGee Taylor 
Elizabeth Barrett Temple 
Ann Sloan Thompson 
Mary Coleman Transou 
Carole Scott Tyson 
MarceKe Milloway Upright 
Virginia Powell Vickory 
Kay Lee Watson 
Fenba Berry Weltin 
Lenore Ruffin Westbrook 
Mary Hanna Whittmgton 
Lucille Garrison Wilson 
Frances Anderson Woosley 
Mary Jenkins Worthtngton 



Minnie Vanhoy Anders 
Jane Harris Armfield 
Lavon Boyd Atwell 
Josephine Mewborn Baker 
Mary Upchurch Ballard 
Sarah Rothrock Barbour 
Barbara Barger Barnett 
Barbara Boerner 
Crystelle Trump Bond 
Sandra Blackwell Boze 
Carolyn Ross Bnggs 
Sandra Broadhurst Brooks 
Ann Hogan Brown 
Sue Swann Brown 
Norma Melvin Bundy 
Patricia Stephenson Bundy 
Tom Flanagan Burchell 
Treva Daniels Burgess 
Lois Bowman Busick 
Julia Shernll Butler 
Ana Reyes Cam 
Sandra Henderson Camp 
Betty Brown Chambers 
Norma McGehee Cline 
Marilyn Colby 
Faye Canada Collins 
Patsy LeathenA/ood Cook 
Jan Burnette Cornelius 
Carol Gulp Crews 
Carol Ballard Daniels 
Lynn Painter Dillard 
Mary Dimos 
Wanda Spease Dorsett 
Martha Aldndge Dowdy 
Joanne Smart Drane 
Dean Dull 
Mary Catharine Edmonds 

Glenda Lawrence Evans 
Winnie Watson Evans 
Ellen Tucker Farnor 
Lucia Jones Fisher 
Merrilie Davis Ford 
Patricia Carly Frazier 
Alpha Whitley Fuqua 
Betsy Stark Garrett 
Jo Anne Warren Gatlin 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


Nina Globus 
Patricia Barbee Gray 
Barbara Southerland Onset 
Betty West Groce 
Crawford Steele Grogan 
Lynn Carroll Haley 
Suanne Haney 
Eleanor Warren Harper 
Mane Cardwell Harrill 
Rebecca Dixon Hatcher 
Patsy Garrison Haworth 
Louise Luther Haynes 
Sharon Kennerly Haywood 
Patricia Hart Heffelfinger 
Sue Mincey Hewett 
Mary Russ Hobbs 
Fay Sellars Hodorowski 
Kay Mclntyre Home 
Anne Craig Howell 
Ann Hancock Huskey 
Rachel Simmons Isom 
Mildred Erwin Jackson 
Starlene Pope Jackson 
Katharine Wright Johnson 
Norma Savage Jones 
Barbara Smith Jordan 
Louise Templin Kelling 
Danny Sue Outlaw Kidd 
Kay Kinsey 

Carolyn Butter Kirkman 
Virginia Uzzle Kitzmiiler 
Margery Davis Knight 
Pat McQuague Lackey 
Carolyn Brown Latham 
Jane Lewis 

Renee Sapero Lieberman 
Rexine Kelly Lloyd 
Janice Bland Loftus 
Evelyn Wood Long 
Lynne Mahaffey 
Dolores Leonard Martin 
Barbara Mitchell McClure 
Ann Phillips McCracken 
Elizabeth Wildman 

Gail Perkins McLeod 
Jeanette Edwards 

Toby Smith Milam 
Betty Hill Miller 
Rachel Trogdon Millikan 
Angela Brown Miotto 
Mary Braswell Mooney 
Doris league Mottmger 
Louise Matthews Neese 
Virginia McLester Oliver 
Mary Pegram Owens 
Jean Berryman Parson 
Mary Clyde Chisholm 

Mary Sparger Petlitz 
Fleming Weeks Pfann 
Sylvia Williams Phillips 
Carolyn Davis Pohlkatte 
Sims Cheek Poindexter 
Lois Bradley Queen 
Jane Bailey Recktenwald 
Linda White Roberts 
Mary Rose Robertson 
Elaine Elden Sandman 
Erma Toomes Scarlette 
Jacqueline Money Sechnst 
Corky Sussman Sega! 
Ann Mulkey Shelton 

Kay Watts Shields 
Sally Butler Simmons 
Sandy Margolis Smiley 
Peggy Lenhardt Smith 
Donna Oliver Smith 
Linda Smith 
Linda Ayers Southard 
Beth Stout 
Sylvia Smith Stuart 
Julia Hudson Sugg 
Beverlyn Beyer Summers 
Brenda Bryan Summers 
Patsey Simmons Sutphin 
Martha Allen Thomas 
Sara Toenes 
Rita Caudle Toivonen 
Anne Rothrock Towne 
Jeanne Trexler 
Mollie Baldwin Trosper 
Martha Hannah Turner 
Wanda Britt Tyrrell 
Betty Watson Underwood 
Ann Dearsley Vernon 
Elizabeth Le Conte Wade 
Rosalind Wexler Waitman 
Shannon Cochrane Ward 
Marian Jones Westbrook 
Helen Blakely White 
Shirley Holtzmann White 
Almeda Whiiescarver 
Patricia Crotts Wilkerson 
Carolyn Heafner Williams 
Joan Stubblefield 

Jo Futchs Yopp 

Charlene Denham 

Margaret Underwood 

Rosalind Legum Alpert 
Elizabeth Johnson Amos 
Karen Midyette Avery 
Marilyn Morgan Barker 
Cynthia Fowler Barnes 
Shirley Keltey Bear 
Ann Hardy Beardshall 
Clara Spencer Blackwood 
Helen Brown Blakely 
Judith Harrell Bridges 
Palncia Allen Brotherton 
Barbara Jones Bull 
Ann Brandon Burke 
Claudette Graves 

Donna McCain Carter 
Brenda Williams Carter 
Carolyn Williford Cobb 
Virginia Rogers Currier 
Judfth Angley Degenaar 
Rose Brewer Dixon 
Maryann Allen Echols 
Edith Lucas Edens 
Kathryn Ferebee Fagg 
Mary Farlow 
Sally Atkinson Fisher 
Serena Parks Fisher 
Mary Gaskin Foreman 
Josephine Shaftner 

Margaret Kingston Franco 
Nancy Bntton Fulghum 

[ Linda Thornburg Galloway 
Ann Johnson Glosson 
Rachel Greeson Goins 
Patricia Karro Gorelick 
Connie Garrenton Hackney 
Lorene Garriss Hafer 
Shirley Bernau Hamilton 
Jane Hedgecock Harriss 
Kitty Wagoner Hayes 
Glenda Humphries Herman 
Carolyn Higgins 
Sara Wright Hiles 
Estelle Pickel Hill 
Laura Goldin Hirsch 
Betty Plummer Holland 
Jayne Truckenport Hubbell 
Julia Swaim Hutson 
Joan Weinstein Jacobson 
Janice Pender James 
Martha Fountain Johnson 
Vera Galligher Jones 
Dickey Vincent Jones 
Carolyn White Judd 
Ann Miller Keith 
Ida Pierce Kelly 
Martha Needels Keravuon 
Patricia Walker Lambert 
Hilda Lee 

Elizabeth Jacobson Levine 
Betty Mclver Lunmg 
Carole Dunagan Lupis 
Marsha Greensberg 

Linda Veasey McCauley 
Rose Cude McConnell 
Emily Leigh McLean 
Beverly Whitesides 

Carroll Walker Miller 
Joyce Stephens Miralia 
Mary Opt Montgomery 
Clara Edmger Moseley 
June Wilkerson Palmer 
Pat Ehg Pardue 
Ellen Pope Pate 
Julia Gardner Pi ndell 
Emily Joyner Poteet 
Betty Crump Potter 
Judith Hussey Potthotf 
Janice Powell 
Diana Miller Rainey 
Sally Robinson 
Anne Martiner Rothrock 
Janet Self 

Judee Rivers Shupe 
Mary Carson Sisk 
Nancy Neill Slattery 
Harnet Schnell Sloan 
Allie Colvaro Soloman 
Brenda Rhoades Stutts 
Judy Blackwelder Talbert 
Judy Allen Taylor 
Joanne Todd 
Sharon Cline Traywick 
Frances Reavis Tucker 
Judy Weaver Tutterow 
Maureen Turner Vandiver 
Carolyn Hunter Walker 
Diane Williams Walker 
Margaret Jarrett Walton 
Elizabeth Whitesell 

Carolyn West White 
Martha Rouse Williams 

Camille Stone Wilson 
Nancy Broda Woodlief 


Sarah Payne Absher 
Ann Bird Adams 
Katie Torrence Aderhold 
Stephanie Kroboth Alder 
Jo Anna Watkins Averett 
Barbara Holt Avery 
Maxine Christmas Backus 
Peggy Funston Banks 
Sally Young Barker 
Norma Bogle Barrett 
Joan Kirby Bass 
Mary Lee Adams Baucom 
Judith Beale 
Mary Murphy 
Clara Withers Berryhill 
Cornelia Coltrane Bocchini 
Marguerite Collins Booth 
Jane Bradley 
Sarah Ebert Brent 
Linda Butler Brown 
Betsy Hedgecock Brown 
Yvonne Lowry Brown 
Millicent Browne 
Sara Beck Bryant 
Mane Burnette 
Anne Chagaris Burwell 
Linda Harrison Cannon 
Alice Grant Chambers 
Judith Frisbee Cocklereece 
Jane Wilson Curran 
Mary Lou Williams Egbert 
Nancy Dillingham Ernst 
Linda Wright Evans 
Ann Home Faircloth 
Sally Ware Featherstone 
Hazel Price Fisher 
Peggy Sink Fitzpatrick 
Thelma Houpe Foster 
Joyce Smith Fulk 
Mildred McDonald Furches 
Jann Graham Glann 
Inna Nikitin Gozick 
Gail Polk Green 
Flora Helms Griffin 
Peggy Smith Grigg 
Carol Smith Hall 
Susan Kirk Hamilton 
Marion Beasley Harris 
Mary Katherine 
Witherspoon Hass 
Jane Wolfe Haw 
Glona Dunn Hilton 
Barbara Ann Phillips Hoard 
Gail Given Hoffmann 
Judith Rhodes Hollis 
Carolyn Johnson 
Linda Brackett Jones 
Sue Williams Keith 
Carolyn Garriss Kennedy 
Joan Speer Kerrigone 
Lillian Lovings 
Brenda Roberts MacDonald 
Sarah Cooke Magann 
Carol Mann 
Jo Ann Ashburn Marsh 
Judith Hubbard Matthews 
Irene Herring Mclver 
Patncia High McMurry 

Diane Woodward 

Emmy Mills 

Paula Richardson Moffat 
Myra Morrison 
Victra Ann Grizzard Myrick 
Brenda Jenkins Newman 
Lynn Parnell Newman 
Daphne Dixon Oilman 
Carolyn Brassier Osmun 
Dons Philyaw Palazzolo 
Nancy Zelley Parker 
Mary Hamrick Pearse 
Pat MacRae Petrovits 
Linda Malmros Pons 
Bunny Overton Powers 
Josephine Burgwyn Pratt 
Linda Ely Price 
Agnes Johnson Price 
Ceil Boehret Price 
Patricia Sink Reed 
Lucy Barnes Reiley 
Patricia Respess 
Berta Tunstalt Riley 
Molly Arnold Roberts 
Linda McFarland Roberts 
Katherine Aliff Roche 
Judith Drake Ross 
Janet Hawkins Routh 
Sandra Schiffley 
Beverly Wright Schroeder 
Virginia Eaves Seitz 
Linda Funderburk 

Sarah Moore Shoffner 
Carolyn Cole Simmons 
Marsha Bumpass Slane 
Talley Carpenter Smith 
Ann Kimball Stafford 
Bette Wood Stephenson 
Rudeen Smith Taylor 
Lorace Jones Thomas 
Karen Ent Thompson 
Mary Allen Todd 
Gay Todd 

Margaret Undenwood 
Brenda Creedmore Vinson 
Sally Reavis Walhn 
Mary Council Westbrook 
Bronna Willis 
Auvilla Trotter Wilson 
Linda Wilson 
Sara Jane Crawford 

Carolyn Arena Wood 
Martha Noble Woodall 
Linda Wilson Woodard 


Joan Foster Allan 
Mildred Millner Alvarez 
Trudy Walton Atkins 
Gayle Sutton Badgett 
Joyann Wohlbruck Becher 
Laura McMeans Benson 
Janice Hams Berlin 
Emily Kelly Bost 
Caroline Beach Bradford 
Marilou Marlin Bradley 
Carole Slaughter Brake 
Maryanne Bartling Bnnson 
Anita Brown 
Margaret Moore Brown 

Barbara Reid Byers 
Virginia Umbraugh Calhoun 
Grey Riley Calvert 
Daisy Peterson Carr 
Patsy Huff Castleman 
Anne Tate Chnstopher 
Judith Bernath Clark 
Cathy Moore Clegg 
Ruth Turner Clemmons 
Linda Golding Cohen 
Eleanor Smith Cox 
Carol Klose Crouse 
Flora Allen Crowe 
Patricia Russell Curtis 
Janice Fink Denny 
Suzanne Cato Dilda 
Caroline Heffner Dixon 
Judy Franklin Down 
Kay Bryan Edwards 
Gwendolyn McLaunn 

Kathryn Oakes Edwards 
Beverly Mitchell Elmore 
Betsy Brausa Erhardt 
Sharon Ivester Everhart 
Salhe Howie Fallaw 
Judith Wrape Fetzner 
Anne Sullivan Foote 
Gayle Hicks Fripp 
Peggy Bowen Fulk 
Betty Fuller Griffin 
Patricia Griffin 
Louise Habicht Habicht 
Mary Merritt Hankins 
Aliene Breazeale Henn 
Ruby Hodges 
Emma Lawson Hodges 
Dorothy Spoon Humble 
Gwendolyn Guffy Jackson 
Jean Flanagan Jarrell 
Mary Biddy Jensen 
Joy Joines 
Pamela Apple Jones 
Margaret Settle Joyce 
Dorothy Perry Kelly 
Rebecca Stephens Kelly 
Harriet Finestone Kesser 
Frances Alexander Killian 
Diana David Kilpatrick 
Chloe King 
May Boney Kinlaw 
Joretta Kennerly Klepter 
Rena Terrell Knott 
Mary Lander 
Becky Lee 

Lorraine Backlin Lester 
Rossie Henley Lindsey 
India Smith Littleton 
Ruth Luck 

Helen Honeycutt Mackay 
Martha Rutledge Macon 
Mary Hoyle Mahan 
Carol Furey Matney 
Ellen Mayo 

Beth Clinkscales McAllister 
Dorothy Taylor McDonald 
Day Heusner McLaughlin 
Margaret Bostian Medley 
Earlynn Miller 
Helen Pierce Miller 
Jean Stone Miller 
Deborah Weinstein Miller 
Mane Moore 
Karen Romaniw Morrow 



Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Dot Davis Moye 
Courtney Jones Mullin 
Saify Derr Nelson 
Beverly Robbins Nelson 
Nancy Ferrell Neubauer 
Sue Thompson Nichols 
Kemp Norman 
Nancy Oakley 
Cleve Fletcher Parnell 
Lois Myers Parlndge 
Emify Chalk Peacock 
Carol Weir Peterson 
Alicia Kelly Phelps 
Judy Allen Pick 
Mary Clapp Pike 
Mary Neely Poff 
Sandra Dilday Pool 
Linda Webster Poteat 
Lynn Cooper Powell 
Sally Hylton Pugh 
Betty Gnffin Robertson 
Mary Carter Robinson 
Eleanor Cooke Roch 
Martha Pyatt Saleeby 
Betty Rogerson Salle 
Claire Kalin Savitt 
Elizabeth Ripley Schoch 
Genie Sykes Schwartz 
Linda Bradshaw Seidle 
Elizabeth Davis Sheann 
Reba Perry Shepherd 
Carol Broadwell Shull 
Edith Vortrefflich Sloan 
Ann Smith 
Lois Smith 
Ridley Tyier Smith 
Edna Staton Stallings- 

Jane Boggs Staples 
Becky Cash Stephenson 
Sue Rice Sullivan 
Berta Stroud Swam 
Judith Bock Tankard 
Joan Stass Tate 
Faye Tart Taylor 
Judith Wurst Taylor 
Mary Thornburg 
Jean Cochrane Tunstall 
Jo Ellis Ward 
Pamela Graham Warren 
Minam Willis Whisnant 
Betty Park Whitaker 
Jean Fullerlon White 
Charlotte Williams 
Jeaneane Williams 
Mary Hodge Yost 

Helen Stanfield Alford 
Eloise Ross Anderson 
Emily Moore Axelrod 
Sue Garrison Ballard 
Sandra Myers Basmger 
Reta Sam Beck 
Elaine Morns Bivens 
Mary McMillan Bland 
Linda Gooch Boulden 
Elizabeth Morrison Bowers 
Patricia Byrd Brandon 
Cynda Bnley 
Patricia Parnsh Brock 
Bonnie Jeffreys Brown 
Sandra Merrm Brown 

Margaret Murrell Brown 
Janet Porter Bryan 
Glenda Sutton Burgin 
Martha Cowan Calkins 
Margaret Burbage Carlisle 
Margaret Colmer Carolla 
Laura Carson 
Edith Hian Carter 
Mary Soyars Cartwright 
Frances Puryear Chandler 
Jane Holt Clapp 
Elizabeth Ward Cone 
Margaret Harman Cooper 
Eleanor Cosgrove 
Jean Crossley 
Janice Trayham Dana 
Joan Decker 
Nancy Faulconer Dewar 
Edith Jolley Dobbtns 
Elizabeth Ingraham Doty 
Midge Johnston Eason 
Melissa Galloway Estnn 
Marcia Fountain 
Ann Yarbrough Frazier 
Linda Mullinax Fye 
Barbara Wrenn Gardner 
Irma Scott Gesche 
Sharon Lovms Goble 
Diane Way Gower 
Sandra Cottrell Greenland 
Mary Fidler Griffin 
Carolyn Furr Griffin 
Susan Lane Guthrie 
Naomi Hall 

Martha Harbison Hamm 
Rebecca Barham Harris 
Cynthia Nelson Harns 
Martha Sommerfeld 

Margaret Inman Hedgecoe 
Roena Gallimore Hindman 
Susan Williams Horvath 
Julia Beam Hoyle 
Ann Williamson Hutchms 
Judith Rentro Ingle 
Mary Crocker James 
Jerry Jernigan 
Sally Grumpier Jobe 
MaxFne Collins Johnson 
Jane Francum Johnson 
Leslie Holt Johnson 
Wilma Kay Pegg Johnson 
Jean Ellen Jones 
Linda Logan Kennedy 
Andrea Drum Kepple 
Bobbie Cratch Kling 
Vera Butner Klotzberger 
Sherry Mullins Lee 
Joanne Lunt 
Jessica Cheek 
Betty James Maness 
Carolyn Fitch Marino 
Kay Lmdley McCormick 
Eva Cherry McKinnon 
Harriet Thompson McNairy 
Jerns Wood McNeil 
Patricia Harris McNeill 
Joan Dorsey McPherson 
Peggy Padgett McSwain 
Karen Whitley Meredith 
Jean Pigott Miller 
Judy Stone Miller 
Julia Lupton Mobley 

Judy Williams Murphy 
Chnsty Henkel Mutchler 
Kay Chandler Napier 
Ella Whedbee Newton 
Joyce Cisset Nichols 
Billie Edwards Nichols 
Geraldine Rasmussen 

Teddy Kay Norman 
Linda Sloop Nunaiee 
Dons McCall Owen 
Candace Hill Owens 
Catherine Tucker Owens 
Mitzy Combs Page 
Rachel Parker Spradley 

Carol Jones Pope 
Jean Abernethy Poston 
Celia Donaldson Putnam 
Susanne Somers Quilici 
Lynda Rowe Rankin 
Glenette Frye Ranson 
Eleanor Jarrell Ray 
Jo Parker Reaves 
Frances Weston Register 
Betty Baker Reiter 
Martha Allen Riggan 
Barbara Crepps Ross 
Bonnie Moses Rubm 
Nancy Belk Ruby 
Mattie Wilkerson 

Patty Biggard Schreiber 
Jane Shepard 
Elaine Morgan Sills 
Susan Starling Sink 
Becky Sisley 
Ruth Belton Sloan 
Glona Brothers Smith 
Nancy Stump Smith 
Ida Smyer 

Frances Mollen Spar 
Judy Ayscue Stafford 
Lura Winstead Stagg 
Sue Latham Stevenson 
Beverly Stalon Stocks 
Sylvia Fortner Strange 
Son]a Watson Straughan 
Paulette Smith Sweeney 
Jeanne Tannenbaum 
Rosalind Ratchford 

Susan Mitchell Thrower 
Virginia Acheson Tucker 
Louise Winecoff Ward 
Ellen Meirre Weinberg 
Patncia Bryan Wells 
Rita Taylor White 
Dorothy Warren Williams 
Lynda Dodson Williams 
Carolyn Williams 
Bonnie Chandler York 

Jane Adams 
Glenda Allen 
Suzanne Anderson Allen 
Kay McClintock Alverson 
Barbara Vitsky Anchell 
Joan Rickards Andersen 
Linda Painter Arnold 
Elizabeth Hitchcock 

Michele Looney Artz 
Hilda Deaton Ayers 

Susan PoHenbaugh Barber 
Bonnie Barton 
Jane Bradshaw Bass 
Linda Parker Beale 
Bobby Bennett 
Glenna Anderson Billmgs 
Clara Grumpier Bitter 
Jacquelyn Knight Bohanon 
Emily Akerman Bowling 
Ann Crowell Boyle 
Jacquelyn Pickett Bnley 
Mae Kowal Brooks 
Alice Garrett Brown 
Johana Renfro Caines 
Vickie Campbell 
Nancy Hatley Carelock 
Dudley Brown Carlson 
Carol Tissue Carroll 
Geraldine Kennedy 

Betty Morton Chandler 
Sandra Hargis Cheek 
Ann Butner Chipman 
Margaret Choate 
Julia Doolittle Codell 
Brenda Meadows Cooper 
Helen Copley Copeland 
Harnett Eiler Copland 
Sarah Langston Cowan 
Nancy Frank Craig 
Katharine Burkhart Graver 
Kate Cone Curley 
Patricia Gabnel Dalton 
Meda Tesh Dalton 
Patty Wilson Dampier 
Patncia Kronman Davidson 
Gretchen Davis 
Linda Jackson Dhunjishah 
Sandra Cole Dickens 
Celia Hunter Dickerson 
Donna White Doub 
Gini Soiset Dunlap 
Laura Quinn Ebert 
Carolyn Jones Edwards 
Bonnie Trogdon Edwards 
Eloise Eller 
Alice Park Fairbrother 
Elizabeth Ross Faulds 
Sara Lou Thomas Faulkner 
Dons Phillips Fawcett 
Becky Hobgood Felton 
Kathie Frank 
June Huff Fulton 
Kaye Cropp Gaffney 
Janet Rose Geduldig 
Cathy Corson Gillespie 
Jeanette Grayson Gottlieb 
Phyllis Davis Gray 
Janice Elmore Gray 
Mary Ashlon Graziano 
Kathleen Mitchell Gross 
Martha Alley Hedgecock 
Mary Vaughn Henms 
Elizabeth Denning Herring 
Mary Overman Hodkinson 
Janie Blackwelder 

Alice Ely Hoogenakker 
Helga Hutten Howell 
Vicki Rush Howie 
Mary Hubbard 
Ann Hunt 

Karen Hayes Iversen 
Hilda James 

Tern Ouincannon Jarvis 
Linda Jones 
Phyllis Brown Joyner 
Claudia Buchdahl Kadis 
Phyllis Hall Kelly 
Lyn Blanton Kirkland 
Patty Kisselbrack 
Constance Hughes Kotis 
Rosalyn Krick Kram 
Joan Perry Kuehn 
Ronnie Kolan Kutchei 
Dee Lofland Lamb 
Frances Knight Lambeth 
Jean Spears Lathan 
Lois Bartlett Lee 
Linda Minish Leonardi 
Carol Riser Liberstein 
Lynne Schmidt Lilly 
Mane Lintner 
Cynthia Graham Little 
Jo Ann Phillips Loggins 
Jane Chester Lomax 
Anita Patterson Long 
Jane Eagle Lunstord 
Roxanne Heffner Maffitt 
Martha Bnceland Malloy 
Diane Boone Marder 
Melinda Holmes Marek 
Cynthia Blythe Marshall 
Barbara Nichols Mason 
Mary Lineberger Matthews 
Patncia McAlister 
Rena Farrell McAllister 
Lynne Wicks McCully 
Belinda Shade McGuire 
Sue Medley 
Judy Melton 
Martha Miller 
Julia Taylor Milton 
Cheryl Judd Mitchell 
Anita White Moody 
Judy Moore 
Linda Moore 
Jean Sutherland Moore 
Molly Dotson Morgan 
Mary Hare Morns 
Martha Dickerson Morrison 
Judy Gray Mornson 
Carol Maguire Moser 
Barbara Millsaps Murdock 
Meg Gregory Murphy 
Betsy Turner Neal 
Becky Fields Neely 
Gary Clarke Newiin 
Joyce Johnson Newton 
Carol Dellinger Padgett 
Page Phillips Parker 
Ann Shannon Parks 
Shara Rouselle Partin 
Carol Bryden Passmore 
Gaile Lowrance Patnck 
Theresa Foster Pearson 
Elizabeth Fielder Pence 
Beulah Marion Perkins 
Lorene Moore Pfeitfer 
Ltnda Downs Philips 
Virginia Canaday Pike 
Suzanne Maney Piver 
Claudia Herring Piatt 
Frances Davis Pouzzner 
Helen Singletary Pnce 
Sandra Fehr Pntchard 

Mary Bryan Raab 
■ Barbara Spencer Ramsey 
Judith Adcock Rash 
Ann Sagar Roach 
Tina Hager Robertson 
Frances Guice Rogers 
Sandra Pulley Rogers 
Nell Meador Rose 
Elizabeth Sproul Ross 
Judy Grogan Rouse 
Margaret Kirkman Roy 
Jodi Rush 

Laura Frank Crav^rford Sale 
Dorothea Hostettler 

Judith Kartt Schwartz 
Kay Jacobs Schweyer 
Alice Smith Scott 
Jane Frazier Shatterly 
Phyllis Shaw 
Patricia Whitley Sickles 
Katherine Pittman Sistrunk 
Anne Davis Sites 
Anne Brannon Sloop 
Donna Taylor Smith 
Frances Snow 
Leah Smith Solat 
Ann Abernethy Stanford 
Kay Kennett Stout 
Barbara Berner Teal 
Ann Preslar TennenI 
Judy Kinard Thomas 
Camille Crowell Townsend 
Jinx Herring Townsend 
Melissa Durvin Trewett 
Nancy Buffaloe Turner 
Katherine Buie Vance 
Shelby Archer Von Cannon 
Ann Spencer Wagner 
Mary Henderson Walker 
Nancy Gregson Wall 
Linda Shope Wall 
Betty Chambers Walz 
Starr Minton Ward 
Betty Rean Watson 
Genny Gaither Whitaker 
Susan Hutchinson White 
Judith Johnson Wilkins 
Billie Collins Yarber 
Anne Ayers Yarbrough 
Carol Thacker Zeh 
Elaine Nance Zirkle 


Kathy Adams 
Edith Whitener Albright 
Marcta Pachol Aldndge 
Elaine Boyle Allen 
Mary Ann Chiemiego 

Betty Theiling Anderson 
Claire Frank Angle 
Lynn Matthias Armstrong 
Alexa Smith Aycock 
Pat BakMtes 

Alice Wilson Bamberger 
Donna Barrier 
Biilie McKeown Baynes 
Ann Gatlin Beach 
Merry Matthes Berger 
Rennie Peacock Beyer 
Barbara Carter Blake 
Joan Sharp Bowen 
Patncia McDaniel Bower 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


Helen Matthews Bridgers 
Juamta Alexander Bridges 
Linda Hall Brogdon 
Janice Cole Brooks 
Priscilla Brown 
Phyllis Dunham Brown 
Peggy Everhart 

Doris Blackwelder Burns 
Eliza Burton 
Gloria Sipe Car 
Anna Gibson Carter 
Brenda Purvis Cathcan 
Betsy Reinoehl Causey 
Harriet Nanzetta Clark 
Pamela Bingham Cloud 
Jean Bailey Cook 
Alyse Smith Cooper 
Judy Campbell Covin 
Mary Carraway Crawford 
Carol Roberts Creekmore 
Claudia Crooks 
Barbara Borneman Croom 
Leigh Conwell Croteau 
Barbara Barney Crumley 
Vickie Kling Cutting 
Enid Perry Daniel 
Anita Ciconle Dauphin 
Barbara Strickland Davis 
Gail Williams Daws 
Linda McCuislon Deahl 
Emily Burton Dike 
Lucy O'Brien Dole 
Ruth Doyle 
Carole Whedbee Ellis 
Diana McCraw 
Nancy Ferguson 
Carolyn Black Ferree 
Alexey Fabbn Ferrell 
Rachel league Fesmire 
Linda Campbell Fisher 
Karen Kadis Fleischer 
Nancy Clark Fogarty 
Nadine Winton Fox 
Nancy Franklin 
Ruth Mernll Fulk 
Joan Ashley Fuquay 
Fran Sides Fusome 
Ellen Williams Gibbs 
Hao'ey Gordon 
Diane Griffin Griffin 
Carolyn Taylor Griffin 
Maria Moore Griffm 
Billie Neese Grogan 
Mary Watson Groman 
Linda Marshall Groome 
Jane Walters Outsell 
Susan Goldstein Guttman 
Peggy Hadden 
Patti Ledbetter Haley 
Judy Edwards Hall 
Elizabeth Martin Hall 
Anita Oakley Hammons 
Rowena Thomerson Handy 
Mary Alice Campbell 

Betsy Forrest Harrington 
Linda Downey Harris 
Sara Harrison 

Beverly Newman Hartgrove 
Patncia Hurley Hays 
Linda Camnger Helms 
Pat Hielscher 

Barbara Gegenheimer Hitt 
Jimmi Murray Hodgin 
Cynthia Wisenburg 
Margaret Schmidt 

Belle Propst Hudkins 
Nancy Reinheimer Hughes 
Thelma Brown Hurlocker 
Margaret Pardee Hynes 
Irene Swaim Isley 
Sandra Beckerdite Ivey 
Linda Johnson Jones 
Louise Wiggins Jordan 
Judy Pate Kitts 
Nancy McGeorge Kobylarz 
Quinton Lamar 
Edith Lane 
Amelia Phillips Lane 
Margery OKelley Lane 
Kathleen Pellegnn Lee 
Mary Wolfe Lucas 
Judy Mabe 

Carolyn Rosser MacDonald 
Faye Jenkins Maclaga 
Ceha Caldwell Maddry 
Jean Meyer Martin 
Rebecca Rutherford Marvm 
Carolyn Vaughn Masters 
Sally Brooks Maxwell 
Lynda McCall 
Mary Myers McDonald 
Karen Bostian McFadyen 
Lois Cutler McLaughlin 
Sharon Pegram McLeod 
Mary McLean Medlin 
Anita Robinson Metcalf 
Mary Rankin Miller 
Nancy Bost Millner 
Dons Calloway Minor 
Eva Chandler Mitchener 
Sally Moftitt 
Jo Boone Moore 
Sarah Stewart Morrison 
Juli Huskey Mosley 
Mary Hartman Murchison 
Barbara Bonomo Newnam 
Robert New/ton 
Barbara Smith North 
Constance Rouse 

Sandra Proffit Pell 
Phyllis McKnight Peters 
Carol Newman Phillips 
Beth Stewart Phillips 
Ceel Johnson Piggott 
Rebecca Beach Pope 
Natalie Killmon Redyk 
' Annie Clapp Reece 
Donna Reiss 
Vonda Groce Renegar 
Dorothy Carson Rhett 
Paulette Jones Robinson 
Ann Hoover Rogers 
I Barbara Morgan Rogers 
I Selma Lowder Rummage 
I Brenda Munden Russell 
I Myrna Sameth 
I Bonnie Flinchum Saunders 
Minta McCollum Saunders 
I Martha Hesser Schmidt 
I Vera Leonard Schneider 
I Anne Abrams Schwartz 
Elise Reichenbach Sell 

Katherine Ruffner Senn 
Carolyn Sewell Settles 
Kathryn Law Shoemaker 
Doreen Rothman Silber 
Margaret Ware Simmons 
Sarah Huntley Smith 
Opal Lopp Smith 
Jane Reed Smith 
Rachel Self Smith 
Sherry Hord Spangler 
Joyce Randall Spear 
Anna Ferguson Sprye 
Jerrie Jenkins Taylor 
Katherine Topodas 

Cynthia Casey Thompson 
Annette Thompson 
Betty Lindsay Townsend 
Sallie Mitchell Townsend 
Cynthia Conrad Trivett 
Jennie Dodson Tucker 
Carolyn Simpkins Turner 
Ann Wallace Turner-Gibson 
Mary Thoms Tyson 
Tom Oster Urban 
Donna Dawson Van Ness 
Jane Helms Vance 
Lyilis Davis Vuncannon 
Suzanne Jones Walker 
Vicki Altord Wallace 
Mary Inman Weatherspoon 
Annette Tixier West 
Marion Purcell Whatley 
Susan Terrell Whitten 
Linda Stem Wienir 
Mary Edson Wiggs 
Anna Williams 
Jacqueline Abrams Wilson 
Emma Lawrence Wilson 
Mary Davis Winslow 
Nora Wilson Wirtschafter 
Jessica Underwood Wood 
Ruth York 
Pat Grace Zeiman 

Peggy Ridenour Adams 
Kay Albright 

Margaret Payne Allabaugh 
Karen Engard Allen 
Judy Anderson 
Judith Andrews 
Manlyn Smith Avis 
Corinna Stokes Bailey 
Marsha Wakefield Baird 
Mary McCracken Baliou 
Judith Harrell Batten 
Rita Hyman Baumer 
Leslie Burg Becker 
Kay Liverman Bennett 
Sonya Kennedy Best 
Lois Sweet Beuttei 
Cokie Leigh Blake 
Cathy Bahen Blalock 
Anita Borah 
Jane Taylor Brookshire 
Phyllis Wagner Buck 
Joy Thomas Buckingham 
Roxanne Busch 
Jean Stephenson Camp 
Carole Yount Capps 
Mary Martin Carson 
Maude Talley Caudle 

Yvonne Cheek 
Judith Cook 
Betty Cooke 
Helen Doggett Corry 
Mary Myers Cribbs 
Gail Morgan Crouch 
Ruth Flatt Cunningham 
Michael Daniels 
Sydney Overton Denton 
Vonda West Derushia 
Caroline Justice Dessouky 
Linda Rowland Douglas 
Tom Honey Downey 
Jean Kirkman Elkins 
Caroline Elliot 
Phyllis Pollard Farr 
Anna Hyer Fesmire 
Linda Smith Fields 
Virginia Finne 
Gilbert Fleming 
Anne Wilkerson Floyd 
Abbie Worley Flynn 
Joyce Howell Fowler 
Patricia Dreyman Freeman 
Judy McDonald French 
Janet Hunter FrencK 
Linda Blanton Garren 
Alice Phillips Garnson 
Jean Moulton Gaugh 
Carole Stiner Gilliam 
Judy Bendheim Goldstein 
Mary Barden Goodwin 
Lena Swofford Gordon 
Diane Stegall Gntfin 
Diana Watson Griffith 
Beverly Pinnell Grissom 
Martha Gainey Grundmann 
Barbara Satterfield Handler 
Anne Chappell Hams 
Billie Hams 
Ronald Harris 
Sylvia Coleman Harnson 
Elizabeth Haile Heermans 
Katherine Hunt Henson 
Linda Calhoun Higgins 
Elizabeth Walker Hill 
Ann Birmingham Hipp 
Cathenne McConnell Holt 
Pamela Chappell 

Martha Simpson Honeycutt 
Marjone Skmner Hopkins 
Margaret Hopper 
Clyda Hopper Hutton 
Wanda Hawkins Ingle 
Martha Carson Isgett 
Marty or Martha Jack 
Zelle Brinson Jackson 
Mary Pool Jackson 
Sterling Thornton Jarrett 
Esther Kanipe 
Joyce Sadler Kenney 
Sharon Hughes Killian 
Royce Williams Kimbrough 
Peter Kopak 
Nelia Lowe Lane 
Mimi Block Levin 
Janice Hutchins Levine 
Andy Untz Littleton 
Tommie Turner Lokey 
Rosalyn Fleming Lomax 
Ann Buie Loomis 
Claudia Andrews Mace 
Joanne Barnes Mann 

Linda Marlin Marshall 
Loretta Myers Martin 
Joan McAllister 
Ruth Morgan McConnell 
Gayle Campbell McCorkle 
Susan McDonald 
Sandra Britt McMillan 
Connie Trexler Michael 
Dorothy Ingram Middleton 
Judith Aydlett Midkift 
Alison Hayward Mimms 
Diana CookMizell 
Townley Spratt Moon 
Deanna Isley Moore 
Agnes Shipley Moore 
Sherry Graves Newnam 
Alice Lewis Niece 
Barbara Lee Norns 
Sandra Jeffreys Oliver 
Marilyn Watts Osborn 
Elizabeth Norman Parker 
Dee Pierce Parker 
Margaret Morgan Patterson 
Frances Trivette Payet 
Frances Parker Phelps 
Mary Kale Pollock 
Anne Presnell 
Martha Lawing Price 
Nelsie Pecker Pugh 
Ann Putnam 
Rebecca Anderson 

Whitty Ransome 
Brenda Todd Reavis 
Carolyn Felton Remmey 
Dorothy Somers Reytar 
Jame Mclver Robertson 
Rebecca Ellis Robinson 
Carole Earnhardt 

Mary Sue Wellon Sanderlin 
Sandra Todd Sarantos 
Patricia Landreth 

Linda Scher 
Maryanne Schumm 
Annie Hudson Seaford 
Janice Van Home Shaffner 
Martha Bridges Sharma 
Judith Deal Shinn 
Patncia Bailey Shuping 
Leonard Simmons 
Candy Caudle Smith 
Brook Holman Smith 
Helen Roseman Smder 
Betty Owen Snow 
Lynn Hamilton Snyder 
Shelby Rice Sperr 
Carolyn Calhcart Startsman 
Bob Street 

Patricia Macon Thomas 
Mary Todd 

Barbara Fonvielle Vinson 
Tom Walker 
Mary Scott Waters 
Susan Pnnce Watson 
Jan Peeples Webster 
Evelyn Brake Weems 
Susan Smith Weir 
Mary McDaniel White 
Donna Whitley Whitley 
Susan Mehring Willels 
Harnett Williams 
Carolyn Davis Wolff 

Barbara Yoder 
Jeanne Young Zimmer 
Norma Davenport Zunich 


Laura Sttz Adams 
Carol Cunningham 

Robin Helms Allen 
Patsy Allred 

Marjone Garland Armstrong 
Annette Ayers 
Barbara Breithaupt Bair 
Ruth Cromartie Baldwin 
Paulette Drew Barefoot 
Charlene Knight Barham 
Gail McBride Barth 
Kathy Jones Bennion 
Susan Allen Bergeron 
Judith Brinkley Berry 
Margaret Royal Berry 
Sheila Maxwell Best 
Lynn Young Blackburn 
Elizabeth Eatman Bourne 
Mary Golden Boyce 
Peggy King Brady 
Bettie Carey Bragg 
Rachel Jackson Brandon 
Ava Abernethy Brendle 
Scott Brent Jr 
Bonnie Simmons Brewer 
Susan Alion Brill 
Margaret Britton 
Daryl Brown 
Betty Cashion Brown 
Judy Bradshaw Busick 
Kathryn Stnpiing Byer 
Ralph Calhoun 
Carolyn Bailey Campbell 
Carol Harrelson Carruth 
Emily Brittain Carswell 
Janice Hinchliffe Clay 
Mary Browning Cole 
Brenda Brown CoHie 
Janice Callahan Cook 
Penny Cooper 
Nancy Hammond Cooper 
Manlyn Zimmerman Gotten 
Georgia Matheson Cowan 

Margaret Coyle 
Elizabeth Beamer Craig 
Susan Craig 
Patsy Albright Craver 
Pat Roos Cross 
Linda Neskaug Curtis 
Carolyn Dupree Davis 
Brenda Hardy Davis 
Pratt isenhour Davis 
Betty Scott Dean 
Mary Hurdle Deisher 
Sally Blocker Donaldson 
Mary Gambill Doughton 
Frances Kesler Dnscoll 
Mary Barkley Ducker 
Clara Taylor Ely 
Roberta Engleman 
Martha Houck Faw 
Kathleen Kilian Feely 
Georgia Kmght Fisher 
Ellen Clancy Forsyth 
Anne Heywood Fragola 
Janet Hill Frekko 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Cindy Leeds FrJedlander 
Anita Hirsch Friedman 
Jane Worz GabrJelson 
Janet Reynolds Garner 
Sharon MJichin Garrett 
Ann Rawding Garnty 
Gean Gentry 
Martha Green 
Phyllis Beaf Gunter 
Nita Edwards Haigler 
Ann Williamson Hall 
Terry Spnnkle Harbuck 
Judy Hardin 
Sue Chandler Harris 
Jane Horn Harris 
Rebecca Packer Hart 
Karen Elosser Hayward 
Li2 Cridlebaugh Hayworth 
Raye Pittman Hedden 
Verda Idol Hennis 
Janice Hepler 
Kathryn Hare Highsmith 
Jeane Fisher Hildebrandt 
Linda Boyd Hill 
Martha Chadwick Hobgood 
Carolyn Stephenson 

Jane Ward Hughes 
Robert Hunter 
Amy Reid Huss 
Beth Martin Hutchens 
Jane McMillan Jackson 
Audrey Jarrelle 
Claudia Patterson Johnson 
Alice Smithey Johnson 
Ann Motley Jones 
Kathryn Ritchie Jordan 
Virginia Kahn 
Janet Jenkins Kemp 
Carleen Pringle Kilpatnck 
Beverly Keller King 
Mary Taylor King 
Paula Tannen Klein 
William Knight 
Andrea Louis Lacey 
Marty Crockett Lancaster 
Rebecca Bohannon Lanier 
Marcia Edmondson Lashley 
Marion McDowell Lentz 
Jane Brown Lewis 
Mary Andrews Lindsay 
Barbara Allen Lineback 
Dawn Donahue Little 
Avery Templeton Lloyd 
Margaret Lowder 
Bobbie Polk Macy 
Pam Mars Malester 
Dorrs Land Mason 
Kathleen Nesbitt Matthews 
Joan McClure 
Lissa Shelley McDowell 
Nancie Pendley McMillan 
Alice Rhyne McRone 
Judith Earp Mikeal 
Sherry Foust Mims 
Mary Bowers Mitchell 
Fran Allen Moseley 
Joalyn Roop Mullins 
Dawn Hamilton Murchison 
Sharon Swaim Newby 
Mary Harrill Newton 
Mariene Bnles Norwood 
Anne Orren 
Margaret Allmond Padgett 

Patricia Arrowood Page 
Sera Woodruff Patterson 
Betty Allgood Payne 
Anna Perkins 
Nancy Thomasson Poteat 
Margaret Prevette 
Marilyn Mmcey Price 
Dee Dee Davenport 

Brenda Sigmon Putnam 
Dale Raney 
Sandra Butner Ray 
Patricia Patterson 

Linda Rhyne 
Anita Thomas Ritchie 
Cecile Harris Rosenberg 
Cheryl Speed Sarran 
Barm Nussbaum Schlem 
Evelyn Meredith Schultz 
Judy Nev^on Scurry 
Linda Petree Seiweli 
Jane Price Sewell 
Edythe Siegei Shalov 
Carolyn Kukel Sharpe 
Ins Sharpe 

Nancy Tysmger Simon 
Jackie Gordon Smith 
Tina Long Smyth 
Mary Swofford Snay 
Sharon Magnant Snook 
Vivian Jones Stanley 
Susan Bernstein Stauber 
Myra Barton Ston 
Pamela Kirby Stroud 
Beth Surber 
Becky Joyner Tallon 
Anne Hayes Tate 
Ellen Crowell Tedder 
Adeline Garner Thomas 
Barbara Watry Thomas 
Martha Thrower Tillman 
Martha Tomlmson 
Patricia Johnson Trice 
Sarah Wilkes Upson 
Mary Parker Villela 
Nancy Winstead Walker 
Charles Walters 
Barbara King Ward 
Barbara Owens Ward 
Ann Ward 
Shirley Watkins 
Brenda Smith Weeks 
Peggy Whalen-Levitt 
Frances Ballance Wheeler 
Mary Holleman Wilkes 
Susan Settlemyre Williams 
Kathryn Gilliam Windham 
Gnselle Gholson 

Jean Randall Wright 
Gail Garber Yamner 
Sandy Alberg Zaslow 


Janet Newsome Abbott 
Patncia Bivins Adams 
Pamela Allison 
Elizabeth Amend 
Deborah Winchester Apling 
William Atkinson Jr. 
Susie Gleason Avett 
Carl Baecker 

Sue Baugh 

Mary Seymour Beaman 
Linda Robinson Beaver 
Nancy Watson Beck 
Frances Trax Bennett 
Frederick Beyer 
Karen Bickett 
Margaret Bingham 
Donna Bisbee 
Helen Boucher 
Mary Hildreth Brammer 
Shirley Hare Brewer 
Jean Hitchcock Bndger 
Mane Pearson Bndgers 
Bette Walston Brooks 
Rebecca Gardner Bruton 
Barbara Jackson Burton 
Hannelore Vmica Bushell 
Linda Packard Cabmess 
Elizabeth McElwee Cannon 
Rosa Moore Cardell 
Barbara Carroll 
Anna Carson 
Suzanne Boykin Carver 
Helen Cosgrove Cecil 
Shearon Mcintosh Cline 
Harvey Clodfeiter Jr. 
Terry Ward Cockerham 
Charles Cole 
Linda Cox 
Emiile JarrettCox 
Margaret Poole Creegan 
Judy Causey Curtis 
Kaye Coates Daniel 
Ann Avery Davis 
Elizabeth Parks Dishler 
Virginia Hunter Disk 
Sandra Biggs Donaghy 
Sammy Doyle 
Ann Kester Doyle 
Dons Dumas 
Betsy Barton Dunn 
Verna Warren Durant 
Pnscilla Bingham Durkin 
Jackie Holder Dye 
Martha Wright Eagle 
Judy Simmons Edwards 
Margaret Barber Ensign 
Suda Perry Everharl 
Margaret Boaz Faison 
Georgene Ticknor Falcon 
Sylvia Greene Faulk 
Diana Dewey Feldman 
Jane Beaver Fisher 
Jane Sjogren Fitch 
Kathy Edwards Fitzpatrick 
Carol Forrest 
Helen Holt Forrest 
Linda Marcus Fnedman 
William Fullington 
Jane Bridges Garrison 
Cheryl Rumley Garnty 
Eleanor Hill Goettee 
Margaret Milam Graham 
Betty Grant 
Lee Gner 

Laura Leonard Grimes 
Beth Willoughby Grove 
Diane Workman Halper 
Wilma Scott Hammett 
Sandra Mayhew Hams 
Barbara McSwain Harris 
Barbara Stutts Hassell 
i^aula Hinshaw Heath 

Janice Wilson Henson 
Clarice Hethcock 
Fonda Lefler Hilburn 
Patsy Mask Hill 
Stephanie Pollock Hillard 
Margaret Pope Hites 
Jane Allred Hobson 
Cynthia Gill Hogan 
Martha Williams Homme 
Linda-Margaret Hunt 
Carolyn Annas Icard 
Jane Ingram 
Jane Jackson 
Karen Hite Jacob 
Opal Clemmons Johnson 
Yvonne Johnson 
Monica Kivel Kalo 
Carolyn Burgin Kanipe 
Joanne Kares 
John Kirkman 
Betty Caudill Knox 
Jane Hamnck Kokoska 
Martha Outlaw Kreitzer 
Jill Levin Kremer 
Linda Holder Kunder 
Carol Moffitt Kuykendal 
Margaret Lambert 
Barbara Hubbard Larry 
Irene Meekins Leonard 
Carmen Townsend Leslie 
Jennie Cnssman Lewis 
Helen Brock Louis 
Al Madden 

Brenda Satterfield Madden 
Louise Stevenson Marlowe 
Randy Martin 
Eileen Lechleider Martinez 
Jen Mathis Mathis 
Joey Smith McDonald 
Anita Hornback McLeod 
Madeleine Byrum McNatt 
Maureen Ivester Melvtn 
Ann Wallace Metheny 
Julie Tripp Middieton 
Elizabeth Murphrey 
Carol Pickett Myers 
Robert Newnam 
Mary Maddox Nixon 
Carolyn Loftin Noble 
Lucinda Noble 
Nancy Ashcraft Noles 
Rebecca Wilkerson 

Linda Ferree Nunnally 
Karen Fling ODonnell 
Betsy Suitt Oakley 
Odessa Robinson Patrick 
Sherry Slover Patterson 
Sarah Phillips-Benbury 
Jack Pinnix 

Nancy Honeycutt Pope 
Judy Wh maker Proctor 
Nancy Reed 
Dorothy Hartm Rhame 
Virginia Norns Rhoades 
Danita Brigman Rickard 
Earlene Spencer Ridella 
Regma Riesenburger 
Eldora King Robbins 
Brenda Lawrence Roberts 
Joseph Rogers 
Eva Cuibreth Russell 
Estus Saintsing 
Gail Gerringer Schenck 

Frances Yount Schronce 
Linda Freeman Scott 
Wrenn Conrad Shuler 
Lynda Sloan 
Barbara Parker Smith 
Jean Richardson Smith 
Barbara Smith 
Patncia Stancil Smith 
Wes Smitherman 
Betty Murphy Stanley 
Cheryl Stimpson Stanley 
Sarah Hawkins Stephens 
Rebecca Sherrill Stevens 
Sarah Horton Stewart 
Settle Roberson Stovail 
Anne Sutherland 
Sarah Vernon Sweanngen 
Cheryl Hilton Taylor 
Linda Fisher Thomas 
Betty Murray Thomas 
Gloria Wellmon Thomas 
Nancy Brooks Thornhill 
Judy Smith Townsend 
Gwen Supulski Turbeville 
Steven Ulosevich 
Sharon Kimbro Vinson 
Marta Helms Walker 
Jenny Coyle Walton 
Sally Markham Watkins 
Cynthia Brown Watlington 
Janice Lancaster Watson 
Sue Schultz Weinberger 
Sandra Graves Welborn 
Jane Remhardt Whichard 
Patricia Harley White 
Diane Rosso Whitehurst 
Phyllis Fields Wicker 
Fran Bennett Williams 
Pamela Rogers Williams 
Janine Johnstbn Wilson 
Margaret Harrill Worley 
Anne Lewis Yandell 
Florence Greenleat Young 


Attie Walker Adcock 
Wanda Thomas Aheron 
Tom Alexander 
Walter Allen Jr. 
Sandra Dean Allen 
Judy Whitley Allen 
Sally Van Noppen 

Jane Moss Arnngton 
Charles Austin Jr. 
Donna Drum Autry 
Susan Bales 
Catherine Clemmer 

Lavonne Huntley Beach 
Bulent Bediz 
Robert Bell 
Katy Gilmore Bell 
Jane Lefko Bell 
Eleanor Bernau 
Carolyn Biggerstaff 
Rosalie Levine Blumenthai 
Collette Williams Bolick 
Elizabeth Bolin 
Lida Downard Boren 
Judith Chappell Bradley 
Norma Petrea Bradshaw 
Judy Hitchcock Branson 

Barbara Horlacher Brown 
Carol Brownscombe 
Beverly Broyles 
Dorothy Davis Bruner 
Elizabeth Daves Buckley 
Sharon Workman Bullard 
Susan Banks Burdme 
Diane Steelman Cam 
Barbara Carter Carter 
Dorothy Pruitt Cassidy 
Witsonia Cherry 
Martha Redding Clampitt 
Revonda Owen Clark 
Richard Coffey 
Anne Collins Coltrane 
Jonathon Conrad 
Mary McGlamery Conrad 
Nancy Sheppard Craven 
Deborah Riley Cross 
Elisabeth Dupont Cuip 
John Curtis 

Jacqueline Smith Dagenet 
Mary Weeks Dail 
Jean Dalmas 
Florence Daniels 
Carolyn Johnson Davis 
Linda Dawes Day 
Rebecca Miller Dedmond 
Cynthia Fort Dickson 
Dawn Kurtz Dowd 
Elizabeth Cravi/ford Downs 
Cary Falconer Driver 
Wayne Durham 
Flip Nenadal Eavenson 
Phyllis Coram Ehardt 
Arlene Erickson 
Betty Jones Evenbeck 
Rebecca Jernigan Finch 
Ada Fisher 

Barbara Pryor Fleshman 
Lany Jordan Florea 
Rebecca Hosley Galloway 
Dawn Johnson Gams 
Barbara Hargett Gamson 
Jane Causey Gibson 
Sylvia Layton Gilmore 
Jackie Goard 
Kay Vickery Goodwin 
Debbie Davis Gough 
Peggy Caruthers Grainger 
Rebecca Davis Gray 
Darlene Fields Green 
William Greer Jr 
Krisan Cochrane Gregson 
Georgia Vinroot Gnffin 
Kathy Le Claire Haehnel 
Sharon Bailey Haire 
Kate Avery Hall 
Carol Lee Hall 
Sylvia Massey Hall 
Jennie Keck Hallsey 
Louise Allen Hamer 
Kathy Blankenship Hand 
Patti Mallan Hanna 
Rebecca Turner Harden 
Gai! Hackney Hardin 
Lynnie Frierson Harper 
Deborah Furr Harrell 
Judy Hartigan 
Carmen Means Hatley 
Camilla Lowe Henderson 
Joy Hilder 

Anne Lankford Himes 
Rebecca Hinshaw 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Janice Keener Hite 
Betty Isley Hobbs 
Elaine Sinclair Hobbs 
Linda Rollins Hodierne 
Pamela Hollitield 
Judy Kenneriy Holmes 
Janice Parnsh Holshouser 
Steven Howenon 
Ram Mitchell Hoy 
Ronald Hughes 
Anita Walker Hughes 
Heide Ingram 
Mary Maddrey Isenhour 
Lynda Burch Jacks 
Margaret Moore Jettus 
Nina Johnson 
Sarah Jones 
Lynda Allred Kern 
Kim Ketchum 
Barbara Hulcher Klerlein 
Deborah Slone Kornegay 
Dale Jan/men Kraige 
Donna Bolick Lail 
Joan Cochran Legette 
Helen Rogers LeGette 
Connie Brown Leonard 
Noel Bagatelle Lichtin 
Phil Link 

Nancy Armes Lockee 
Karen Long 
Polly Perkins Lumsden 
Phyllis Smith Lupton 
Revauda Saunders Lurey 
Meredith Ross Machen 
Sharon Peebles Manson 
Cecelia Smith Marks 
Tom Mania 

Lynette Boeftner Massey 
Mary McConnell 
Donna Shaw McLaughlin 
Linda Shehan McNeer 
Nancy Meier 
Susan Mendenhail 
Jo Bryan Mitchell 
Wilda Cheek Moon 
Carolyn Laws Morhous 
Sandra Sanders Mortimer 
Barbara Sink Myers 
Virginia Stone Myers 
Candace Bullard Nasser 
Sylvia Overcash Nelson 
Gayle Turner Nelson 
Norman O'Barr 
Leonard O'Hara 
Mane Coppedge O'Neil 
Kathy Smith Oliver 
Linda Mowrer Olson 
Cynthia Overcash 
Mary Padgett 
Patricia Pallagul 
Dee Wiggs Patty 
James Payne 
Lynne Brewer Peer 
David Pegg 
Judy Mackay Penny 
Patricia Woosley Perryman 
Joyce Rhodes Phelps 
Marcia Lowe Phillips 
Ed Pilkinglon Jr, 
Jane Pointer 

Mary Craven Ford Poteat 
Emmalyn Morrison Preston 
Elizabeth Alexander 

Larry Queen 
Margaret Gunn Raines 
Mary Williamson Rembert 
Martha Joyner Rice 
Tillie McLaughlin Rice 
Kay Martin Riddle 
Rafael Rivera 
Mary Moore Roberts 
Susan McCailum Rudisill 
Doris Humphrey Ruffner 
Carol Slawter Sanders 
Vicky Gillis Sawyer 
Mary Graham Sawyer 
Mary Snider Sawyer 
Gail Schaefer 
Angela Alexander Seawell 
Mary White Skenes 
Polly Palmer Sloan 
Anne Fergusson Smart 
Gail Hayden Smith 
Danne Smith 
Cynthia Koontz Snipes 
Harry Solloway Jr. 
Minnette Starts 
Catherine Brewer 

Stern berg h 
Martha Graft Styers 
Patricia Sutker 
Wanda McCaskill Sweeney 
Susie McDaniel Swenson 
Nancy Teague 
Mary Phillips Thompson 
Donna Sale Thompson 
Ray Truitt 

Sharyn Steele Vaughn 
Joyce Wester Vest 
Judy Farmer Vipperman 
Carol Vogler 
Marianne Touchstone 

Judith Widener 
Phyllis Williams Wiggins 
Ann Willtams 
Mary Sanders Wingard 
Mardene Libby Wyant 


Maylene Moore Alejandro 
Mary Alexander 
Judith Allen 
Larry Allen 
Linda Kelly Arnold 
Tommy Atkinson 
Barbara Ayers-Best 
Alpha Carter Barger 
Frances Pntchard Barry 
Jane Walsh Bauer 
Glenda Ward Beamon 
Carolyn Robertson Bell 
Janet Hunnemann 

Julie Faircloth Best 
Gena Phillips Bertis 
Jo Anne Boyd Blackburn 
Rebecca Smith Blake 
Susan Andress Bontrager 
Anne Bowers 
Patricia Thomas Brame 
Jean Harman Branch 
Margie New/ton Bnghi 
Debbie Bullard Bnrt 
Martha Moflitt Brooks 

Jane Coley Brown 
Elaine Sechnst Brown 
Amanda Bullins 
Beth Williams Bullock 
Barbara Bennett Byrd 
Mary Boswell Byrd 
Cherry Mann Callahan 
Susan Stalls Cannady 
Eileen Kinlaw Cappel 
Thomas Cardwell Jr 
Cheri Krupski Carlson 
Ann Camel 

Adrienne Teague Carson 
Joan Cassilly 
Patty Boyette Caudill 
Betty Cash Chambers 
Susan Wooden Chowning 
Ann Clarke 
Jane Burruss Clayton 
Vera Macioiek Cline 
Bea Brown Cochrane 
Holly Van Wegen Cowell 
Kent Crim 
Patricia Cundiff 
Robert Davidson 
Glenda Carter Davis 
Susan Gates Davis 
Manan Williams Davis 
Ann Huttman Demiter 
Robbin Glenn Dodson 
Kay Venable Draughn 
Priscilla Myers Everhart 
Julian Farrior 
Susan Hanna Finch 
Kathy Mabry Fischetti 
Eugene Flinchum 
Katherine Holmes Floyd 
Brenda Franklin 
Janet Gailus 
Judy Collins Garner 
Evelyn Hinshaw Gates 
Lynn Ferguson Gibbs 
Alice Pugh Giles 
Linda Bray Glass 
Ellen Goodman 
Carolyn Throckmorton 

Linda Greenfield 
Judy Leonard Greeson 
Marie Sharpe Ham 
Ann Zimmermann Harper 
Mary Galloway Harrill 
Angie Dickens Harrington 
Leonne Arntsen Harris 
Anne Hathaway 
Stephen Haul 
Susan Wright Hendnckson 
Elizabeth Landsperger 

Sara Collins Hill 
Harry Hill Jr. 
Pam White Hinlon 
Margaret Fincher Hobbs 
Linda Robinson Houck 
Mary Hoyle 
Linda Hubbard 
Nancy Jones Hubbard 
Cheryl Griffin Hucks 
Dorothy Roberts Hudyma 
Virginia Reece Humber 
Deanne Hill Hutchinson 
Mary Barnhill Hux 
Frances Taylor Jackson 
Wendy Wynne Jackson 

Mary Burg Janke 
Bryan Jeffreys Jr 
Susan Bonduranl Jenkins 
Dale Johnson 
Barbara Ortler Johnson 
Celia Gomedela Jolley 
Pattie Smith Jones 
Sherry Taylor Jones 
Vicki Pegram Jubanowsky 
Jane Tew Keller 
Susan King 
Toni Viglietti Kirspel 
Ardis Williams Koester 
Carolyn Lackey 
Nancy Burnette Lambert 
Lindsay Lamson 
Kathy Luebben Lange 
Peggy Lathan 
Sue Grose Lawson 
Janet Dodson Lazzun 
Betsy Miller Lefler 
Norman Licht 
Lila Garrett Lloyd 
Debby Steagall Landmark 
Diane Orr Luparello 
Caroline Russell Marold 
Cynthia Perry Marshall 
Gint McAllister Matthews 
Karan Poole Matthews 
Betty Maytield 
Robert Maynard Jr 
Nancy Baker McClured 
Mary O'Brien McCook 
Jimmy McKee 
John McKenzie III 
Leslie Degen McLeod 
Jack McNeil 

Katheryn Thomas Medley 
Carol Nursey Medlin 
Cathy Swanson Melesh 
Ivy Lowe Mitchell 
Sharon Barry Moon 
Leiia Summers Moore 
Mary Comer Morgan 
Kathy Gray Motsinger 
Betty Pope Nalwasky 
Donna Davis Neel 
Lucinda Lyon Nowlin 
Junko Kilburn O'Connor 
Debbie Carlton O'Neal 
Ann Orsbon Parsons 
Lila Walker Patterson 
Mable Somers Peeler 
McGehee Porter III 
Mary Norris Price 
Alice McDaniel Pusey 
Ethel Allen Ragiand 
Nancy Ramsay 
Richard Redding 
Sandy Bell Respess 
Janet Frye Rhodes 
Kitty Rakestraw Rhodes 
Beryl Wasserman 

Amy Sexton Rowell 
Kitty Woodruff Sanders 
Beth Conley Schwartz 
Heather Campbell Scott 
Mavis Coe Sebastian 
Sue Cheek Shelton 
Lucile James Shepard 
Rachel Garden Shive 
Virginia Nelson Sills 
Janice Howard Simpson 

Judy Webb Snyder 
Katherine Kelleher Sohn 
Anita Ford Springer 
Mary Clawson Stagg 
Janet Gilbert Stalcup 
Marian Gabriel Stearns 
Sandy Strader 
Kay Noah Stroud 
Judy Ingram Sullivan 
James Thomas Jr. 
Patricia Barrow Thompson 
Sarah Ruth Currie 

Carol Davenport Thompson 
Judy Westmoreland 

Linda Kelly Tinga 
Christy Huffman Truluck 
Libby Helsabeck Tucker 
Elizabeth Tyson 
Sandra Uthers 
Sallie Baute Walker 
Diane Walker 
Jean Griffith Wall 
Sharon Terrell Walsh, Esq. 
Ralph Ward Jr 
Carol Lambert Warren 
Lynn Heermans Whitener 
Susan Melton Williams 
Jo Watts Williams 
Tony Williams 
Ruth Haney Williamson 
Janet Lancaster Williford 
Marcia Wilson 
Chris Loeber Winchester 
Tony Wingler 
Jacquelyn McKoy Wolfe 
Janice Osborne Wood 
Maureen Stockert Woodall 
Ann Taylor Wrenn 
Ginny Wnght-Fnerson 
Deborah Smith Yancey 
Theodore Zeller 
Stephanie Stem Zerden 

Brenda Adams-Hudson 
Darlene Grumpier Andrey 

Julia Nicholson Assimos 
Jan Jenkins Austin 
Fayma Howell Avent 
Lida Snipes Barton 
Sandra Crews Bastianello 
Jean Neese Berry 
Gtenda Jelle Bivens 
Debbie Ramberg 

Linda Fields Blair 
Patricia Melvin Blair 
DiAnne Borders 
Judy Blue Boroughs 
Millicent Mastin Bowman 
Merianne Edwards Bracken 
Susan Avery Briggs 
David Bnnkley 
Stephen Burkhead 
Jennie Burtner 
Manella Huggins Calhoun 
Irene Reile Calicchio 
Linda Arnold Carlisle 
Dale Hatcher Carpenter 
Brenda Council Caudill 

Joan Martin Causey 

Alice Green Cavenaugh 
Lucy Ciesia 
Regina Vitolo Clegg 
Alice Robertson Clement 
Sally Dunn Cobb 
Sue Woodall Cole 
Sally Schindel Cone 
Maureen Connolly 
Mary Johnson Cook 
Jane Cappio Cooke 
Kathryn Ballard Costner 
Ann Roach Crav^rford 
Ellen Patterson Creasman 
Alva Wallace Culpepper 
Neva Daniel Dew 
Pat Zobel Dibella 
Janet Dmsmore 
Maymette Ellis Dolberry 
Lois Doss 

Marsha Buckalew Dnscoll 
John Dubel Jr 
Beth Sossamon Eckstein 
Mary Edmundson 
Susan Burroughs Edwards 
Buddy Edwards 
Eileen Linden Ely 
Lois Durham English 
Dale Ensor 

Linda Williams Eriandson 
Glenda Hardy Evans 
Martlyn Viverette Evans 
Rebecca Mollman Everette 
Dale Farlow 
Marilyn Fishel 
Cynthia Furr Folds 
Velna Cook Foust 
Ann Winecoff Frye 
Vera Vrsecky Fulton 
Ann Garrison 
Linda Gatlin 

Thadia Robinson George 
Marcia Townsend Gillis 
Lynne Miller Givens 
Laurie Schifando Guy 
Cheryl Burgess Hall 
Daphne Hall 
Joyce Hamilton 
Wanda Butler Hamrick 
Ronald Hann 
Sandra Campbell Hansen 
Lee Carpenter Hanzanoff 
Martha Ray Harper 
Patricia Pope Hastings 
Daphne Deshaies 

Cathy Myers Helms 
Dons Jarrett Henderson 
Judith Downs Henline 
Ferns Hetherington III 
Charles Higgins 
Linda Higgins 
Eric Hoekstra 
Mary Lynn Moore Holder 
Carr Holland III 
Linda Hollis 
Beverly Bryant Holt 
Mary Harvey Hornaday 
Linda Ellis Howell 
Susan Turner Humphnes 
Chene Childers Hutton 
Martha Hogan Isenberg 
Janet Jefferson 



Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Cyril Jacobs 

Christina Atkinson Jarvis 

David Jarvis 

Karen Jones 

Chris Kares 

Beth Keever 

Billie Keye 

Donna Butter Kimbro 

Charles King 

Vivian Verney Klein 

Alfreda Preslar Kohan 

Linda Kuzio 

Marilyn Foltz Lamm 

Jim Lancaster 

Mary Lance 

Beverly Anderson Lavi/ry 

Catherine Lewis Leary 

Joslin Schwartz LeBauer 

Peggy Miles Litlen 

Jann Budde Logsdon 

Beth Hammonds Long 

Claire Powers Love 

Elizabeth Purdum Love 

Sherry Lyons-Resh 

Sarah Lytch 

Rubin Maness 

Gloria Martin 

Judith Harbuck Maynard 

Frances Morgan McCauley 

Sylvia Rollins McCodum 

Vernessa Woodrow 

Linda Gibson McGuire 
Judy High McReynolds 
Ann Causey Mendenhall 
Betsy Wilison Messer 
Nancy Elliott Miller 
Cheryl Mosescu Miller 
Josephine Cole Mines 
Gayle Johnson Mitchell 
Jandy Mooney 
Patsy Sloan Moren 
Delia McRimmon Muse 
Emma Neese 
Patncia Byrd Norton 
Denise Boyadjian Obremski 
Brenda Overcash 
Carolyn Gostin Owens 
Martha Parker 
June Spivey Parker 
Elaine Powers Partin 
Ann Hinshaw Patella 
Janet Cleaver Patterson 
Margaret Harrell Petty 
Sandra Idol Portaro 
Patty Potter 
Clifton Prokop 
Brenda Nunn Quate 
John Redmond Jr 
Tamara Kearns Regan 
John Ricci 

Barbara Baldwin Richard 
Karen Dudley Rjdenhour 
Fonda Fortner Rosenbaum 
Mary Leith Sage 
Marguerita Sandrock 
Madge Twiggs Schwarz 
Gayle Cook Shannon 
Sarah Nabers Sheffield 
Jern Shepherd 
Martha Brown Short 
Kathenne Baker Shott 
Nancy Dickens Sink 
Jo Simpkins Sloan 

Lillie Smith 
Frances Wyiie Smith 
Mary Dougher Sossoman 
Beverly Rocket! Sulecki 
Ann Mosteller Sumner 
Wanda Hall Sutterer 
I Rosita Slusher Thacker 

Bilhe Satterwhite Thomas 
' Carolyn Winius Toben 
Edward Trogdon 
Jody Kinlaw Troxler 
Nancy Phibbs Tucker 
Maggie Clement Van 

Barbara France Varga 
I Judy Berson Waller 
, Susan Allen Ward 
i Linda Ritchie Watson 

Jackie Dick White 
' Susan Whittington 
Patncia Moore Williams 
Bebe Williamson 
j Amy Stovall Wilson 
Betty Wolfe 
Melvin Wolfe 
Carol Dubel Womble 
Martha Reeves Workman 
Paula Starling Wyatt 
James York 
Judy Frank Zimmerman 

i Penny Muse Abernathy 
j Myra Moore Aderholdt 

Ruth Rouse Ah 
I Susan Allen 
Eugene Anderson 

Frances Kennedy Andrews 

Deborah Harvey Arnngton 

Rita Mayo Ashton 

Bill Ashworth Jr. 

Barbara Brown Atwell 

Gail Russell Austin 

Sidney Bailey 

Carolyn Erickson Bailey 

Kathryn Thomas Bailey 

Mary Williams Banks 

Sandie Barnes Bateman 

Sue Ayers Beeson 

Sallie Bernard 

Melinda Pennix Blanchard 

Judith Cox Blencke 

Annette Myrick Blue 

Elizabeth Frazier Bowles 

Mary Helen Shaia Bowman 

Linford Bright Jr 

Gary Brown 

James Brown 

Kenneth Brown 

Mary Brown 

Sandra Brugger 

Jane Cumby Bullard 

Mary Bumgarner 

Mananne Aure Burkhead 

Rebecca Cline Caraway 

Kathryn Whitley Carroll 

Amy Wynns Carroll 

Susan Nicholls Chappell 

Ruth Barnes Chell I 

Richard Chowning ; 

Hope Bouldin Clark 

Kathenne Poer Clendenir 

Willa Cline 

Stsven Ciontz 

I Jerry Colbert 

Barry Cole 
■ Lisa Cole 

Carol Colebrook 
Carolyn Wilson Colton 
j Mary Cooke 

Becky Gray Crawford 
I Jon Curby 
Evelyn Rochelle Davis 
Gail Berryhill Deaton 
Mernll Johnston Dillon 
Mary Donaldson 
Susan Watson Dorn 
Jo Anne Smith Doyle 
I Sylvia Walters Drake 
Whiz Dudley 
Michael Dumas 
Bebe Byrum Eisold 
Pete Ellis Jr 
Lannie Sides Ellison 
Ginger Karnker Ensor 
I Carol Watson Fann 
Carol Farmer 
Alan Faulkenberry 
Steven Ferris 
Sandy Roland Fleenor 
Susan Mapes Fredericks 
Susan Liles Fnedman 
Becky FuHen 
Jonette Hock Futch 
Mary Tunnell Gaddy 
Marcy Garland 
Kenneth Gillespie 
Barbara Glasscock 
Esther Fitzgerald Goins 
Leslie Grant 
James Guida 
Dawn Dearth Hailey 
Tern Alberte Hallam 
Linda Hallman 
Claire Bowen Hammitt 
Kay Sutton Hatcher 
Dianne Duke Mauser 
Avis Ellis Henderson 
Rebecca Young Herman 
Hugo Hildebrandt 
Sylvia Coats Hipp 
Alix Hitchcock 
Deborah Maples Holmes 
Suzanne Bluteau Hooper 
Dolly Hunter 
Terri Jordan Hunter 
Celia Felder Hybels 
Susan Harrell Irons 
Dianne Smith Iseman 
James Jackson 
Morris Jacobs 
Lucinda Jennings 
Victoria Murray Johnson 
Kathleen Robinson 

Marcia Griffin Jones 
Bonnie Richards Jones 
Kathleen Julian 
Ronald Kennedy 
Camille Galarde Lancaster 
Jacqueline Smith Latta 
David Lavack 
Tme Davis Ledbetter 
Beverly Leviner 
Robert Lincks 
Joyce Long Lineberger 
David Little 

Hilda Dye Love 
Jatana Mabe Love 
Brenda Arthur Lundy 
Edward Lurey 
Donald Maclntyre 
John Maddocks 
Ellen Mathews Maloney 
Sarah Walker Marley 
Susan Rowe Marshall 
Mona Aiken McCarthy 
Micki Powell McClure 
Robert McReynolds Jr. 
Patricia Speas Messenger 
Janice Blight Miller 
Teresa Coleman Miller 
Jeanne Lane Miller 
Douglas Mills 
Donna Vail Morgan 
Winn Muse 

Marlene Becker Nankin 
Debbie Lowman Nelson 
Constance Riddick Neofoti; 
Annie Smith Oakley 
Cathy Cooper Oaks 
Serena Ray Pearce 
Brenda Fern Polins 
Pamela Bowser Powell 
Isabelle Reedy Powell 
Patricia Price 
Jenny Sanders Prince 
Philip Proctor 
Patricia Steimel Putnam 
Patricia Jones Ravnor 
Patricia Hall Redden 
Hazel Walsh Reid 
Malinda Bam Richbourg 
Steven Robbms 
Shirley Ingram Robertson 
Jean Green Rodenbough 
Cathy Swink Rogers 
Mamie Polk Ross 
Betty Thigpen Russell 
Elizabeth Sumner Sanders 
Lydia Stroup Sargent 
Cynthia Glascock Schroder 
Dan Seaman 
Bill Senior 

Dawn Chappell Shank 
Anita Wilson Sharpe 
Becky Garrison Shaw 
Bruce Shaw Jr. 
Susan Snipes 
Harriet Snipes 
Emily Williams Soapes 
Susan Cline Somerville 
James Stanley 
Pamela Gardner 
Patricia Johnston Steffan 
Roxaline McOuague Stiles 
Alan Stowe 
Fanny Stronach 
Margaret Sullivan 
Jill Anderson Tackabery 
Marcia McManeus Teal 
Catherine Spencer Tepper 
Jerry Snyder Thomas 
Deborah Thomas 
Barbara Reynolds Todd 
Bob Topkins 
Cecelia Lentim Torok 
Wanda Porter Towler 
Ellen Mornson Vangel 
Judy Adams Ward 

Kathy Inman White 
Kay Whitt 
Wayne Whitworth 
Gretchen Van Loon 

Patsy Kerr Wilson 
Ann Wingate 
Jerry Woltz Jr 
Linda Wells Wood 
Kathryn Benton Wyatt 
Joyce McKeon Wynia 
Douglas Young 
Caroline Pruitt Younger 

Nancy Thaxton Adkins 
! Benny Allen 
' Patsy Allen 

Anita Armtield Allen 

Sena Nance Allen 

Lundee Williams Amos 

Audrey Anderson 

Frances Roberts Anderson 

Debra Andrey 

Dons Armenaki 

John Arnette 

Mary Arnold 

Margante Arrighi 

Fred Ashworth 

Phyllis Corbett Ashworth 

Elizabeth Shaw Avant 

Denyce Babmec 

Eleanor McCain Baker 

Miriam Corn Barkley 

Linda Parks Batten 

Belinda McLamb Beard 

Manlynn Bennett 

Shelby Dill Bennett 

Barbara Napier Bennett 

Faye Shannonhouse Berry 

Gloria Teague Best 

John Bez 

Meianie Blackley 

Patricia Blackwood 

Michael Bohen 

Tama Rose Bouncer 

Mary Blake Bowles 

Laura Meeks Bradford i 

Audrey Ferguson Brake 

Judith Bretz 

Adelaide Hurst Brinkley 

Carol Brooks ' 

Jane Johnson Broughton 

Belinda Brown Cam 

Jane Foster Call 

Tana Carlton 

Carol Fisher Carler j 

Deborah Sam Chandler 

Debra Anderson Cheatham I 

Sandra Crank Clark 

Mary Liles Coates 

Susan Sheehy Cole 

Pamela Coleman 

Maria Vandenberg Collins 

Olivia Clodfelter Conley 

Steven Copley ' 

Linda Crocker Cottmgham 

Ann Disosway Cowper ' 

Maurice Cox 

Earlene Hardie Cox ' 

Susan Kohler Crumpler i 

Sandra Shoaf Cumn . 

Lynn Crombie Curry 

Cheryll Rawding Darden 
) Linda Davenport 

James Davis 

I Janice Moore Davis 

Myra Gesse Dean 

Celia Massey Dean 

I Vickie Frye Degges 

Mary Lou Armitage 

I Derksen 

Janet Hall Doughty 

Kathryn Edmonds 

Terry Chilton Eargle 
Wanda Rushing Edwards 
Kathy Ellis 
I Bonnie McNeill Ellis 
Carol Blame Embler 
Rich Enchelmeyer 
Ken Evans 

Barbara Link Everhart 
, Pam Edwards Farlow 
Patricia Allison Feimster 
Jackie Hovis Fell 
Anne Fischer 
Margie Cox Fisher 
Candace Lambeth Flynt 
Sally Scantland Foland 
Jo Anna Barnes Fonville 
Jams Johnston Foster 
Barbara Dunn Francis 
Debra Freeman 
Sarah Gabbay 
Laura Inabinett Gage 
Patricia Jones Gaines 
Julia Gale 
Jack Gallimore 
Connie Peninger Garner 
Janie Whitehead Garrett 
Becky Gerber 
Doyle Gilleland 
Sandra Glasgow 
Joanne Glassford 
Elizabeth Blalock Graham 
Claudia Geraghty Graham 
Sheila Kirk Grandy 
Mildred Willey Gnffin 
Gary Hahn 
Gail Jenkins Hahn 
Cynthia Shore Hahn 
Paula Travis Hairston 
Joseph Hall 111 
Cathy Smith Harper 
Cathy Jo Harris 
John Harris 
Nancy Foster Hart 
Ellen Eaves Hartman 
Danny Hartman 
Hope Booker Haywood 
Eva Duggins Haywood 
Roslyn Wells Heaton 
Gail Madren Hedgecock 
Kay Wilkerson Helms 
Nancy Herthel 
Susan McCaskill Hilton 
Cynthia Everett Hobbs 
Margie Miller Hollowell 
Jeannine Shore Holt 
Tom Hubbard 
Georgia Ballenger Huntley 
Elizabeth Price Hutchinson 
Carol Hanks Hutchison 
Gail Inman 
Donna Black Ireland 
Gary Jarrett 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


Frances Massey Jenkins 

Mary Lodato Jensen 

Martha Barney Johnson 

Glona Sloan Jordan 

Paula Tarlton Joyner 

Augusta Julian 

Marylin Odom Karmel 

Shirley Keel 

Susan Miles Keene 

Ronald Kempner 

Leslie Kiernan 

Lee Kinard Jr. 

Joseph Kirk 

Pnscjila Gates Lanza 

Elizabeth Dean Latham 

Claudia Crane Lawson 

Penny Swart Ledbetter 

Rebecca McMaster Lewis 

Kann Foscue Long 

Helen Macarot 

Mary Maner 

Claudia Manning 

Jayne Mazyck 

Pamela Carter McAlpine 

Rebecca Reavis McCarson 

Rose Holley McDonald 

Kathryn Davis McElveen 

Dianne Frazelle McKagan 

Caria Terrell McKinney 

Sue Rickert McLain 

Rene Lowman McMahon 

Elsa McMullen 

Cecilia Hill Mencer 

Gail Tatt Midgett 

Nan Evans Miller 

Joyce Grubbs Miller 

Connie Nickell Moore 

Kaye Langston Mrozinski 

Cynthia Hillhouse Murphy 

Ninevah Wood Murray 

Charlotte Mynck 

Brooke Neal 

Drew Nealeans 

Mary Neikirk 

Wendy Walker Nelson 

Cathy Nunn 

Charles O'Connor 

Tommie Hall Oppegaard 

Debbie Leonard Parker 

John Payne 

Barbara Brown Pearce 

Elizabeth Pearson 

Beth Johnson Pfaff 

Loretta Tucker Pfluger 

Rebecca Jones Phillips 

Donna Pickerel 

Martha Thompson Pierce 

Jean Archer Pierson 

Laura Auman Pitts 

Julia Sorensen Porter 

Robert Prichard 

Donald Pruitt 

Mary Lindsay Rachui 

Linda Revis 

Kathi Spencer Ribet 

Kim Bald Riley 

Byron Ritter 

Robert Rivers 

Jane Weston Roberts 

Eveline Blumenthal 


Betty Shearon Rowland 

Luis Sanchez 

Lucinda There Saunders 

Ruth Watson Scheuer 
Deborah Gallin Schiappa 
John Schoffstall 
Barry Schwartz 
Rebecca Jensen Scott 
Lynne Stevens Shand 
Steve Shelton 
Cynthia Trusilo Shelton 
Janice Vestal Shields 
Pamela Lytle Shirley 
Kathy Shropshire 
Kathy Jones Sigmon 
Martha Barden Siler 
Anna Swam Simmons 
Janet Barrow Simpson 
Bessie Wall Sjaardema 
Cathenne Ouin Stocumb 
Donna Tuttle Smith 
Ellen Presnell Smoak 
Carey Snellings Jr 
Mary Laverty Solem 
Lydia Smith Sparrow 
Joan Parker Spurlin 
Beth Nonfood Slainback 
Jerry Steelman 
Sheila Stone 
Richard Strader 
Carol Graham Streng 
Laiky Tamny 
Miriam Grundy Thieike 
Laurie Conway There 
Crystal Travis 
Cynthia Cox Triplet! 
Laurie Goode Tuttle 
Cynthia Hasty Umstead 
Lydia Moffitt Upchurch 
Pamela Leary Valadez 
Leslie Long Vann 
Robert Vaughn 
Diane Tucker Vosnock 
Cynthia Walker 
Anne Wallen 
Carol Gillespie Walters 
Sandra Ward 
Chip Wentworth 
Marilyn McClay Whisnant 
Alma Bazzuro White 
Betsy Jordan Whitson 
Wendy WhiTtemore 
MimiSkerretl Williams 
Regenia Sykes Williams 
Jeannie Williams 
Kathy Williams 
Marie Medlin Wilson 
Vicky Wilson 
Joy Harris Witcher 
Debra Kelly York 
Susan Hester Young 
Kay Yow 

Carolyn Terry Allen 

Rose Andrews 

Margaret Bourdeaux 


Terry Arney Arthur 

Lynn Fisher Atchley 

John Bam 

Bud Ballew 

Angela Barnes 

David Bass 

Joy Leary Bechtold 

Susan Small Bell 

Dona Kleman Betenbaugh 

Kathy Blanchard 

John Block Jr. 

Martha Campbell Bogdan 

Paula Bonner 

Sheri Nelson Bonner 

Marcia Brafford 

Linda McCoun Branch 

Deborah Carter Breault 

Terry Brown 

Beth Bryan 

Jane Henderson Burt 

Suzanne Cartwright 

Brona Jeffries Butler 
Marilynn Byerly 
Ronald Cardwell 
Rita Orr Christopher 
Leslie Clark 
Judy Gwaltney Clark 
Barbara Cobb 
Kris Hayes Coker 
Hugh Cole Jr. 
Linda Sears Collie 
Raymond Comer 
Carol Bowden Connery 
Corinne Higgins Cooper 
Charles Crabb 
Martha Craven 
David Crews 
Sandy Cross 
Jan Dale 

Stephanie Ferraro Delaney 
William Denmark 
John Diachenko 
Faye Jackson Diachenko 
Neil Dorsey 

Linda Townsend Douglas 
Phyllis Marinucci Dowd 
Susan Dunn 
Nancy Blanton Earley 
Frederick Eberhan 
Mike English 
Dorotea Luganc Evans 
Kay Ezzell 

Marcia Thompson Felts 
Martha Sparrow Ferrell 
Keith Ferrell 

Marilynn Stout Fogleman 
Betty Wall Forrest 
Beverly Collicutt Foster 
Bette Maynard Franken 
Betsy Long Furr 
Cathy Kivett Garrett 
Marilyn Ganwood 
Becky Royal Glasson 
Abbe Godwin 
Cindy Teague Goetz 
Kimberly Connors Grant 
Becky Smith Grier 
Linda Griffin 
Phyllis Stroud Gnffin 
Mary Watson Griffin 
Robert Haitz 
Robert Haley 
Miriam Freel Hall 
Charlotte Olive Hallberg 
Mary Silverstem Hamilton 
Janet Jones Hannemann 
Linda Whitesides Harris 
Sandy Cox Harrison 
Mecia Koutrouhas Hartis 
Temple Hayes 
Crystal Sipe Hefner 

Barbara Parker Hervey 

Pat Gillespie Hobernicht 

Jenni Frank Holder 

Jan Ball Holt 

Morgan Wilkinson Horner 

Susan Morgan Hughes 

Marilyn Boggs Hunter 

Deborah Leebrick Isley 

LaVonne Waugh James 

Marti Pickett Jeffreys 

Mike Johnson 

Annelle Trigg Johnson 

Alyce Benfield Joines 

David Jones 

Susie Mahatfey Keener 

Alice Morns Keeney 

Joanne Kemp 

Beth Kiger 

Alice Sharpe Kilgore 

Mary Powell Kirk 

Leslie Eihs Kirkland 

Cathy Knnick 

Debbie Brown Lamont 

Terry Lampley 

Sarah Ussery Lee 

Carol Alston Leonard 

Barbara Bennett Leonard 

Sallie Moniot Lilienthal 

Miriam Lockhart 

Betty Poole Long 

James Mabe Jr. 

Florence Malizola 

Bonnie Boyd Maready 

Peggy Martin 

Viha Wood Matthews 

Sarah Jo Bevill Mayberry 

Caroline Bnnson McKeller 

Mary Seawell McLeod 

Shelia Garner McNeill 

Kathy Simmons McPherson 

Bonnie Merriit 

Bill Messenger 

Karen Larsen Meyers 

Karen Moffitt 

Kay Snider Monda 

Kevin Moore 

Nancy Crews Moretz 

Carol Hinshaw Morris 

Linda Mellette Morris 

Ray Murphy 

John Neal 

Virginia Ganong Nichols 

Polly Smith Nurney 

Vicki McNeill O'Brien 

Sandra Murray O'Neil 

Sallie Covey Olson 

Barry Page 

Jean Paratore 

Pam McGhee Pardue 

Harriett Pearce 

Amy Kelley Penland 

Joe Phillips 

Bob Pitts 

Margaret Porlerfield 

Margaret Miller Poston 

Linda Putnam 

Carol Rankin Putnam 

Lisa Bouffard Read 

Sarah Whitsett Rearick 

Marcia Hedgecock Reich 

Carolyn Rigney 

Joel Ritter 

Vicki Kezlan Roddick 

Anne Corriher Rodman 

Mitzi Cromer Royster 

June McClure Sasscer 

Vicki Simmons 

Esser Shivers Sitton 

Chip Small Jr. 

Roslyn Smith Smedberg 

Kathryn Smith 

Jeanne Snodgrass 

Dons Thompson Stafford 

Ann Stnngfield 

Cathy Tamsberg 

Dale Terry 

Lonne Fitch Totten 

Judy Traub 

Susan Brown Trivette 

Laurie Armfield Tucker 

Ramona Heath Van Gent 

Doris Slate Walls 

John Warlick 

Suzy Wasmuth 

Bobetta McGilvary Waynick 

Dee Ann Gilbert Whisenant 

Laurie White 


Dru Eason Wilkins 

Cathy Fntts Wilkins 

Patsy Cnm Wtlhard 

Risa Allen Witherspoon 

Laura Schumacher Yontz 

Mike Yontz 

Charles Aaron 

Cathy Adkins 

Susan Morrow Alexander 

Kim Jordan Andrew 

Charles Baiden 

Donna Pope Bailey 

Manon Smith Bain 

Vicki Copeland Bame 

Cheryl Stevens Barlow 

Pam Carter Barnes 

John Barney 

Joyce Baniett 

Maggie Goslen Baucom 

Gretchen Baughman 

Richard Beavers 

Susan Hill Beeson 

Marsha Jones Bell 

Ed Berkoff 

Karen Kolb Blair 

Valle Zawistowski Blair 

Evelyn Boyd Bohac 

Paula Boswell 

David Boutwell 

Joyce Bowers 

Carol Teague Bowman 

Janice Bray Bradner 

Kathy Burfoot Brewer 

Chns Poplin Broach 

Janice Purnell Brooks 

Kendall Buckner Jr. 

Donna Cameron 

Carol Hackbarth Campbell 

David Card 

Debbie Cardwell 

Dann Carnes 

Frances Harding 


Lawrence Chadwick 

Jane Thomas Choate 

Clara Clark 

Debbie Clegg 

Betsy Bailey Clore 

Gayle May Cobb 

Em Cole 

John Constantinou 

Gerri Becker Cox 

Charles Crenshaw Jr. 

Donna Faulkner Culbreth 

Bonita Baker Davis 

Donna Britton Davis 

Alice Morrow Dean 

James Deaton 

Nancy Dunn Defter 

Marilyn Ricks Dooley 

Frank Dorsch 

Holly Hendnxson Dozier 

Tern Hollmgsworth Dunbar 

Ellen Cooper Dunlap 

Benjamin Dunlap III 

Julie Stevens Dwiggins 

Martha Russ Edens 

Debbie Edney 

Valeria Williamson 


Dame Eisold 

Neal Eller Jr 

Martha Johnstone Ellington 

Ann Elliott 

Janet Carson Ellison 

Joe Ellisor 

Maggie Kellum Erwin 

Rita Reid Fagg 

Sue Field Faulk 

Gregory Felts 

Anne Fishburne 

Ginna Fishburne 

Jay Fleishman 

Elizabeth Baughman Florio 

Ron Pol las 

Lynn Mendenhall Frank 

Mary Gallagher 

Beth Hamilton Gianakouros 

Bradley Gibbs 

Julie Goodall 

Ellen Bonham Goode 

Kathleen Bednarski Graff 

Nancy Leonard Greene 

Barbara Gnmes 

Joanne McNeil Hales 

Pamela Carter Hamilton 

Terry Basnight Hamlet 

Bridget Harding 

Clinton Hardy 

Delores Harris 

Teresa Tesh Harris 

Candace Gremnger 

Susan Branch Hennckson 
Martha Herndon 
Margie Herthel 
Mary Heweft 
Brenda Wynck Hicks 
Dottie Parks Hinton 
Connie Hobbs 
Charlie Holt 
Jennifer Smith Hooks 
Dorothy Hughes Hovis 
Nancy Huettel 
Roy Hunter 
Will Hurley 
Cindy Haer Hyman 
Brandt Smith Isaacs 
Rebecca Osborne Jackson 
Betty Godfrey Johnson 
Mark Johnson 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association IVIembership 

Shelia Wall Johnston 
Wallye Carswell Jones 
James Joyce Jr 
Mary Killough 
Steve Kincaid 
Stephen King 
Roslyn Pollard Konter 
Leigh Bovinet Kramer 
Beccy Debaugh Kugel 
Sharon Knapp Lamberth 
Lucy Stephens Lancaster 
Beth Marett Lineberry 
Cindy Davis Ling 
Stephanie Galanides 

Alice Loflin Long 
Sarah Long 
Becky Lowry 
Ann Lyon 

Sharon Applegate Mabe 
George MacKay 
Jackie Royals Manzi 
John Marsh III 
Tom Turner Massey 
Kimberly Huss McCarter 
Sue Ragan McCray 
Audrey Herzberg McCrory 
ivlarti Groome McGirt 
Sue Pennington Meschan 
Marge Butterfield Michel 
Lisa Midgett 
Peggy Miller 
Nancy Swaim Miller 
Randy Mintz 
Dana Fox Mitchell 
Susan Shipp Montsmger 
Tory Silby Mora 
Fran Loftin Morrison 
Mickey Hancock Nowell 
George Nyquist Jr. 
Patsy Ann Cherry Owen 
Suzanne RIeves Oxford 
Nancy Hofstetter Pahel 
Buc Pahel 
Anne Parker 
Faye Quesmberry Parris 
Robert Patterson 
Ellen Hutchins Pegram 
Larston Petticord 
Becky Phelps 
Bert Piggott 
Barbara Presnell 
Anita Brewer Pulley 
Bill Reeves Jr 
Marcia Sears Regan 
Juhe Sampson Rhodes 
Elizabeth Richardson 
Daphne Campbell 

Phillip Rubenstem 
Colleen Henderson Russell 
Tara Furr Saxe 
Betty Hare Schelhorn 
David Schwenke 
Sue Kody Seagraves 
Kim Sethft 

Cynthia Higgins Sevier 
Peggy Land Sharpe 
Mardeen Pressley Shellon 
Donald Siegei 
Patti Sink 
David Smith 
Ed Smith Jr 
Robert Smith Jr 

Janet Solberg-Hampton 

Deborah Lightner 
I Squtrewell 

Jane Sharp Stack 

Wanda Hadley Stafford 

Ashleyn Peterson Stroud 

Tern Merritt Talbert 

Frances Roope Tharpe 
I Lynn Spillman Thrower 

Kathleen Shumate Tucker 

Ellen Deitz Tucker 
' Margaret Varley 

Mayra Farias Villalon 

Judith Depnsco Wagner 

Linda Hale Walker 

Mary Newell Waller 

Paula Walters 

Neilsa Mesimore Warren 

Karen Washam Warren 

Ann Cockerman Watkins 

Alene Watson 

Robert Weant Jr 

Debbie Webster 

Kay Flynt Wells 

Janice Whitaker 

Cindy Wiese 

Larry Wilkinson 

Wanda Duncan Williams 

Michael Williams 

Susan Best Wilson 

Elizabeth Phillips Wmstead 

Martha Henderson Wood 

Agnes Osborne Wnght 

Elaine Reckman Wright 

Kay Thomas Yelton 

Nancy Nissen Adams 
Anne Sutherland Adkins 
Julia Shatterly Akins 
Louisa Payne Allen 
Harvey Bailey Jr 
Betty Thomas Bailey 
Susan Baker 

Jo Anne Henderson Barrow 
Nick Batounis 
Ray Beck 
Bonnie Becker 
Mary Lewis Beckum 
Paul Bell 

Denise Cafes Bell 
Theron Kearns Bell 
Mary Berry 
James BlacketT 
Terry Glasgow Block 
Doug Bond 
Anna Ferrell Bottoms 
Mary Atwood Bowman 
Peggy Presto Box 
Marlene Rumley Bray 
Barbara Bndgers 
Mary Lynne Powell Bnsley 
Nancy Pinkard Brooks 
Donna Pitzer Broughton 
Clementine Crowder Brown 
Shirley Carroll Burt 
Mary Edens Calie 
Virginia Wilson Campbell 
David Canine 
Sandy Swann Cantliffe 
Carol Dorsett Capehart 
Jamie Carlyle 
Debbie Whichard 

Robin Davis Carson 

! Frank Carter Jr. 

! Karen Butler Chandler 
Michael Church 
Denise Hunt Clark 
Janet Steele Clonmger 

j Cathy Brockman 

I Cockerham 

I Jack Cooke 
Caria Cooper 

, Pat Corns 

! William Cozarl 
Ann Craft 
Lynn Mode Creasy 
Karen Cox D'Ascoli 
Sandy Boone Daugherty 
Cindy Parsons Davis 
Nancy Street Dickerson 
Mane Blakeley Dubel 
Mary Johnson Dubler 
Clara Milling Duggins 
Dawn Walters Duppstadt 
Cynthia Bowman Earle 
Carolyn Rountree Eaton 
Donna Barr Edsel 
Michael Elliott 
Rosemary Bartlett Epperly 
Cindy Nutt Farris 
Carol Nelson Feisler 
Janice Kokolski Ferry 
Ken Fisher 

Marilyn Schaefer Fisher 
Holly Mercer Fletcher 
Tommie Dale Foley 
Lee Fowlkes 
Pam Hedrick Franklin 
Joan Geddert Freeborn 
Lawrence Galant 
Susan Hamlin Gentry 
Randy Gerringer 
Deborah Dees Gladden 
David Grapes II 
Mike Gntfm 
Judy Osborne Griggs 
Diane Grover 
Kenneth Gruber 
Sharon Pettit Guenther 
Camellia Sexton Gurley 
Patti Parnell Hall 
Kathy Culbreth Hamilton 
Patricia Hamilton 
Mimi Dunn Hammock 
Sally Hannan 
Melissa Thompson 

Elizabeth Holt Hartford 
Ora Hartstield 
Abbigail Barnhili Hawkins 
Larry Heldreth 
Helen Mears Heldt 
Angie Hemingway 
Deborah Watts Hill 
Thomas Hinton 
Alice Jones Hobbs 
Marsha Holbrook 
Pamela Mahar Holt 
Stephen Holton 
Nancy Kluttz Hudson 
Lola Elliot Hugh 
Patti Summers Hunsucker 
Jill Hutchison 
Lucile Turner James 
Laura Reis Jarrell 
Karen Headley Jarvis 

Melinda Henry Johnson 

David Jolley 

Phillip Jones 

Ruth Jones 
j Linda Hardwick Kiger 

Donald Knibb 
I Joan Boudrow Koonce 

Sharon Kronenteld 

Skip Larson 
■ Ann Slado)e Lawhorne 

Pam Blume Leonard 

Michelle Linster 

Janice Cumby Lipson 

Jenny Phibbs Loftin 

Anne Martin Lohrfink 
j Barbara Von Oesen Lupton 

Peter Lux 

Marsha Lyon Madden 

Shannon Shelton Maloney 

Renee McCachren 
I Bettie McClaskey 

Judy Hudson McGee 
' Mac McGuire 

Phyllis Thacker Monroe 
; Lynn Moss 

Suellen Murphy 

Michael Nash 

Stephanie Worsham 

Melda Brandt Newman 

Chns Oakes 

Ginny Sproul Offenbacher 

Richard Parris 

Debbie Payne 

Melissa Peacock 

Larry Pegram 

Howard Perry 

Anne Baumgaertner Petty 

Fred Phillips 

Madelyn Sossoman Phillips 

Jan Starr Powell 

Bill Pran 

Camilla Kelly Oumn 

Tina Gavazzi Randall 

Karen Pnest Ritler 

Karen Tager Rivo 

Dorothy Fearrington 

Patncia Ryan 

Susan Morns Safran 

Sandy Milter Sasso 

Rebecca Burdette 

Linda Williams Schmitt 

Garth Schumacher 

Brenda Maltba Scon 

Betty Self 

Jean Shaw 

Mary Jo Abernethy Shelton 

Sandra Crofts Shugart 

Nancey Simmons 

Paulette Higgins Sinclair 

Joseph Sinclair 

Katherine "Kap" Sink 

Dianne Bowman Smith 

Renee Martin Smith 

James Smith 

Ernie Spangler III 

Wanda Talanco Spargur 

Beverly Long Spencer 

Christine Pautzke Spiller 
Jimmie Stanley 

Donna Summers Steele 
Janet Poche Stenersen 

Dennis Stinehelfer 

Nancy Pulliam Sulltvan 

Meltnda Moxley Sykes 

Linda Hodge Tart 

Venn Taylor 

James Thomas 

Lugene Twombly Thomas 

Betsy Jo Thompson 

Van Travis 

Millie Freas Treadwell 

Debbie Troutman 

Janet Reger Trulove 

Debbie Woods Tyer 

Joyce Warren Wainer 

Julie Beam Walters 

Susan Warden 

Patti Archibald Waters 

Dale Waynick 

Gary Weatherly 

Tommy Webster 

Tom Welch 

Janice Whelan 

Lee Wimbish White 

Juhe Williamson 

Gina Woodruff 

Jeffrey Woodward 


Kay Mackie Adams 
Janie Joyner Alexander 
Elizabeth McSwain Arnold 
Diane Bailey 
Ruth Ann Ballance 
Kim Ballard 
Lori Sloop Barbee 
Man/in Bare 
Robin Bartlett 
Clare Smith Baum 
Gertrude Beal 
Colleen Whitt Bell 
Susan Blaauw 
Weldon Booth 
Randy Bostian 
Bill Brannon 
Beverly Brooks 
Sheila Bryson 
Kent Brooks Buchter 
Jean McKee Bullins 
Tom Bundros 
Emily Butner Bundy 
Gloria Morein Bunn 
Gail Burkis 
Barre Burks 

Sandra Thompson Burns 
Beverly Hatfield Capone 
Paula Ramsey Cardwell 
Kathy Carmical 
Christopher Carter 
Trelles Case 
Cassandra Caudle 
Benjamin Causey 
Connie Byrd Childers 
Jonathan Church 
Larry Clayton 
Judy Eaker Clement 
Rob Clemmer 
Cindy Clontz Coates 
Paul Coates 
Claire Barbee Cook 
Heather Campbell Cooley 
Mary Moore Cooper 
Karen Arnold Coppley 
Jessica Collier Coutu 

Donald Cruthis 

Jane Mercer Danford 

Cynthia Davis 

Miizi Edwards Dease 

Amy Dickert 

Amy Dockery 

John Dorony Jr. 

Deborah Douthett 

Laurie Curtiss Eakes 

Gary Eblen 

Nancy Little Ekstrand 

Debbie Bakeman Elium 

Athaleta Hendrix Elkins 


1 Fifer 

Shannon Gilley Fike 
John Forrester 
Ellen Hawley Foster 
Walter Gardner Jr. 
Deborah Kelly Garren 
Lorry Garvin 
Worth Hager Gatti 
Miriam Aberg Gavigan 
Becky Madren Gilfillan 
Teresa Fesperman 

Jane Gorham Griffin 
Richard Gnffiths 
Sally Townshend Grimm 
Trish Wright Gwyn 
Ann Haworth Harris 
John Hartness Jr 
Beth Hanward 
Debbie Shelton Hayworth 
Scott Heritage 
Michael Hicks 
James Hilliard 
Cathy Hockaday 
Patricia Stavrakas Hodson 
Durant Holler 111 
Grace Holton 
Fran Lyon Hoover 
Sherry Walker Horner 
John Huckabee Jr. 
Rob Hugh 
Mackey Hughes Jr. 
Larry Ingold 
Wendy Brooks Irvin 
Kathy Cocolas Jackson 
Earl Jackson 
Kevin Jarvis 

Jane Rittenger Jasperse 
Wilson Jeffreys 
Silvia Ham Jiamachello 
Patricia Johnson 
Juanita Jones 
Sandra West Jordan 
Vicky Pntchard Justice 
Naomi Iskowitz Kaplan 
Claudette Taylor Kayler 
Frances Painter Kirby 
Bettina Thompson Knight 
Joanie Dickinson Ladd 
Virge Lampinen 
Cheryl Landry 
Tony Ledford 
Brian Lee 
Susan Wrenn Lee 
Dianne Johnson Leonard 
Rita Shackelford 
Mark Lumsden 
Deborah Pollack Maliver 
Steve Mathis 
Janet Phelps Mays 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Kathleen McCann 
Mark McGinn 
David McKinnon 
Nancy Warren McMillan 
Frances Gildow Miller 
Mary Rowe Miller 
Judy Hull Mills 
Marilyn Ross Mink 
DePaul Mittman 
Clarence Moore Jr. 
David Morns 
William Moseiey Jr 
Walter Mueller Jr. 
Alan Mynck 
Lillian Anderson 
Jane O'Doherty 
Melanie Overcash 
George Page Jr. 
Debra Newsome Perkins 
Elizabeth Petrakis 
Alan Pike 

Bonnie Sapp Poindexter 
Rildia Jones Pritchett 
Rhonda Nunn Pruitt 
Willie Prum 
Muriel Raglin 
Mary Bratford Redmond 
Anne Reese 

Nancy Beindorff Richbourg 
Joyce Binner Rickard 
Susan Huck Rifkind 
Mark Rigsbee 
Karen Benton Rinehart 
Florette Mulbrook 
David Robertson 
Roben Rominger Hi 
Sarah Shuping Schtemann 
Jancsi Schuize 
Wesley Sexton Jr 
Stephen Shenk 
Gail Harrison Shepherd 
Susie Simmons 
Ann Paetzell Sims 
Kathy Traylor Sink 
Peggy Prongay Slater 
Manon Alexander Sledge 
Larry Spainhour 
David Spnngett 
Nancy Mcliwain Stevens 
Fran Dudley Strickland 
Ora Strickland 
John Surratt 
Robin Beamon Svt/aim 
Linda Flynn Sykes 
Claude Tate Jr. 
Janice Oilman Tomlinson 
Marta Velez Tornero 
Carolyn Joyner Townsend 
Gayla Turk 

Mary Laura Paiek Turner 
John Vercoe II 
Lynn Viehe Voss 
Nancy Leavitt Wagnon 
Patty Wall 
John Wallgren Jr. 
Teresa Bnggs West 
Catherine West 
Jeanne Labelle Weyant 
Debbie Stroud White 
Ellen Beckman Wiliiams 
Michael Wincheil 
Elma Wood 

Susan Wood 

Cornelius Wright Jr 

Rosemary Roberts Yardley 

Bruce York 

Lynne Dehart Young 

Barbara Schmiedehausen 
Doyle Ailred 

Jeanne Cannady Anderson 
Sonya Phillips Anderson 
Cassie Chlad Andrzejewski 
Jean Atkinson 
Frances Hutcherson Bailey 
Brenda Murray Baker 
Nancy Thompson Baldwin 
Tern Weigle Barefoot 
Margaret Oakley Beckner 
Betty Poore Benedek 
Arthur Benton 
Pat Hill Bergen 
Emma Turner Berry 
Daniel Black 
Kathy Collins Black 
Dudley Bokoski 
Rene Boles 
Jan Bolton 

Barbara Brown Bonheur 
Terri Culler Bost 
Hazel Asbill Bowen 
Edward Bowen 
Diane Bowers 
Brenda Bnggs Bowman 
Judith Cnst Boyd 
Burt" Boyette Bramlett 
Shirley Brooks 
Ellen Bryson 
Debra Cameron Bullard 
Maddie Gonnella Bullard 
Jackie Burke 
Jay Butler 

Catherine Fisher Caldwell 
Aubrey Calhoun 
Linda Harrill Calhoun 
John Campbell 
Katherine Griswold 
Jane Kelly Carrigan 
Kim Church 

Kathleen Cochran Clayton 
Jane Cartwright Cline 
Debbie Boyd Conner 
Mary Lam Connolly 
Michael Cullman 
Marilyn Harper Cummings 
Dusty Dale 

Brenda Clinard Daniel 
Julie Daniel 
Vicky Grubbs Debidart 
Patricia Boyle Dewasthali 
David Dezern 
David Dickens 
Kay Caviness Donivant 
Lucy Dorsey 
Louise Taylor Durham 
Barbara Kille Ellis 
Betsy Ervin 
Jim Etheridge 
Sharon Murphy Fanelli 
Margaret Burns Feierabend 
Charles Foster 
Sandra Gallemore 

Evans Eve Garber 
Debbi Oenng-Bass 
Debbie Gordon 
Jo Graf 
Worth Graham 
Ellen Greaves 
Saralyn Blanton Griffith 
Ann Wilson Grush 
Marjie Guilford 
Cheryl Guyer 
Jane Prestia Hall 
Juha Hardie 
Debbi Bass Harris 
Geneva Foster Harrison 
Martha Bryant Hazelton 
Nancy Raynor Heath 
Debbie McGann Heaton 
John Helm Sr. 
Rene Hendnx 
Jody Harlig Henley 
Virginia Henry 
Robin Holbrook Henson 
John Herke 
Linda Goshorn Hirsch 
Robert Horrocks 
Terry Shoffner Howard 
Cathy Hawks Hull 
George Hundley Jr 
Simmons Isler IV 
Joseph Jackson 
! Charles Jetters 
T. J. Johnson Jr 
Connie Lawrence Johnson 
Dove Parnell Johnson 
Susie Carroll Jones 
Jeff Joyce 
Patti Stafford Joyce 
Alan Kaplan 
Sarah Brady Karam 
Scott Keener 
Margaret Cherry Keiger 
Julia Gregg Kramer 
Kurt Kronenfield 
Cindy Benbow Labell 
Mary Landen 
Margaret Ward Langston 
Carol Featherston Larsen 
Ellen West Law 
Karen Weeks Lawrence 
Jesse Lewis Jr 
Lisa Uzzell Lewis 
Laura Lloyd 
Al Lochra 

Phyllis Mangum Lowry 
Lynn Kent Lowther 
Jann Lund 
Rick Lung 
Jeff Mabe 

Carolyn Falvo MacCormac 
Steve Maleski 
Randy Mann 
Flora Clegg Martin 
Jonathan Matzkin 
Joan Propst Maultsby 
Jon McCachren 
Laura McKaskel 
Libby McKinney 
Martha Nicholson McMinn 
Janice Havner McNeill 
Sylvia Valetich Meisner 
Edee Green Merritt 
Jean Cherry Moses 
Fran Myers 
Joanne Woody Oates 

Ellen Boles Olson 

Connie Nicholson Outten 

Glenda Owens 

Joel Parker 

Sharon Idol Parks 

Phyllis Cousin Parrott 

Michael Paschal 

Amanda Joyce Patton 

Marianne Guy Pendlebury 

Lynn McCall Perkins 

Rita Hundley Pickler 

Julie Singley Pinkston 

Carol Rumley Porlertield 

Alison Pratt 

Jamie Jackson Pndgen 

Cathy Powell Procton 

Margaret Prymuszewski 

Richard Queen 

John Richmond 

Mary Ries 

Brenda Norville Ritch 

Cianne Grogan Roberts 

Teresa Walker Roberts 

Reade Maclm Rowe 

Marsha Whitney Royal 

Mary Ruili 

Patricia Wilson Sams 

Felix Sanchez-Boudy 

Mane Hester Sappenfield 

Kim Scott 

Paula Lagle Seaford 

Sylvia Vazquez Self 

Cathy Whittle Shaw 

Jim Shore Jr. 

Cathy Payne Showtety 

Randy Sides 

June Holloman Siggins 

Betty Edwards Sikes 

Rhonda Wright Skeen 

Ronald Skenes Jr. 

Rose Pritchett Slonaker 

Kim Carswell Smith 

Martha Smith 

Mary Smith 

Douglas Smith Jr 

Marian Adams Spam 

Sandra Mull St Louis 

Henry Stanton Jr 

James Stiles 

Amy Sloop Slinson 

Steve Stone 

Deb Merrill Stout 

Cathy Cromer Strassner 

Brenda Bright Strickland 

Karol Everette Stultz 

Rich Sugrue 

Hilary Weiss Swinson 

Pat Decker Sykes 

Kent Tager 

Lynne Hilliard Talbot 

Howard Talley 

Zandra Murphy Taylor 

Kathryn Taylor 

Vaughn Hodnett Thomas 

Tony Thompson 

Tncia Todd 

Linda Frey Turnbull 

Dawn Martm Tuttle 

Vivienne Smart Tyson 

Gail Use Van Dyke 

Laverne Totten Vance 

Jeff Vance 

Sharon Salyer Vaughan 

Max Vogler 

Timothy Walker 
Lloyd Walters 
Mark Washburn 
Dorothy Waterlill 
Robert Waters Jr. 
Jeannette Cobb Walson 
Terry Lineberger Wendt 
Robin Davis West 
Kim Westergaard-Ellis 
Mildred Page White 
Jo Proctor White 
Barbara Wilkinson 
Susan Fox Williamson 
Jan Wilson 

Sharon Ford Winchester 
Tern Gurdgiel Wood 
Terry Moir Wooding 
Nathan York III 

Carl Alcon 

Sheila Bennett Alderman 
James Alien Jr. 
Cynthia Barnette Allen 
Kathryn Ailred 
Norman Anderson 
Sharen Satterfield Apple 
Pat Hatley Austin 
Janet Averett 
Nancy Ayers 
Ann Gwathmey Badgett 
Raymond Baity 
Darrel Baker 
Sharon Murphy Baldwin 
Sharon Barker 
Jeanne Bauman 
Diane Swann Baysmger 
Carolyn Earnhardt Beaver 
Karen Edwards Bedford 
Andrea Lesko Be'lis 
Lee Rose Benton 
Sylvia Goldstein 

Jennie Plott Betton 
Kathryn Quinn Billings 
Alice Bissell 
Amy Andrews Bloomer 
Frances Weiland Boerema 
Carolyn Woodyard Boese 
Rose Wnght Bohn 
Jan Yarborough Bostic 
Buddy Boyd Jr. 
Michael Brame 
Kay Lowder Branigan 
Elizabeth Brannon 
Patcie Bowling Brevard 
Dorothy Brightman 
Susan Kiser Brooks 
Betsy Thomason Brown 
Joseph Buie 
Judith Carlson 
Lori Vaughn Carter 
Mary Dombrowski Carter 
Barbara Johnson Gates 
Lynne Jacobs Clawson 
Neil Clay 

Jamie Thomas Cobbler 
Rachel Grossman Cohen 
Kevin Cox 
Treb Cranford 111 
John Crawford 
Nancy Wilt Cutler 
Linda Welsh Darner 

Janice Gavin 

Wendy Carson Dawson 

Denise Day 

Ellen Steinmann DeCaro 

Chnstine Degree 

Carol DeHaven 

Maura Canoies DelVecchio 

Joy Desensi 

David Doyle 

Barbara Wike Dunning 

Mary McNair Eagle 

Georgene Gaskill Eakes 

Billy Edwards 

Cathy Moxley Edwards 

Robert Efird 

Cynthia Archer Ellington 

Polly Wellons Eilsweig 

Judith Clayton Emme 

Mary Eubanks 

Sarah Schintzel Evans 

Joseph Everhart 

Beatrice Cohen Feinberg 

Katri Fiero 

Karen Pence Fletcher 

Amy Flinchum 

Marilyn Bun/i/ell Forster 

Ruth Edwards Fulp 

June Fulton 

Dennis Funk 

Judith Bullard Gaghan 

Sandra Davis Gleeson 

Ellen Pemberton Goodwin 

Virgmia Garngan Gordan 

Linda Buckner Greene 

James Greene Jr 

Shirley Johnson 


Gregory Greer 

Teresa Dunlap Griffin 

George Griffin 

Debbie Hanna Gnffiths 

Sharon Groce 

Susan Snead Gusler 

Caroline Guthrie 

Jean Hardman Hahn 

Pat Hall 

Rheba Hamilton 

Harold Hancock 

Betty Brower Hardin 

Susan Harrison 

Jackie Oakley Harrison 

Angela Johnson Hartman 

Thomas Hartsell 

Susan Stalter Hassell 

Ginny Byrd Hayes 

Hollyjean Coward Heme 

Amanda Collie Heinemann 

Carol Larrimore Heise 

Linda Adcock Hendricks 

Irene McAfee Henline 

Katy Gordon Hiatt 

Richard Himmer 

Victoria Swift Hodge 

Karen Hogarth 

Benny Hooker 

April Wilkerson Hopkins 

Rebecca Hornaday 

Michael Hudson Jr 

Brenda Hass Hughes 

Carol Hunt 

Sylvia Thomas Hutcherson 

Teresa Kerns Hyatt 

Linda Sink Hyder 

Jamie Isenhour 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association IVIembership 

Shirley Southworth 


Gary Jones 

Gloris Joyner 

Martha Keffer 

Ann French Kelk 

Sherry Kelly 

Pamela Dobbins Kentner 

Donna Messick Kimmel 

Kathy Moore Kirkman 

Kathryn Kisabeth 

Sharon Mooney Langston 

Tobie Goodwin Laskowski 

Vivian Perkins Lewis 

James Lidstone 

Aubry Linville 

Jean Lo(ko 

Gil Long 

Catherine Simons 

Jim Madsen 
Kimberly Kelly Mann 
Joseph Mann 
Linda Gann Martm 
Debbie Crook May 
James McCarson 
Mary McElwee 
Anna Lowder McFarland 
Nancy Graper McGraw 
Cheryl McQueen 
Karen Teeters Meyers 
Sharon Chrismon Miller 
Glenda Perry Milligan 
Lisa Moffitt 

Martha McManus Moore 
Martha Hines Morehead 
John Morehead 
Anne Prout Morehead 
Becky Lipe Morris 
Donna Cox Morrison 
Jim Morrison 
Katie Parks Mullan 
Julie Rhodes Myrick 
Bob Nadler 
Rebecca Wall Nail 
Sybil White Neal 
Suzanne Stokes Niver 
Susan Dash Northrop 
George Norwood 
Vanessa Woods Oakley 
Marta TIapova' Oakley 
Phillip Owens 
Paula Reynolds Owens 
Lorene Huffman Painter 
Kathy Parsons 
David Payne 
Kathenne Peck 
Ann Piper Pember 
John Perkinson Jr 
Bfyan Peterson 
Karin Kauftman Pettit 
Kim Clark Phillips 
Laura Gilchrist Pike 
Hazel Partridge Poolos 
John Pope 

Phyllis Grubb Prescott 
Cynthia Washburn Price 
Steve Proctor 
Catherine Bulla Rachide 
Andy Ralston-Asumendi 
Freda Ramey 
Carol Raney 
Carol Schisler Reed 
Faith Holder Rhodes 

Vera Sprinkle Richardson 

Eric Ries 

Ruth Gentry Rigaud 

Laurey Mercer Rigsbee 

Julia Chambliss Roberts 

Kathy McCoy Robinson 

Donna Tucker Robinson 

Nancy Alexander Roth 

John Rymer 

Kitty Shepherd Sapp 

Teresa Schilling 

Vicki Wtlhelm Schmelz 

Marion Dail Seaman 

Susan Sears 

Robin Self 

William Sharpe 

Janice Shelton 

Pam Stegall Shope 

Barbara Smith 

Catherine Hodges Sigmon 
Jerry Simpson 
Michael Sink 
Michael Slane 
Cheryl Hoots Smith 
Betsy Sparrow 
Gloria Spaugh 
Clarissa Spawn 
Judy Boling Stanford 
Christian Poole 

Wilmoth Barncks Stewart 
Miriam McElveen Story 
Ferd Stout II 
Wiley Sykes III 
Camille Taylor 
Margaret Andrews Tillery 
William Tonkin 
Pamela Troy 
Scott Tucker 
Joyce Liner Tynes 
John Umberger Jr 
Mary Wilhoile Watson 
Regina Webster 
Elizabeth Welfare 
Nadine Stillman Whitacre 
Gail Whitaker 
Laune Lake White 
John Wicker 
David Williams 
Georgianna Willis 
Lydia Eskridge Wilson 
Carol Pipkorn Wilson 
Donna Walker Winchell 
Timothy Wishon 
Rich Wolt 
Paul Wooley 
Alfred York Jr. 
Barbara Willitord Yow 
Kevin Yow 


Jackie Hawkins Allen 
Robm Tuttle Anderson 
Jan Austin 

Claudette Bnssie Austin 
Betty Pearson Austin 
Anne Codington Autrey 
Arlean Barner 
Cynthia Allen Bean 
Sharon Guyer Bennett 
Neil Benson * 
Andy Bereznak 

Beth Peeler Bereznak 
Cammie McGinnis Berner 

James Berry 

John Bethune 

Dotlie Reichard Bianchard 

Jane Rhodes Boggs 

Ronald Boroughs 

Georges Bou-Saba 

Sandra Stas Boyd 

Celha Campbell Brecher 

Manlyn Roach Brooks 

Sue Brown 

Sharon Bruce 

John Bryson Jr. 

Cathy Byerly 

Mary Sitterson Calhoun 

John Campbell 

Robin Bost Carter 

Maria Bundros Chininis 

Megan Hyman Clerici 

Gaye Barbour Clifton 

Susan Rhyne Cole 

Mary Collette 

Carol Spector Cone 

Byron Cooper 

Polly Satis Crouch 

Sherry Gartner Cullen 

Tim Davis 

Kim Joyce Dawson 

Willard Dean Jr, 

Tommy Dorset! 

Bilhe Mace Durham 

Frank Ernest 

Robin Everhart 

Mary Moylan Ferguson 

Ruth Slattery Finch 

Renee HiHiard Foust 

Robin Fowler 

Ryan Fox 

Elizabeth York French 

Juanita Reel Gaddy 

Darlene Gifford 

Joanne Goldwater 

ButchiG Curtis Gossett ' 

Robert Graham IV 

Caroline Gramley 

Bruce Greenwood 

Frances Otterbourg Griffith 

Clara "CB" Bell Guess 

Mickey Hecht Hair 

Susan Hathcock Hamnck 

Michael Hancock 

Brenda Hardison 

Cathy Harner 

Gayle Midgette Harper 

Mary Blackwell Hayden 

Carol Gallagher Hayworth 

Loretta Shaw Helton 

Judy Smith Henncks 

Debra Hill 

Robyn Kennedy Holder 

John Horm 

Dorothy "DC' Grubb Home 

Diane Gentry Hudgins 

Charles Hudson Jr 

Michelle Willoughby 

Gwendolyn Felty Huffman 
Anna Von Oesen Hughes 
David Huguelet 
Lib Hunt 
Doug Hurley 
John lannaccone 
Philis Phillips Intro 

Janice Lane Irwin 
Amy Dailey Jacobson 

Deborah Jamieson 
Mary Harris Jasmine 
Cynthia Paul Jefferson 
Lynn Woodward Jenkins 
Susan Harrison Johnson 
Orton Jones 
Robert Jones 
Rebecca Norns Keith 
Betty Snyder Kelly 
Seth Kernodle 
Carole King 
John King 

Georgia Farr Kingsley 
Eric KristOff 

Sandra Squires Kueider 
Scott Lane 

Leigh Ingersoll Lassiter 
Chris Leach 
Denise Lippucci 
Leslie Lockwood 
Sandy Dawson Luney 
Barbara Liles Mariey 
Teresa Marshall Mathison 
Bonnie Remondelli 

McA lister 
Victona McCianahan 
Lisa McDaniel McElveen 
Sandy Burchfield Mikles 
Terry Mitchell 
Betsy Niver Montgomery 
Stan Moss 

Evelyn Ramger Nadler 
Jean Ogburn Neal 
Mark Neely 
Mark Newell 

Cathenne Briscoe Nocito 
Dick Grander Jr 
Cynthia Dodson Ortiz 
Judy Rice Owen 
Kathenne Parker 
Deborah Bass Parks 
Sherry Cecil Paul 
Laura Kearns Pennell 
Helen McGowan Petticord 
John Polickoski 
William Price Jr. 
Ruth Miller Pugh 
William Pugh 
Vera Thrift Rabm 
Anthony Reeves 
Richard Reifsnyder 
Tammi Zucker Reitzel 
Courtney Blackwell 

Joan Rjgsbee Russell 
June Moore Ryckman 
Sandra Huff Saintsing 
Carla Vance Schiffel 
Enka Schlager 
Cecilia Marulanda Schroder 
Mary Marvin Schroeder 
Judith Sapp Searcy 
Mark Shovtftety 
Carlan Shreve 
Sheha Siler 
Gina Howell Smith 
Sherry Jackson Smith 
David Smith 
Gary Smith 
Mike Smith 
Charles Smith 
Martha Snyder 

Vickie Speer 

Btll Starke 

Brenda Stewart 

Sarah Stout 

Stephen Sudderth 

Jimmy Tallent II 

Sallye Armstrong Taylor 

Sharon Adrian Thomas 

Carol Tompkins 

Cheryl Miller Trapp 

Henry Trollinger III 

Sue Senecal Turner 

Barbara Brooks Urban 

Bruce Vail 

Ellen Hewitte Vaughn 

Mark Violetle 

Kay Watford 

Lisa Brown Watkins 

Susan Tankard Wear 

Janet Hunter Weisner 

Pat Wells 

Debora Graves Westcott 

Lou White 

Tammie Letler Willard 

Bill Wood 

Barbara Powell Zapiec 


Kathryn Frye Adams 

Deidre Walser Adkins 

Debbie Anderson 

Millie Nye Anderson 

Darren Bailey 

Phyllis Crumbley Bailey 

Christopher Baker 

Cathy Sigman Banner 

Chen Pickett Barry 

Janet Bartlett 

Sheryl Aycock Bauer 

Tony Bennett 

Debra Peterson Berg 

Jen Denny Bistline 

Susan Bjerke 

Athena Blackmon 

Judy Princing Bliss 

Lauren Steigerwald Bobbitt 

David Bodenhamer Jr 

Carol Sienski Bogedain 

Janet Bogus 

Beth Boiling 

Susan Smith Bowers 

Barbara Ammons Brennan 

Daniel Brewer 

Jean Calhoun Brooks 

Mary Beckerlegge Brown 

Morns Bumgarner 

Gay Nell Bunton 

Eric Bunon 

Susie Caldwell 

Martha Canipe 

Becky Coleman Carrick 

Diana Dearmg Carroll 

David Chafin 

Pamela Tucker-Collins 

Vicky Reck Cook 

Terry Cox 

Joanne Trogdon Cox 

Robert Darby 

Lisa Davis 

Linda Hindley Dean 

David Deaton 

Catherine Williams Draper 

Rick Dull 

Steven Easter 
Deborah Walkins Enoch 
Gary Evans 

Kimberly Evans-Stallmgs 
Lisa Cox Farlow 
Lori Fausi 
Rupert Fenequito 
Janice Fields 
Robbtn Bartlett Flow 
Harriet Maulden Forbis 
Lisa Morns French 
Lisa Miller Fullington 
Nellie Lane Gardner 
David Gilbert 
Wesley Gilliland 
Mike Gough 

Kathy Ashworlh Greenstein 
Gregory Greenstein 
Karen Younts Gnffin 
Patty Walker Gruce 
Carol Snead Hagler 
Pam De Ved Haigler 
John Harrelson Jr 
Nancy Hoskins Harrelson 
Tom Harrison Jr 
Alice Coram Haynes 
Philip Hednck 
Damon Hickey 
Robert Hicks Jr 
Barbara Chapman Hill 
Susan Hockaday 
Manbelh Geraci Hudgins 
John Hudgins Jr 
Molly Finer Hughes 
James Hundley 
Sheila Hunter 
Laura Hyatt 
Roger Hyatt 
Donna Routh Isley 
Lynne Frutchey James 
Ann Adams Johnson 
Suzanne Collier Johnson 
Sandra Johnson 
Yvonne Machilek Johnson 
Peggy Welborn Johnson 
Lindsay Jomes Jr. 
Anne Nelson Jones 
Ken Joyner 
Shan Kaplan 
Wat Keys 
Russell Kimbro Jr 
Phyllis Cheek Kneg 
Crystal Lane 
Feldman Lane Jr 
Deborah Johnston Leach 
Martin Leith 
Virginia Lanier Leonard 
Tyndall Thompson Light 
Clara Barnes Link 
Barbara Love Linker 
Fredenck Lowrey Jr, 
Frederick Lyman 
David Marion 
Linda Jones Martin 
Kitty Mayberry Matthews 
Thomas Mauldin 
Emma Bailey McAdams 
Richard McFadyen 
Tommy McNulty 
Jim Meredith Jr 
Linda Swanson Michalski 
Bonnie Seay Miller 
Charles Montgomery 
Neili Morrison III 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Sandra Davis Moulton 
Mary Kaye Moore Nesbit 
Judith Rodriguez Novicki 
Betty Turner Olive 
Tina Oliver 
Miriam Smoot Olynick 
Connie Herzberg Grander 
Tammy King Orr 
Sandra James Overton 
Sara Parker 
Jotin Pasquini 
Jill Pavey 
Art Perper 
Linda Phillips 
Ted Phillips 
Dale Phipps 
James Plyler Jr. 
Wanda Stewart Post 
Angela King Powell 
Susan Lowder Prather 
Lynn Trout Prescop 
Fred Previc 
Rachel Deal Pnddy 
Angela Moore Purgason 
Imogene Hedrick Purkey 
Roberta NigroQumn 
Gray Ragland II 
Duncan Rawls 
Julie Rece 
Margaret Raid 
Pamela Cheek Reynolds 
Cathye Baker Robinson 
Caroline Rohrbacker 
Kay Johnson Rouse 
Nancy Ryckman 
Mina McMahan Sink 
Sheha Catling Smith 
Pamela Reveille Smith 
Deirdre Smith 
Tony Smith 
William Smith 
Linda Markley Solomon 
Barbara Besore South 
Sharon Spencer 
Gina Staples 
Constance Fulrell 

Cheryl Benfield Stokes 
Nancy Story 
Kim Willis Stroud 
Elizabeth Clark Surratt 
Ruth Mesh Tatsapaugh 
Arlene Rohr Taylor 
Jessica Teague 
Demestris Squires 

Jerry Tolley 
Jan Powers Trexler 
Pamela Tucker-Collms 
Teresa Bnttam Turner 
William Turner Jr. 
Jane Blackwell Turpin 
Norman TuTtte 
Eliza Tate Vaughan 
Dean Vial 

Patsy Horton Wagner 
Jean Bunn Waldo 
Cindy Capps Warren 
Charles Wells Jr 
Richard Wells 
Winniford Willcox Wheeler 
Nancy Swan White 
Lee White 

Nancy Nolan Wilkinson 
Donna Taft Williams 

Sandra Parker Adams 
Amy Allen 
Lilli Moore Ambro 
Nancy Amodei 
Dentse Foster Askew 
Catherine Bailey 
Boyce Baldwin Jr, 
Audrey Farmer Baldwin 
Ponetta Barber 
Leona Fliegner Bard 
Karen Beam 
Elizabeth Tnplett Beam 
Scott Berg 
Carol Kaiiing Bird 
Dorothy Loose Boardman 
Martha Potter Bowen 
Pegi Brady 
Barry Brown 
Joel Brown 

Melinda Kaylor Buchanan 
Melrose Tapscott 

David Bulla 
Shelley Smith Bullock 
Susan Gilliam Surge 
Sue Fisher Burgess 
Alice Carroll 
Deborah Elliott Carroll 
Cynthia Hedrick 
Caria Gragg Church 
Eric Cook 
Teresa Corn 
Phyllis Coulter 
Meleah Wolfington Crews 
Susan Monarty Daniel 
Carol Mashburn Deaton 
Sean Debnam 
Jim Denmark 
Charlene Deverin 
Katherine Lacy Dillard 
Anne Haywood Dirr 
Elizabeth Green Doran 
Mary Douglass 
Tyler Duffy 

Doreen Murray Dvorscak 
Randy East 
Robin Edwards 
Caren Cunningham Ellisor 
Julia Elmore 
Melody Evans 
Penny Pressley Ferreira 
Raymond Fisher 
Kay Belcher Flynn 
Margaret Megginson 

Neal Foster 

Rosemary Kissinger Fox 
Gregory French 
Anne Taylor Frost 
Chandra Godette 
Nancy Wilder Gordon 
Debra Kriegsman Goulder 
Denise Peeler Gray 
Kathy Haldane 
Betty Harns 
Judy Hams 
Donna Harrison 
Kathleen Castor Haughton 
Patty Roorback Hedrick 

Peggy Jones Henderson 

Gerald Hewitt 

Carolyn Highsmith 

Mary Hampton Hinshaw 

Deirdre Kelley Hoeneisen 

Mark Holder 

Bob Hooks 

Michael Hoxie 

Linda Schaub Huftine 

Paul Hughes 

Ninene Humber 

Susan Crowe Jeftenes 

Cameron Johnston 

Anna Jordan 

Linda Goldberg Kaiser 

Scott Keller 

Linda Johnson Kerley 

Scott King 

Amanda Price Kircher 

Michael LaCroix 

Jenny Hilton Lail 

Kim Steele Lawson 

Susan Montana Lay 

David Ledbetter 

Marsha Little 

Allison Gordon 


Jody Mangus 

Wendy Mathewson Marion 

Dennis Martin 

Fred Martin III 

Kendra Smith Martin 

Gail Causey Matthews 

Dalphene Crowder Mays 

Tammy Pendergrass 

Lynn Medlin 
Ruth Wendell Metheny 
David Mickey 
Clo Saleeby Miller 
Patncia Cochran Mobley 
Laurie Morris 
John Moseley 
Jeff Mott 
Scon Myott 
Keith Nance 

Nancy Hollenbeck Newman 
Jerry Nevilon III 
Caroline Keener North 
Patricia O'Carroll 
Teresa Miller Oakley 
Ricky Oakley 
Kaye Light Grander 
Barbara Osguthorpe 
Lynn Owens 
Karen Oxendine 
Tad Palmer 

Stephanie Strong Paschal 
Mahrad Pay mam 
Alexander Peters 
Lori Neal Phillips 
Joel Prairie 
Dan Pratt Jr. 
Marsha Pritchard 
Barry Prochaska 
Mark Pruitt 

Hazel Shelton Puckett 
Ginger Gritfith Rakestraw 
Donald Reeves 
Leida Capella Robinson 
Joseph Robinson 
Suzanne Ross 
Samba Sanyang 
Lynn Lovette Sazama 

Elaine Orsag Schall 
Rosemarie Fowler 

Becky Heafner Schlosser 
Janet Edwards Searcy 
Deborah Pifer Shearin 
Sue Blevins Sheek 
Anne Hall Shu 
Govit Sinthusek 
Nancy Smith 
John Still 
Harry Slone 
Elsa Ramirez-Lagos 

Esker Tatum 
Susan Tayloe 
Elizabeth Lentz Tayyeb 
Janet Cline Thomas 
Wanda Tidwell 
Jill Hubbard Touchberry 
Scott Touchberry 
Carole Edgerton Treadway 
Ray Treadway 
Sharon Rollins Trull 
Karen Williams Van Horn 
Rodney Van Valkenburg 
Lynn Waggoner 
Ben Walker 
Marjorie Lane Warren 
Jeffrey Warren 
Ann Watkins 
Richard Watt 
Billy Wells Jr, 
Denise Wood Wells 
Shorn Hickey White 
Molly McLendon Williams 
Alice Turner Williams 
Jacqueline Wiggins Wilson 
Linda Woodard Wilson 
Rodney Windsor 


Denise GuilliamsAbsher 
Tim Albertson 
Tara Andrew 
Claude Arnold 
Martha Smith Balsley 
Chns Wade Barbour 



Denise Beebe 

Martha Turnipseed Berrier 

Lee Bird 

Michele Blazevich 

Renee Campbell Soger 

Pamela Whitt Brady 

Holly Brown 

Ty Buckner III 

Joyce Thomas Cantrell 

Theresa Carroll 

Janice Garter 

Ruthi Cohen 

Jane Slate Cooper 

Beth Bitcon Costa 

Hazel Covington 

Cindy McCollom Crantord 

Amy Crawford 

Robyn Ramsdeil Curran 

Bird Currie 

Kathy D'Angelo 

Lydia Davis 

Wendy Davis 

Kim Durham Davis 

Vanessa Barndt Davison 

Robert Dockery 

Lynne Donahoe 

Stephen Driscoll 

Arnita Dula 

Lucille Branch Duncan 

Ruth Dance Edwards 

Ruth Dodson Ellis 

Raleigh Ellison Jr. 

Kathy Essick 

Melinda Evans 

Joe Farrar Jr. 

Dale Folwell 

Kathryn Shackelford Foster 

Kelly Kepley Furr 

Mike Garner 

Marge Gay 

Robed Gee 

Monica Gentry 

Wilma Greenberg Click 

Sara Gramley 

Sherwood Greer 

Sandra Webster Griffith 

Tom Guthrie 

Melanie Berlin Harris 

Michael Hawks 

Kay Keys Herndon 

John Hilbinger 

Bnan Hill 

Alice Sterrett Hilton 

Katherine Hitchcock 

Donna Moffitt Holder 

Tony Horney 

John Howe 

Robert Hubbert 

Margaret Hutchison 

Julie Populorum Inman 

Carol Johnson 

Peggy Morgan Johnson 

Sharon Joyce 

Maureen Gray Keller 

Beth Colomb Kincaid 

Debbie Kiser 

Gloria Knight 

Nancy Kinney Land 

Robin Bailey Landers 

Lisa Hull Lankford 

Carol Johnson Lasley 

Mike Lauer 

Dave Ledwell 

Kellye Brown Lentz 

Judy Moore Leonard 

Janey Link 

Jennifer Curtis Macon 

Vipin Madan 

Caroline Heritage Martin 

Kimberly Martin 

Lon Ann Martin 

Rhonda Mathis 

Kevin Matthews 

Mark Mclntyre 

Jim Mckee III 

Bill McKenzie Jr. 

Janette Needham McNeill 

Mike Miller 

Patricia Jones Mitchell 

Mark Moran 

John Nance 

Becky Smoak Parnsh 

Penny Pendergrass 

Carol Poole 

Jill Cheves Porter 

Mary Ann Buffaloe Potts 

Frederick Price 

Emily Sandrowski Rabold 

Sara Martindale Raplis 
Sue Parks Reddick 
Shannon Teague Reese 
William Rice Jr 
Carolyn Ballard Richardson 
Eddie Roland 
Susan Garrett Rowsey 
Kirsten Pilcher Russ 
Bryan Putter 
Kenneth Searcy 
Janice Self 
Lloyd Sharpe 
Wesley Sharpe 
Michael Shelton 
Sandra Wardle Shelton 
Mary Jones Sherron 
Dorothy Moir Slater 
Eleanor Shermer Smith 
Frances Turner Southern 
Ralph Spnnkle 
Manrose Keyes 
Jackie Stone 
Tracey Swann 
Antony Swider 
Patricia Heeder Takacs 
Vanessa Mittman Thomas 
Robert Todd 
Lynn Wallace 
Tammy Wankow 
Adam Warner 
Nan Anderson Webb 
Charles Webb 
Debbie Dorman Welborn 
Bnan Welborn 
Lon Goins Westfall 
Davene Wagner Williams 
Tapp Wood 
Cindy Yates 

Lisa Robertson Yeomans 
Linda Thompson Young 
Margaret Mayer Zancanella 
Robert Zettle 
Barbara Ann Wilson Zizzi 


Ins Faircloth Adams 

Jeff Allee 

Lloyd Anderson 

Gene Hunter Arnold 

Jack Arnold Jr 

Carla Wininger Bardon 

Sarah Barham 

Betty Biedny Barnes 

Barney Barnes 

Tammy Boggs Bason 

Stacey Sazama Berman 

Elmer Billman 

Bob Blackwell 

Patricia Gallagher Blaetz 

Langley Brown Borneman 

Cader Bradley 

Pal Reaves Britton 

Ann OLeary Brown 

Susan Bryant 

Jamilyn Kelsh Burnett 

Caryl Blair Burns 

Barbara Snedegar 


Miranda Burroughs 

Robin Ramm Bylenga 

Lome Carey 

Donald Carmichael 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

1989-90 Alumni Association Membership 

Annette Eudy Carpenter 

Michele Carrera 

Kathleen Carttand 

Michael Clifton 

Laura Hampton Coker 

Donald Collier 

Alice Forney Connolly 

David Craft 

Mary Redfearn Creed 

Lea Covington Danner 

Kathy Davis 

Jean Slawter Dula 

Susan Dumortier 

Harold Dunevant 

Laurie Clark Edwards 

Julia Shumate Ewing 

Patrick Falvey 

Gigi Farrow 

Shirley Herlong Fishburne 

Carl Fisher 111 

Jon Fitzgerald 

Jane King Ford 

Neal Fox 

Haig Garabedian 

Bernard Ghiselin 

Todd Goble 

Tom Goodwin 

Michael Grant 

Jennifer Greene 

Charles HalMII 

James Hardison 

Beverly Harrison Hams 

Dana Hatcher 

Nancy Kay Hazelman 

Angela Taylor Herbm 

Tncia Higgins 

Emily Hodgin 

Ben Hopkins 

Laura Idol 

Patricia Durham Ingram 

Hallie Skeen Jessup 

Cheryl Blackford Johnson 

Peggy Gibson Jones 

Olive Beavers Jordan 

Cheryl Lavin Joyner 

Vincent Kelly Jr 

Lisa Andrews Kidd 

Patncia Polickoski King 

Harlow King Jr. 

Ann Dennis Kingrey 

Vera Guise Knight 

Carrie Koontz 

Karen Townsend Koury 

Hildegard Sauerwein 


Kim Lawing 

Nolan Lawson 

Daun Satcher Ledwell 

Britt Lineberger 

Sue Gray Llorente 

Carlos Lopez III 

Catharine Inabnet Loveioy 

Thomas Lowe 

Robert Lytton Jr. 

Joani Madden 

Cynthia Maddox 

Charlene Berger Martorano 

Kim Link Mays 

Joyce Kelly McClure 

Ed McDaniel 

Betsy Michelis 

John Nantz 

Mary Thorne Nantz 

Jeannie Couch Naylor 

Hugh Nichols Jr 
Malachy O'Connell 
Camille Oehler 
Andrew Parasiliti 
Jeffrey Parkin 
Stephen Padrick 
Pengo Penmger 
Jim Phillips Jr 
Barbara Dreyer Pomer 
Barbara Lee Porter 
Marlene Massaro Pratto 
Jane Preyer 
Lynn Foster Ramsey 
Thomas Redding 
Phil Rees 
Nancy Reinschmidl 

Ricardo Rodriguiz 
Wendy Drewry Roland 
Mary Michel Roufail 
Elizabeth Newsome Rudisill 
Robert Russell 
Dana Smith Sanford 
Kristin Long Schadt 
Jay Seabolt 
Stephen Sheftz 
Julie Webber Shelburne 
Philip Silver 
Sheryl Bridger Slate 
Ann Johnson Smith 
David Spencer 
Susan Kenney Spidell 
Alisa Lawson Starbuck 
Patricia Stead 
Lisa Stephenson 
Pamela Frutchey Stevens 
Marcia Stokely 
Lisa Harris Sutton 
Phyllis Davis Swank 
Kevin Swiss 

Kimberly Kesterson Trone 
Rayela Bradley Vinson 
Patncia Stoliker Warnock 
Betsey Donald Wells 
Roger Williams Jr 
Linda Schultz Wood 
Jerry Wray 
Andy Younts 


Phyllis Andrews 

Dawn Deese Apple 

Sonya Ashley 

Chns Avis 

Ronald Baldwin 

Cindy Creasy Barkley 

Dilara Batca 

Brian Beard 

Laura Bauer Beecy 

Mary Nelson Bolick 

Dawn Talley Bradfield 

Mary Gay Halbleib Brady 

Kathy Jones Bngham 

David Brinon 

James Brochin 

Paula Brooks 

Carmelita Gayagoy Brown 

Juliet Brown 

Tern Brown 

JoAnne Burgess 

Mark Cahill 

Lisa Carnell 

Kimberly Chaney 

Steven Cheek 
Janice Combs 

Jennifer Snead Compere 

Ruth Conoly 

Teresa Cornacchione 

Ann Cranford 

Timothy Craven 

Ray Crouse 

Laurel Matties Crowell 

Dez Davis 

Jackie Pittman Deaton 

Dotty Dilday 

Pat Abud Dixon 

Jerry Dodson III 

Neal Dorman III 

Susan Dosier 

Dorcas Rothrock Downs 

Martha Linville Dunn 

Amy Edmondson 

Willard Fenegan 

Joyce Groome Ferguson 

Carolyn Finch 

Jacquelyn Todd Foster 

Shelley Foster 

Tim Fowler 

Paula Freer 

Anne Gagnon 

Caroline Newton Gallimore 

Deborah Galvin 

Amy ■AC" Dollar Gardner 

Daniel Gardner 

Jean Getsee 

Bernetta Ghist 

James Graham 

Sandy Grey III 

Susan Haldane 

Danny Hall 

Deborah Gorski Handley 

Michael Hartgrove 

Mary Harward 

Amy Noblin Heintz 

Pamela Henderson 

Arlene Klos Hennessy 

James Herring Jr 

Tammy Hilliard 

Donna Hogan 

Mary Ann Hollowell 

Chris Horney 

Jamie Howe 

Alex Howie 

Ann Hutchinson 

Walter Jackson IV 

Karen Dunman Johnson 

Virginia Caton Johnson 

Diane Johnston 

Amy Matthews Joyce 

Marguerite Martucci Kaplan 

Matthew Kauffmann 

Clare Keenan 

Candance Hudson Kehr 

Gale Kerbaugh 

Alison Kimmeiman 

Liz Kincheloe 

Ram Angel Knight 

Gary Lake 

Michele Mahannah 

Peter LaMuraglia 
Shelley Shelton Ledbetter 
Lynne Porter Lewallen 
Meral Ozerengin Llewellyn 
Anita Luksic 

Mary Roze Weaver Lynch 
Billy Marcum 

Sandra Maurice Maree 
Charles McCaskill III 
Donna Angel McDaniel 
Paula Davis Memus 
Lori Hodgin Mills 
Robin Matthews Minter 
Jennifer Cornell Monges 
Sandy Zabnskie Moorman 
Katheryn Mull 
Maura Busch Nsonwu 
Alan Overbey 
Martha Allen Overman 
Karen Barnes Pakkala 
Gwen Gordan Pascale 
Mary Pearson 
Willard Perry Jr 
Patricia Moore Poag 
Nora Policastro 
Bonnie Corley Popdan 
Stacy Shivar Potter 
Johnny Price 
Sandra Snow Prodan 
Todd Redman 
Sam Webster Reese 
David Richardson 
Betty Ritz Rogers 
Margot Stern Ruskin 
Angela Saito 
Minam Satern 
Jennifer Green Sault 
Sharon Schlotteldt 
Donna Levine Shapiro 
Faith Saunders Shields 
Nancy Shiver 
Ouida Shotts 
Joy Singleton 
Jennifer Smith 
Deborah Frye Spalding 
Keith Stadler 

Laura Denhardt Steinberg 
Catherine Stemmler 
Terry Stewart 
Anita Crouse Stonebraker 
Tim Tarkington 
Kim Taylor 

Ann Smith Thompson 
Janice Gainer Thompson 
Michael Thompson 
Martha York Troxler 
Sylvia Meadows Walker 
Nan Murphy Ward 
Bill Welder 

Robin Bullard Whatley 
Kieth Wickersham 
Allen Wilkerson 
Sheila Williams 

Susan Abel 
Carole Akerly 
Charles Ayscue 
Douglas Bailey 
Frances Baker 
Lisa Carpenter Baldwin 
Dorothy Ballard 
David Banks 
Kathleen Swift Banks 
Roger Batca 
Mark Beecy 
Andrew Bellenkes 
Elizabeth Bond 
Jack Bowers Jr. 
Luz Alva Bullock 

Jennifer Burton 

Jill Clayton 

Carol Collie 

Mary Wood Copeland 

Ruth Copley 

Leigh Elkis Covington 

Sherry Farster 

Suzanne Sawyer Fitzgerald 

Ida Fleming 

Nancy Flinchum 

Gregory Fulton 

Ann Pope Goodwin 

Hunter Smith Goss 

Denise Ogletree Greene 

Geoffrey Grey 

Lynn Slate Gnttin 

Kellie Hachten 

Lynne Oakes Hammer 

Stan Harper 

Lynn Hawthorne 

Mark Hedgepeth 

Cheryl Carpenter Hickman 

Vincent Holbrook 

Wendy Coleman Holland 

Karyn Hollifield 

Timothy Hunt 

Thomas Johnson Jr 

James Jones Jr 

Rose Mackritis 

Mark King 

Augusta Sveen Kletzin 
Gregg Kowalski 
David Lane 

Amy Helsabeck Lipshay 
Catherine Scott Linle 
Jane Lenlz Livengood 
Robert Loer 
James Lomax 
Julie Long 
Naomi McCormick 
Diana McGuiggan 
Lame McKinney 
Cathy McMillan 
Kimberly McNairy 
Doug Mecimore Jr 
Jeffrey Mencka 
Nancy Levine Meyers 
Harry Morley Jr 
Elaine Redmon Morris 
Angela MyricK 
Beverly Noyes 
Mary Lewis Owen 
Rickie Jean Palmer 
Molly Doggetl Pasquim 
Mimi Parsons Perper 
Beth Sanderson Peterson 
Bobby Phillips 
Gene Pope 

Barbra Wittmann Reeve 
Chuck Reuben Jr 
Esther Cheng Reynolds 
Anora Reinburg Robbins 
Bren Roberts 
Janet Stadler Roe 
Amy Allison Ruhe 
Sharon Segall 
Meg Sheehan 
Tammy Lewis Shelton 
Frances Shelton 
Ronald Small 
James Smiley 
Sherri Land Smith 
Sybil Smith 

Beth Spainhour 
Robin Spainhour 
Melissa Spivey-Paul 
Garland Still III 
Darlene Joyner Street 
Margaret Ham Sturdivant 
Marsha Tice 
Donna Binkley Tingler 
Patli Crotteau Tomlmson 
Alicia Toney 
Beverly Collins Treece 
Karen Scnbner Trigg 
Laura Wilson 
Barbara Wolfe 
Wai-Tak Wong 
Geraldine Kimley Wood 
Lindsey Wrenn 

Daniel Ambrosiani 
Bnan Baldwin 
Marty Ballew 
Marilyn Becmer 
Andrea Bear Bendlin 
Dons Peterson 

Virginia Bowman 
Gina DaviS Boyles 
Chnsty Brice 
Peter Broadley 
Kelly Brookshire 
David Brown 
Ellen Bryant 
April Bunn 

Sharon Purgason Camras 
Marc Cheek 
Anne Hill Coble 
Jeanne Cooke 
Elisabeth Cox 
Lester Craft Jr 
Mary Crawford 
Donna Crook 
George Crocker III 
Mike Crump 
Mollie Berry Davenport 
Christine Degregono 
Liza Dekirmenjtan 
Eric Dunlap 
Balaam Elliott III 
Laura Eslmger 
Staci Falkowitz 
Suzy Norman Flynt 
Curtis Foreman Jr 
Jeffrey Frazier 
Daniel Fredricks 
Kelly Fuzzell 
Lydia Gaines 
Betsy LitesGant 
Margaret Garner 
Bobby Gibson Jr 
Ralph Grogan 
Lara Hamblen 
Burl Hammock 
Nancy Higgins 
Kelly McCollum Hilhard 
Lynn Hobbs 
Cindy Holleman 
Cliff Hudgins 
Ernest Jackson 
Jonathan Jobe 
George Johnson III 
Eric Jones 
Katina Kappas 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Elizabeth Kauffmann 

Alexandra Keyzer 

Jay Kring 

David Krupitzer 

Kay Lai I 

Dean Lail 

Elaine Lange 

Kim Lapan 

Lori Lewey 

Nan Lewis 

Philip Lopp 

Allison Mackie 

Donna Atkins Madden 

Jim Martin 

Lisa Maxwell 

Fred McKinney 

Elizabeth Howell Mellon 

Timothy Mendenhall 

Ruth Miller 

Lisa Wilson Montgomery 

Gregory Myrick 

William Nesbitt 

Terry Nimtz 

Jeffrey Novak 

Wes O'Brien 

Beth O'Neal 

Shannon Outen 

James Park 

Morns Pennington 

Ian Perkins 

Roger Pinnix 

Christopher Porter 

Janice Pope Porter 

Kate Huskins Post 

Nancy Leckie Poulos 

William Pruning Jr 

Donnie Reynolds 

Elizabeth Breslin Robertson 

Craig Rose 

Kelly Smith Satterfield 

Brenda Mauser Scott 

Michael Scotto 

Sondra Shedd 

Debbie Shoemaker 

Kevin Simon 

Wanda Smothers Smith 

Howard Spencer 

Gary Stephenson 

William Stone Jr 

Betty Pnngle Sunding 

Alison MacGregor Swafford 

Aftab Syed 

Todd Thomas 

Lavonne Tucker 

Marilyn Jones Wagner 

Diane Lane Walker 

Nancy Calhoun Waters 

John West 

Ruth Wiles 

Kathy Hopper Wright 

Seok Yoon 

Kathrin Ziegler 

Cheryl Alberty 
Frances Allgood 
Martha Dees Barham 
Donna Barlow 
Susan Bateman 
Christine Smith Bean 
Sara Haltiwanger Bencini 
Verne Hewitt Booker 
Margaret Swing Booth 

Lisa Boyles 

Jason Brand 

Dennis Campany 

Stephen Caudle 

Amy Coble 

Sarah Collie 

Amy Cottrane 

Doris-Marie Constable-Marti 

Susan Cook 

David Cox 

Millicent Crews 

Kristen Dudley 

Therese Dziedziak 

Martha Thompson Eakes 

Steven Ellington 

Cindy Evans 

Betty Anne Fisher 

Bud Gilbert III 

John Glenn 

Stephanie Goetzinger 

Joseph Gohn Jr 

Knstinn Gunnarsson 

Lisa Hams 

Todd Hawkins 

Judith Herron 

Carolyn Howard 

Cynthia Ingram 

Marshall Jackson 

Stephen Joyce 

Bnan Kuenn 

Mane Lemon 

Kimberly Harkins Leonard 

Peter Leung 

Kathryn Hilliard Lindley 

Diana Lurey 

Karen Arrington Lusk 

Fredrick May 
James Maynard 

Sherry Blankenbeckler 

Claire Merrell 
Tina Moretz 
Scott Morris 

Robin Beeson Morrison 
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Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


The Blue Valleys 

has a durable glow 

■ By Fred Chappell 

T/((' Blue Valleys, a durable 
collection of short stories, 
marks the first excursion 
into fiction for Robert Morgan '68 
MFA. Morgan for some time has 
been recognized as one of the 
nation's outstanding poets, and 
such volumes as At the Edge of the 
Orchard Country, Bronze Age, and 
Groundwork enjoy enviable status 
among critics and poets alike. 

He brings some of his gifts as a 
poet to bear upon the art of his 
fiction. We find here close 
observation of deftly chosen detail, 
absolute authenticity in treatment 
of the western North Carolina 
background, and a gracefulness of 
sentence structure that delight 
even jaded senses. But his stories 
have some of the best assets of 
fiction, too. The author keeps his 
eye trained on his story lines; 
nothing is added for the sake of 
ornament, and there is little play of 
language for its ov^n sake. Strength 
and simplicity — these are the 

Mr. Chappdl is a noted author and BurUi]^ton 
Professor of English at UNCG. 

hallmarks of The Blue Valleys. 

Taken together, the thirteen 
stories here make up a loose 
chronicle of the history of the 
region. "A Brightness New and 
Welcoming," the opening story, 
tells of the death of a Confederate 
soldier and how his place is taken 
by a comrade in arms. Then come 
stories of illness and natural 
disaster, of political struggle and 
labor unrest, of youth and old age, 
of brave men and fools. The 
characters here are always 
recognizably Appalachian; they 
are firmly attached to a rich 
historical tradition. But they are 
never mere types; each of them is 
strongly individual, a personality 
with human quirks and foibles and 

There is tenderness in the 
stories as well as violence. Some 
awkward and dangerous tasks are 
undertaken by the characters in 
order to alleviate the suffering of 
others or to try to insure their 
survival. Yet this selflessness is 
always tacit; it is never spoken of 
because it is thought as being 

ordinary necessity rather than 
colorful gallantry. 

The stories Robert Morgan tells 
are sometimes painful, but their 
clean economy makes them 
absorbing. They carry us along 
relentlessly with their bitter 
unsparing energies. This quality is 
enough, and more than enough, to 
make The Blue Valleys an engaging 

And every now and then the 
brilliance of the writing comes to 
the fore — as in this passage from 
"The Lost State of Franklin": 
"When she and Doug were dating 
they used to drive in his daddy's 
pickup up on Pinnacle and park. 
On a clear night the lights of 
Hendersonville seemed close, 
almost at their feet if they stood on 
the big rock on the north side. . . . 
Those were the times she 
remembered most from their 
courtship. If it was summer and 
they had worked in the fields, she 
had the glow of sunburn on her 
showered skin. In the cool night 
air her body sent out a kind of 
light. . . ." 

And so too with The Blue 
Valleys. It sends out a kind of light. 

TJie Blue Valleys 

by Robert Morgan '68 MFA. 
Peachtree Publishers. 
168 pages. $15.95 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 



Skip Moore Joins Development 
and University Relations Staff 

Skip Moove ami Brcndn Cooper 

On August 1, Dr. Richard L. 
Moore put on the hat of Acting Vice 
Chancellor for Development and 
University Relations, a hat worn by 
Ms. Audrey Stone for the past year. 
Dr. Moore, who prefers to be called 
"Skip" by friends and strangers 
alike, has held the position of Vice 
Chancellor for Administration and 
Planning since 1986; he will 
continue to serve in that capacity as 

he takes on his new duties in 
De\'elopment and University 
Relations. Ms. Stone has been 
named Assistant Vice Chancellor 
for Development. 

"I'm really looking forward to 
being involved in the University's 
alumni, university relations, and 
development programs," Skip 
told Alumni Nezos soon after his 
appointment. "UNCG is a strong 

institution with an important 
heritage and a bright future. 
Teaching has always been 
important here, and that value 
remains. Instilling the idea of 
service in our students is still 
important. At the same time, 
graduate education distinguishes 
UNCG from other schools in the 
svstem, placing us in league with 
Chapel Hill and NC State. An 
expanding research program 
enhances teaching and nourishes 
friendships between the University 
and the region it serves. 

"One of mv priorities will be to 
strengthen the bond between the 
University, the Alumni Association, 
and the alumni body so that we will 
begin our Centennial year united 
and determined that UNCG will 
remain one of the top schools in 
North Carolina. To that end, I will 
work with the officers and Board of 
Trustees of the Alumni Association 
to develop programs and activities 
and to involve alumni in the work 
of the University. 

"During the next several months 
I hope to meet alumni across the 
country at various activities. I also 
hope that alumni will feel free to 
drop by my office in the Alumni 
House whenever convenient." 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

Research Institute 

A dozen UNCG faculty mem- 
bers from the areas of cognitive 
development, psychobiologv, the 
neurosciences, motor develop- 
ment, and child development were 
mentors to twenty minority 
undergraeiuate students from 
across the nation who took part in 
UNCG's second Human Develop- 
ment Research Institute last 
summer. Funded by a grant from 
the U.S. Department of Education, 
the multidisciplinary program of 
scientific research and scholarly 
activity introduced the students to 
graduate-level research in human 

"As full members of a research 
team, the students experienced the 
value of collaboration among 
researchers of diverse academic 
backgrounds," said Dr. Anne 
Steele, coordinator of the Institute. 
"The need for such programs is 
great," Dr. Steele continued. 
"Minority students should be 
encouraged to seek the post- 

The participaiitf in the 199U Hiiiuaii Development Reseairh Institute. 

baccalaureate study that can serve 
as a stepping stone to career levels 
from which national prominence 
can be attained." 

A recent National Research 
Council report stated that of the 

22,283 U.S. citizens who received 
doctoral degrees in 1987, only 3.3 
percent were black, 2.7 percent 
were Hispanic, and less than 
1 percent were Native American. 

Ground Breaking 

The ground breaking for the $7.9 
million Student Recreation Facility 
on Walker Avenue was held 
September 10. Featured speaker 
was Dr. Leroy Walker, chancellor 
emeritus of North Carolina Central 
University and former head coach 
of the U.S. Olympic Track and 
Field Team. The building will 
house two gymnasiums, an indoor 
jogging track, six racquetball 
courts, an exercise and weight 
training room, an aerobic /fitness 
area, locker rooms and sauna, and 
an outdoor recreation check-out 
and leisure resource center. 

Good Stuff 

To endear our current students 
— our future alumni — the 
Alumni Association gave each one 
a special gift welcoming them to 
the University. This fall, as they do 
every fall, the Association pre- 
sented "Good Stuff" boxes on the 
day the students moved into the 
residence halls. Each contained a 
collection of personal items, such 
as shampoo, razors, toothpaste, 
and hand cream, along with cou- 
pons for future purchases. A 

message from the Association was 
tucked into each box. 

The project is co-sponsored by 
the Office of Residence Life. All the 
"goodies" in the box are provided 
by the product manufacturers. 

The students seem to appreciate 
their "Good Stuff" boxes, and, we 
hope, learn that "UNCG Alumni 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


A classroom dances 

In Dr. DeRosa's 

By Kay E. Bennett '92 


^^^ omeday I fully intend to be 
■^^ hack in the classroom," 
^^ said Donald V. DeRosa, 
the new vice chancellor for 
academic affairs at UNCG. 

That may sound strange coming 
from the person who was recently 
chosen over 163 other applicants to 
be the chief academic officer at the 
University. However, Dr. DeRosa 
doesn't plan to leave his office in 
Mossman for the classroom just 
yet. "There's a good deal in front 
of us." 

The classroom is in the distant 
future he said as he sat in his new 
office one hot afternoon in June. 

The only clue to the heat and 
humidity outside was the bright 
sunshine streaming through two 
windows. Bookcases, both full, 
stood beside each window. His 

desk was between the bookcases. 
Important-looking folders rested 
tidily on the desktop. 

Dr. DeRosa didn't sit at his 
desk, but in a beautiful green 
Queen Anne chair. A novice 
reporter sat on a couch facing him 
with a yellow legal pad perched on 
her knees and a tape recorder 
clutched in her hand. Dr. DeRosa 
succeeded in doing almost the 
impossible — he put the student at 
ease with a warm, encouraging 

"I love this university," Dr. 
DeRosa said as he leaned forward 
slightly in his chair. "I've just been 

Kay E. Bennett of 
Greensboro is a junior at 
UNCG. Her interests are 
reading, loriting, and 
watching old movies. 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

delighted by the quaUty of what's 
here already and the opportunity 
to build on that. 

"Every university today should 
work to ensure quality," he said as 
he began to explain some of the 
new programs he plans. "We're 
examining the strength and quality 
of our programs in the sciences, 
ranging all the way from the 
undergraduate programs to the 
graduate programs." 

In his previous position as dean 
of the Graduate School and 
associate vice chancellor for 
research. Dr. DeRosa established 
an ongoing system of graduate 
program reviews. The new system 
pinpoints problem areas in 
graduate and undergraduate 

Dr. DeRosa said work is under 
way to strengthen international 
programs as well. "We're looking 
to bringing these programs 
together, perhaps, under one 
umbrella ... doing something here 
that we haven't done in the past, 
and others have not done as well." 

Recruitment of outstanding 
faculty and students is a big 
priority. "The faculty are really the 
key to the quality of this 
institution," he said. "We've had a 
marvelous tradition of fine faculty 
dating back to the days of the 
Woman's College. So, I would 
imagine that these folks we bring 
on board will have a good deal to 
do with how well we do in the 

He said emphasis will be placed 
on the recruitment of minority 
faculty. "It's a national problem 
...we have to work on that. We're 
doing things on our own campus 
right now to address it. The 
chancellor has put together four 
groups to come up with an 
operating plan to put in place the 
recommendations the Ad hoc 
Committee on Minority Affairs 
gave us about a year ago." 

Recruitment of minority 
students is also a focus. "We do 

not have presently a large enough 
proportion of undergraduate and 
graduate students that are mi- 
norities. And, that's something we 
have to address," Dr. DeRosa said. 
One successful effort in this area 
is the Patricia Roberts Harris 
Fellowship Program. He recalled 
how he and Dr. Anne Steele, the 
new associate vice chancellor for 
academic affairs, put together the 
grant proposal in just two weeks. 
For the past four years, the fellow- 
ships have supported women and 

Dr. DeRosa 

minority students in pursuit of 
doctoral degrees. 

Another successful effort aimed 
at minority students is the Human 
Development Research Institute, 
which he credits Dr. Steele for 
putting together. "Two years ago, I 
saw an announcement about a 
grant opportunity to support 
minority students who might have 
an interest in going on to graduate 

"I pointed out this grant 
opportunitv to her. We were two 
weeks away from our deadline for 
the Patricia Roberts Harris — she 
had that in front of her. She took 
this, looked at it, and came up 
with this marvelous idea, this 

Human Development Research 

"We are now in our second year 
of this program ... which allows us 
to bring twenty of the most 
outstanding minority students in 
this country to work with our 
faculty. And, let me tell you, these 
students are just splendid." 

Dr. DeRosa generously spreads 
around the credit for accomplish- 
ments. "Much of the success I've 
enjoyed is really due to other 
people." He mentioned Chancellor 
Moran, Betsy Brown, and Dr. 
Stephen M. Mosier, director of the 
Office of Research Services. 

Dr. DeRosa is pleased with the 
development of the Office of 
Research Services. In 1985-86, the 
faculty received $1.8 million from 
outside sources. In 1989-90, as a 
direct result of faculty efforts and 
support in the Office of Research 
Services, the awards received by 
faculty totalled $4.6 million. 

When he joined UNCG, Dr. 
DeRosa had been chairman of the 
department of psychology at 
Bowling Green State University in 
Ohio and an American Council on 
Education Fellow at the University 
of California at San Diego. He 
received his MA and PhD degrees 
form Kent State University and his 
undergraduate degree from 
American International College. 

Dr. DeRosa said that although he 
would like one day to continue the 
research on human memory that he 
once did, he's pleased with his new 
position. "It's very draining and 
very time consuming, but, hey, it's 

Dr. DeRosa and his wife, Karen, 
have four children. A daughter, 
Lauren, is a sophomore at UNCG. 

"I've grown so fond of this 
university — the students, the 
faculty, the staff," Dr. DeRosa said. 
"I've just been delighted. I hope I'll 
be able to work here for some 

This student hopes so, too. 
Dr. DeRosa. 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 



ajor college baseball 
will begin at The 
University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro in the fall 
of 1990 with the arrival of our first 
recruited class of student-athletes. 

In many ways our baseball 
program began last fall when we 

cultural exchange basis and 
thereby serve some of our broader 
educational goals. We arranged 
for the national teams of Korea, 
Taiwan, and Canada to play Team 
USA in War Memorial Stadium in 

But the stadium is onlv a place. 

UNCG's baseball team 
steps up to bat 

began scheduling, recruiting, and 
making general preparations for 
practice and game facilities. We 
have reached an agreement in 
principle with the Citv of 
Greensboro and the professional 
baseball club, the Greensboro 
Hornets, to play our spring 
schedule of games in beautiful War 
Memorial Stadium until the 
campus baseball stadium is 
completed in the near future. 

Our own stadium will allow us 
greater flexibility in our game and 
practice schedules and thereby 
reduce some of the extraneous 
demands placed on our student- 
athletes. The stadium will also 
enable our University to become a 
center for baseball in the 
community and, eventually, the 
state. And through my 
in\'olvement with the United States 
Baseball Federation, the 
Confederation of Pan American 
Baseball, and the International 
Baseball Association, we will have 
amateur teams from throughout 
the world visit our University on a 

More importantly, with our 
baseball program we hope to 
enhance the name and image of 
our University in the city, state, 
and country, while simultaneously 
providing increased social and 
recreational viewing opportunities 
to University students, staff, and 

For the young men who will be 
our players, their mission is first 
and foremost an education. Yet, 
we cannot lose sight of the fact that 
they are special people, with 
special skills, who will develop a 
strong following with their fierce 
loyalty to UNCG. 

Baseball has always been 
America's favorite sport. 
Americans appreciate and know 
the game perhaps better than any 
other people who play it. Still, 
there is great irony in its 
popularity because to play the 
game — to play the game well — 
takes incredible skill, and 
eventually that demand chases us 
off the field. 

Observe how manv hundreds of 

thousands of children fill their 
summers with diving catches, 
extra-base hits, and head-first 
slides. Then note how 
dramatically this participation 
declines as the children get older 
and the skill level required to play 
the game makes greater and 
greater demands on their inherent 

By the age of eighteen, \'ery few 
of those original little leaguers are 
still playing organized baseball, 
and even fewer will go on to play 

What our fans will see in major 
college baseball are some of the 
finest baseball teams and athletes 
in North Carolina competing 
against each other. They will see 
young men who are dedicated to 
their educational goals moving yet 
a little closer to professional 
baseball careers. These are 
University student-athletes who 
know how remote their chances 
are to play beyond college but who 
still chase the dream we all had 
during those summer days of 
diving catches, head-first slides, 
and extra-base hits. 

\m €^J 

M:kf Gaski is head 
bcisehall coach at UNCG. 
He is one of the ven/ feiv 
baseball coaches in the 
United States with a 
master's degree in creative 

Alumni News 

Winter • I'?'?! 



Send-Off Parties! 

Charlotte alumni hosted a Send-Off Party for Mecklenburg County students just 
before school opened. 

Remember how apprehensive 
you felt during the summer before 
you left for college? 

Alumni in several locales tried to 
ease some of that anxiety by 
inviting freshmen as special guests 
to a "Send-Off Party." 

The longest-standing tradition of 
send-off parties is in Sampson 
County, where alumni invite 
UNCG students from their area to a 
cook-out. This year's party fea- 
tured hot dogs and all the 
trimmings. Returning students 
were invited along with freshmen 
and transfers. 

If you'd like to organize a Send- 
Off Party in your city or county 
next year, call the Alumni Office for 


The Library Committee of the 
Centennial Planning Board invites 
your suggestions for inclusions in 
the 150th Anniversary Box — a 
time capsule to be opened in the 
year 2042. 

Thoughtfully, the 50th anniver- 
sary celebrants left a box for us to 
open at the Centennial Celebra- 
tion coming up next year. But 
what should we leave for the 

Send your suggestions to 
University Archives, 
Jackson Library, UNCG 
Greensboro, NC 27412. 

Final Calls on 
Alumni Directory 

The telephone verification 
phase of our alumni directory 
project is almost complete. Repre- 
sentatives from the Bernard C. 
Harris Publishing Company are 
calling alumni to verify informa- 
tion. This is your last opportunity 
to make changes in your entry in 
the Centennial Edition of the 
Alumni Directory. 

We are publishing only enough 
directories to cover prepublication 
orders. When a Harris representa- 
tive calls to verify your entry, you 
will have an opportunity to 
reserve a copy of the Alumni 
Directory. This will be your only 
chance to purchase the book. 

If you have not heard from our 
publisher, contact the company 

Bernard C. Harris Publishing Co. 
Customer Service Department 
3 Barker Avenue 
White Plains, NY 10601 
or call toll-free at 
1 -(800) 877-6554 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

Summer Self-Enrichment Series 

For five Monday evenings in 
June and July, alumni and friends 
gathered in the Virginia Dare Room 
of the Alumni House for the 
Alumni Association's first-ever 
Summer Self-Enrichment Series. 
Co-sponsored by the Office of 
Continuing Education, the sessions 
were all conducted by UNCG 
alumni "experts." 

"Mentally Healthy American 
Adults" was the topic led by Ruth 
Crowder McSwain '45. A well- 
known speaker and retired 
counselor, Ruth spoke with humor 
and insight in dealing with interper- 
sonal relationships, self-acceptance, 
self-fulfillment, and stress manage- 

Jon Obermeyer '85, a book 
reviewer for the Greensboro News 
and Record, led a session entitled, 
"Books, Books, Books — A Look at 
Summer Reading." Highlighting 
Southern writers, Jon gave alumni 
plenty of ideas for a fine summer 
reading list. 

Raleigh attorney Jay Butler '79 
conducted "A Wills Clinic" for the 
third session in the series. Jay 
addressed such issues as reasons for 
having a will, how to have a will 
correctly drawn, legal terms and 
what they mean, what is controlled 
by a will, and when and how to 
change a will. 

Bronna Willis '61, a trust admin- 
istrator in Lynchburg, VA, followed 
up with her "Financial Planning 
Workshop." She explored asset 
determination, gifts to charities, 
taxwise planning, what to look for 

in investments, as well as a broad 
look at personal financial plan- 

The last session in the series was 
led by Susan Allen '73, president 
of Allen Resource Group in 
Durham. In "Humor as a Con- 
scious Strategy," Susan discussed 
how humor in the workplace leads 
to harmony, creativity, and 
improved morale and productiv- 
ity. Susan's message was taken 
from Romain Gray, a French 

playwright: "Humor is an 
affirmation of dignity; our declara- 
tion of superiority over all that 
befalls us." Her session concen- 
trated on methods that can increase 
enthusiasm within an organization 
and in one's personal life. 

The Self-Enrichment Series was 
so well received by alumni that 
another series was offered this fall. 
Keep your eye out for future self- 
enrichment programs which may 
give you a chance to be a better you. 

Friday at Five 

August 24 was UNCG alumni night at Friday at Five, a gathering sponsored by 
the Young Alumni Council, Old Greensborough, and The Downtowners. Pizza 
and a live band were featured , ivith proceeds benefiting a revitalization project for 
Greensboro's oldest doiontown area. More than fiftxj alumni volunteers sold 
tickets, served beverages, and welcomed the cro~wd of hundreds. 

Alumni News i^rj 
Winter • 19^1 O / 


1 . Both the men's and the women's soccer 
teams were ranked No. 1 nationally in 
NCAA Division II at press time. Jason 
Haupt (#9) is the men's all-time leading 

2. Thousands of students turned out for 
Fall Kickoff, a festival that opens the 
academic year. Bands, booths, games, 
giveaways, and a hot air balloon graced the 
grounds along College Avenue. 

3. Eleanor 
Dare Taylor 
Kennedy '45 
saved the Log 
Cabin from 
the wrecker's ball this summer. She and 
her family bought the cabin and moved it 
to a lot on Walker Avenue. Ground has 
been broken on its former site for the 
Student Recreation Facility. 

4. Sara Sutton and Patrick Dukeman 
performed in Stephen Sondheim's A Funny 
Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. The 
musical comedy opened UNCG Theatre's 
1990-91 season. 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 

ini News '2Q 
liter* 1991 i3-/ 

Alumni News 


Class Notes are based on infor- 
mation received by personal 
letters, news clippings, and 
press releases 

Alumni are listed in Class Notes 
in the year when their first 
degree was earned at UNCG 
Information in parentheses indi- 
cates that an advanced degree 
has been earned at UNCG. A 
"C" following a class date 
identifies a Commercial class: 
an "X" indicates a non-graduate 
City and county names not 
otherwise identified are located 
in North Carolina 

The Twenties 

Last May at a pertormance of 
the Western Piedmont Sym- 
phony Edna Bell Sitler '24 of 

Taylorsville received a plaque in 
memory of her late husband. 
Howard, and their contribution to 
the symphony. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Pearle Parsons Deaton 27C of 

Ellerbe whose husband. Rufus. 
died July 29. 1990. 

The Thirties 

Jean Hewitt Bowsher 30 and 

Thomas Frankenberg, both of 
Burlington, were married in 

Nominated by Lori Toth. a 
former piano student and 1 990 
NCSU chemistry graduate. 
Geneva Phillips Parham '30 of 
Gary was recognized at the 
"Honor a Teacher" banquet 
given by the College of Physical 
and Mathematical Sciences at 

Helen Floyd Seymour 36 and 

her husband. Woody, live in 
Sanford. She is recuperating 
from open heart surgery. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Betty Brown Jester 31 of 

Greensboro whose husband, 
Carlton, died July 14, 1990. 
Survivors include their daughter. 
Martha Jester Mader 58 of 
London. England, and their 
granddaughter, Adrlenne Mader 
Schrank 82 





Helen Cunningham Laney lives 
at the Methodist Home in 
Charlotte, where she plays the 
piano and organ. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Josephine Gore Leishman of 

Sunset Beach whose husband. 
Roy. died June?, 1990. 

1942 REUNION liflZ 

After forty-five years in the 
Orange County School System. 
Mable Lloyd Gordon retired in 
June as vocational director. 



Iva Campbell Endicott and her 

husband. Raymond, live in 
Stoneville. She taught for more 
than thirty years in the Eden City 

Anna Graham of Baltimore, MD. 
has been with Control Data 
Business Management Service 
for more than twenty-one years. 

Elaine Miller Odenwald and her 

husband. Harold, traveled to 
England last summer on a 
Citizens for Understanding 
exchange program. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Margaret Clark Simmons of 

San Diego, CA, whose husband, 
Don, died In December 1988. 

Betty Shipman Bennett retired 
as conductor and director of the 
Cobb Symphony Orchestra after 
thirty-five years. She and her 
husband. Cran, live in Marietta, 
GA. She also taught flute at the 
University of Georgia and at 
Kennesaw State College. 

After forty-one years in the 
Orange County School System. 
Helen Frostick Warren of 

Hillsborough retired in June as 
director of student services. NC 
accreditation, and testing. 

1949 REUNION 1994 

Assistant professor of health and 
physical education Frances 
Lynch Lloyd of Buies Creek 
retired from Campbell University 
in May after teaching there since 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Mary Ellen Knight Wermine of 

Crotton. MD. whose husband. 
Carl, died May 22. 1990. 



Alice Boehret of Marlton. NJ, is 
now professor emeritus of 
nursing at Rutgers University- 

After entering law school at age 
fifty-three. Peggy Coppala 
Jones of Potomac. MD. is an 
attorney with the US Department 
of Labor. 

Fair Caldwell Meeks. an as- 
sociate professor of English at 
Moorhead (MN) State University, 
has been awarded a Fulbright 
grant to teach American 
literature at Nanjing (China) 

Katherine Lambeth Zarker and 

her husband. Jack, recently 
moved to Chapel Hill after living 
in Massachusetts for nineteen 
years. He is teaching at Duke 
University, and she is retired. 



Frances Dalton Thomas has 

retired from teaching and is 
living in Winston-Salem. 

1959 REUNION 1994 

Social worker Barbara Bridgers 

Garey of Beavercreek. OH. 
received the Outstanding 
Volunteer Advocate Award from 
the Greene County Prosecutor's 
Office in ApnI. 

1960 REUNION 1995 

Roberta Byrd Cake of Norfolk is 
public relations manager with 
The Virginian Pilot and The 

Frankie Wolfe Deal is director 
of music at Holy Communion 
Lutheran Church in Spartanburg, 

Ann Dearsley-Vernon of 

Norfolk. VA, recently curated a 
major exhibition, "Prophets and 
Translators," at The Chrysler 

Mary Catherine Edmonds 
Eberhart of Greensboro re- 
ceived her EdD from UNCG in 

Bettye George Jones of Toano. 
VA. is a horticultural therapist at 
Eastern State Hospital in 
Williamsburg. VA. She is a 
master's degree candidate in 
special education at William & 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

Rachel Brett Harley of Ypsi- 
lanti, Ml, )ust completed her 
twenty-first year orn the faculty at 
Eastern Michigan University. 
She teaches music and women's 

Janice Bland Loftus retired in 
June after thirty continuous 
years at Laurel (MD) High 

After receiving her PhD in 
linguistics from McGill University 
in 1987, Evelyn Matheson 
Styan of Montreal teaches at 
McGill and Concordia Universi- 

Margaret Allison Tliurman of 

Duluth, GA, Is a public library 
circulation supervisor, 

IVIary Moore Upcliurcii of St 

Louis, MO, is a clinical social 
worker with Epworth Counseling 

SYMPATHY is extended to 
Louise Mattliews Neese (65 

MEd) of Greensboro whose 
husband. John, died May 9. 
1990. Survivors include his 
mother. Catlierine King White 
'32 of High Point. 


REU.MOX 1493 


RELMO.X' 1411 

Claudette Graves Burroughs- 
White of Greensboro is a court 
counselor supervisor and presi- 
dent of the local affiliate of the 
National Black Child Develop- 
ment Institute. 



Sara Crawford Wolfson (MS) is 
associate vice president tor 
academic affairs at the Univer- 
sity of Iowa, Iowa City, 



Carol Weir, daughter of Hal and 
Martha Gibson Weir 34. and 

William Peterson were married 
in Asheville in March. She is 
vocational director for the 
Asheville City Schools, and he is 
principal of Enka High School. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to Jo 
Ellis Ward of Charlotte whose 
husband. Wilson, died August 
17, 1989. 

Martha Troxler Brown, a flight 
attendant, and her daughter live 
in Jensen Beach. FL. 

Karen Ranl<in Brower. her 

husband. Jim, and two children 
live in Charlotte, where she is a 
kindergarten teaching assistant, 

Gretchen Davis is a US Army 
major and lives in Fayetteville, 

Kaye Cropp Gaffney and her 

family live in Cincinnati, OH. She 
works part-time in the Sycamore 
schools, and her husband owns 
a floor covering business, 

Judy Sampson Mentink (AAS) 
and her husband, Wesley, live in 
Ft. Myers, FL. She is a nurse at 
a digestive disease clinic, 

Molly Dotson Morgan received 
her master of divinity degree 
from Duke University in May- 
Henrietta Nance is a free-lance 
musician and teacher in 

Carole Lane Cutwater is 

director of preschool ministries 
at Myers Park Baptist Church in 

Registered dietician Anne Davis 
Sites, her husband, William, and 
two children live in Swannanoa. 

Bonnie Slatton of Coralville, lA, 
is professor and chair of the 
department of physical educa- 
tion and sport studies at the 
University of Iowa. 

Rae Dearing Wakelin of Dan- 
vers. MA. is vice president of 
Prima Design, 

Betty Jane Chambers Walz, 

her husband, Richard, and 
children. Stephanie and Jason, 
live in Raleigh. She is a medical 
technologist, and he is director 
of the Area Equal Opportunity 

Brenda Barrow Willard (68 

MA) of Laurinburg is assistant 
principal at Scotland High 

Kay Phillips Williams (71 MA) 

of New Bern is an administrator 
with the Tryon Palace Restora- 
tion there. 

Linda Middleton Williams and 

her husband, Myron, are both 
CPAs and live in Scott Depot. 




A UNCG faculty member in the 
department of communication 
studies since 1978. Sandra 
Hopper Forman ("71 MFA) is 
now professor and chair of the 
department of theater at 
Northern Kentucky University. 

Judith Rubin and James Davis 
were married in Charlotte in 
June. He is a vice president with 
Dean Witter Reynolds. 



Anita VanderSchaaf Borak is a 

manager for Discovery Toys 
She lives in Hunt Valley, MD, 
with her husband, John, and 
sons, Brian and Mark. 

Claudia Madeley has joined the 
news writing staff at The 
Southern Pines Pilot. 



Celia Grasty Jones received 
her law degree from Duke 
University in May. 

Patricia Todd Osborne of 

Cornelius teaches at West 
Charlotte High School, 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Wilma Barker Rush (MEd) of 
Winston-Salem whose husband, 
Dallas, died July 9. 1990. 

1969 REUNION 1994 

Director of the Greensboro 
Children's Theatre. Barbara 
Britton received the Sara 
Spencer Child Drama Award 
from the Southeastern Theatre 

Shirley Ferguson moved back 
to North Carolina and is teaching 
middle school math in Winston- 

Mary Anne Maddox Knight and 

Leslie Nixon were married in 
June in Greensboro. She is with 
the Western Rockingham 
Schools, and he is with the 
Tultex Corp, 

A partner in the law firm of Allen 
and Pinnix, John Pinnix ('75 
MA) is 1990-91 chair of the NC 
Bar Associations immigration 
and nationality law committee, 


1970 REUXION 1995 

Anne Edwards Fuller of 

Salisbury is manager of the 
employee assistance program at 
Food Lion, Inc, 

Peggy Dupree Smith, assistant 
principal at Smithfield-Selma 
Middle School, received her 
doctorate from NCSU in May. 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Elizabeth McNeil Cook (MEd) 

of Greenville, SC. whose 
husband. Joseph, died April 28, 


1971 REUNION 1991 

SYMPATHY is extended to 
Norbert Smoot of Trinity whose 
wife, Rebecca, died July 15, 



Brenda Linthicum and William 
Harris were married in June in 
Randleman, She is a library 
assistant at UNCG's Jackson 
Library, and he is the owner of 
Decorative Arts Systems. 

Archives Alert 

University Archives in 
Jackson Library is in need of the 
Commencement Programs for 
the following years: 1894. 1899, 
1907, and 1909. They also lack 
the Class Day programs for any 
years before 1898, the years 
1901-1909. and the years 

Please contact Emmy Mills 
'62 at University Archives. 219 
Jackson Library, UNCG 
Campus. Greensboro, NC 
2741 0-5001 , or call her at (91 9) 
334-5246, if you can donate any 
of these missing programs. 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 




Alix Hitchcock's monotypes 
were displayed at Duke Univer- 
sity's East Campus Library 
Gallery in February. She lives in 

James and Elizabeth Bowen 

Paisha 72 (74 MM) have 
moved to Savannah. GA. A US 
Army captain, he participated in 
Operation Just Cause in 

Evelyn Rochelle and Cleveland 
Davis were married in Greens- 
boro in June. She is with AT&T's 
UNIX Software Operations, and 
he is with the MIV Child 
Placement Center. 

SYMPATHY is extended to 
Marnie Polk Ross (MM) of 
Greensboro whose husband, 
James, died July 15, 1990, 
Survivors include his sisters, 
Eleanor Ross Taylor 40 of 
Sewanee, TN, and Jean Ross 
Justice '46 of Gainesville, FL, 
and his niece, Heather Ross 
Miller '61 ('69 MFA) of 

1974 REUNION 1994 

Betsy Jordan Whitson "retired " 
from BellSouth after fifteen years 
as a systems analyst. She 
spends her free time with her 
children, Sarah and Katie, and is 
president of Presbyterian 
Women at her church. 

The Sandra Kay Yow (MEd) 
Breast Cancer Research 
Laboratory was dedicated at 
UNC Chapel Hill in May. Kay is 
honorary fund raising chair for 
the LIneberger Cancer Research 
Center and head women's 
basketball coach at NCSU. 



Katherine Barton and George 
McClellan III were married in 
Greensboro in June. She is with 
Simel Eye Associates, and he is 
with Jefferson-Pilot Insurance. 

Frances Erwin and Jeffrey 
Beindorf were married in 
Burlington in June. She is with 
Donghia Showroom, and he is 
with Bilkey Llinas Design. 

Kevin Moore and his wife, 
Susan, live in Buckinghamshire, 
England. He is with Dun & 

Miriam Whisnant and Richard 
Workman were married in 
Cornelius in June. Both are vice 
presidents with First Union 
National Bank in Charlotte. 


Lynn Musten Bauguss and 

Dave Hicks were married in 
Kernersville in June. She 
teaches at Glenn High School, 
and he is with Addam's 

Kathy Burfoot Brewer, her 

husband, David, and three 
children. David, Sarah, and 
William, live in Brown Summit. 
She IS a teller at First Citizens 

The works of Barbara Fry of 

Missouri City, TX, were exhibited 
in May at the OKane Gallery, 

Vicki Sink Haitz and Dennis 
Pritchett were married in June in 
Thomasville. She teaches at Fair 
Grove Elementary, and he is 
with Firestone Tire & Rubber. 

Pamela Neese and James 
Holfield were married in May in 
High Point. She is with Wood- 
Armfield Furniture, and he is with 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Elaine Hunsicker Weller (MEd, 
'83 PhD) of Summerfield whose 
son, Stephen, died May 6, 1990, 





Jo Ann Godfrey (MEd) and 
George Field were married in 
Sanford in July. She is with the 
Lee County Schools, and he is 
with IBM. 

Kathleen Winters and Robert 
Kisstooth '82 were married in 
Greensboro in May. She is with 
the Bureau of National Affairs, 
and he is president of Graphic 
Systems International. 

Karen Benton ('80 MEd) and 
Gregory Rinehart were married 
in Greensboro in May. She is 
with Wesley Long Community 
Hospital, and he is with the 
Weyerhaeuser Company. 

Clinical psychologist Andrea 
Andrews Carstens owns the 
Rocky Mount Learning Center, 
an agency dedicated to 
evaluation and treatment for 
those with academic difficulties, 
learning problems, and behavior 

Fonda Caviness and Gary 
Showalter were married in June 
in Ramseur. Both are employed 
by Alamance Christian School. 

Formerly a teacher in Asheville. 
Nancy Gregg is working as an 
elementary teacher in southern 
Brazil under the auspices of The 
Southern Baptist Foreign 
Mission Board. 

Catherine Moore McGinnis of 

Boone is a piano teacher at the 
Suzuki School of the Arts in 

Konstantia PIstolis (MEd) and 
David Cashwell were married in 
Tarboro in April. She teaches 
English at Tarboro High, and is a 
Tarboro town engineer. 

Conrad Strader and Sherry 
Wheeler were married in Raleigh 
in April. He is with the NC 
Department of Corrections, and 
she is with the Adult Probation 
and Parole Division in Raleigh. 

1979 REUNION 1994 

Jane Cartwright and Mark Cline 
were married in Winston-Salem 
in April. She is with Business 
Systems & Intenors, and he is 
with AT&T Technologies. 

Deborah Parr Cranford and 

Alan Carson were married in 
Greensboro in July. She is with 
the Greensboro City Schools, 
and he is with the City of 

Betsy Ervin is an investigatorial 
assistant to the district attorney 
of Buncombe County. 

Ordained an Episcopal Church 
deacon in June, Randal Foster 

is the associate for educational 
and youth ministries at the 
Emmanuel Church in Southern 

Margaret High and John Privott 
were married in Rocky Mount in 
May. She is a graduate student 
at ECU and is employed by 
Associates in Family Eye Care. 
He is with Belk Stores. 

Rita Hundley PIckler of 

Midlothian, VA, was the first 
recipient of the Barbara Brodie 
Scholars Endowment Award 
given at the University of Virginia 
School of Nursing, where she 
received her PhD in 1990. 

1980 REUNION 1995 

Polly Newman Cashwell ('87 
MEd) and Stephen Gross were 
married in Mount Airy in June. 
She teaches at Flat Rock Ele- 
mentary. He is a retired US Air 
Force lieutenant colonel and 
employed by State Farm 

Carolyn Dodson, daughter of 
Jerome and Pauline White 

Dodson '52 of Greensboro, and 
James Bost Jr. were married in 
Greensboro in May. 

Robert and Claudia Pegram 
Lempp live in Jamestown and 
recently celebrated their tenth 
wedding anniversary. He is MIS 
manager for PBM Graphics and 
Fisher Harrison Printing. She is 
also with PBM Graphics. 

Jamie Cox Martin and Jeffrey 
Mace were married in Weaver- 
ville in April. She is with the 
Buncombe County Department 
of Social Services, and he is with 
Landscape Management 

Leslie Sides and Darryl Corley 
were married in Hildebran in 
July. She is with the NC School 
for the Deaf, and he is with the 
Re/Max Realty Center. 

Now living in Marietta, GA, 
Pamela Tesh and Emory Luke 
were married in Clemmons in 
June. Both are with the Upjohn 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Phyllis Cooper Magnuson of 

Boone wtiose tiusband, Jotnn, 
died May 20, 1990, 

SYMPATHY IS extended to 
Bonnie Kestler Love of Trinity 
whose fiusband, Douglas, died 
MarclnS, 1990, 

1981 REUNION' IWl 

David Breeden and Mandy 
Whitwortfi were married in May 
in Gastonia. Sine is witfi Lool< 
Real Estate, 

Ann Balles and Mark Stover 
were married in Cedar Mountain 
in ,June. Sfie is with the NC 
Department of Revenue, and he 
is with the Selee Corp, 

Roxanne Foster and David 
Foshee were married in May in 
Raleigh, She is with Hewlett 
Packard, and he is a product 

Robin Holton and John Porter 
were married in Winston-Salem 
in June, She is a graduate 
student at Wake Forest and a 
case manager for Forsyth- 
Stokes Mental Health. He is with 
Juvenile Court Counseling 

Eva James and Keith Hill '84. 
both teachers in the Charlotte- 
Mecklenburg Schools, were 
married in Belmont in June, 

Angela Sinclair and Bruce 
Watkins were married in 
Walkertown in June. She is a 
nurse anesthetist with Baptist 
Hospital, and he is self- 

Julie Sllgh (MEd) and Thomas 
Nelson were married in Greens- 
boro in June. She is with the 
Rockingham County Preschool 
Program, and he is with 

In June Julia Strong and Tod 

Read were married at Robert E. 
Lee's boyhood home in 
Alexandria, VA. 

SYMPATHY is extended to 
Karen Ljung Frost (MA) of 
Greensboro whose son, John 
Myatt, died June 23, 1990, 


1982 REUNION 1992 

Robert Crouch (MPA), a Mar- 
tinsville, VA, attorney, was reap- 
pointed to a term on the Board of 
Trustees of the Virginia Museum 
of Natural History, 

Now living in Lawndale, Orusilla 
Devoe and Roy Sharpe were 
married in June, She is with the 
Cleveland County Head Start 
Program, and he is with Carolina 

Lisa East and Allan Pieper were 
married in Greensboro in July, 
Both are with the Guilford 
County Schools, 

Kimberlee Herring and Robert 
Lybrand were married in 
Albemarle in March. She is the 
owner of K. Herring Studio of 
Design in Charlotte, and he is 
with United Parcel Service, 

Roxanna Jones and David 
Bottjen were married in April in 
Winston-Saiem, She is with Sara 
Lee Direct, and he is with AT&T 

Now living in Tampa. FL. Mary 
Ann Moses and John lamanno 
were married in Charlotte in 
April. She was with the Charlotte 
Convention & Visitors Bureau. 
He IS assistant commissioner of 
the Sun Belt Athletic Confer- 

Matthew Redmond is minister 
of music and youth at Hebron 
Baptist Church, Statesville. 

Manderline Willis Scales (EdD) 
IS assistant vice chancellor of 
student affairs at Winston-Salem 
State University. 

Lynn Taylor is office manager 
at Barron & Whitesell Public 
Relations/Marketing in Charlotte. 


1983 REUNION 190.1 

Rita Abernathy and Richard 
Young were married in Greens- 
boro in June, He is a traveling 

Ruth Bliss and Frederick 
Elvington Jr. were married in 
March in Huntersville. She is a 
teacher's assistant at Steele 
Creek Elementary, and he is 
assistant golf pro at Quail Hollow 
Country Club. 

David Burch and Gala 
Youmans were married in 
Greensboro in May. He is with 
Wachovia Bank & Trust, and she 
IS with Associated Systems, Inc, 

Sandra Clark and Robert 
Macomson III were married in 
May in Greensboro, He is with 
Swisher Services. 

Deborah Coy (MEd) and 
Michael Gregson were married 
in Greensboro in May. She is 
with Guilford County Emergency 
Services, and he is with Gregson 

Alison Pittman Frederick is a 

project manager in the training 
department of Pioneer Savings 
Bank. She and her husband, 
Greg, live in Rocky Mount with 
their daughter. Natalie, 

Elizabeth Ivey and Stephen 
Ellison were married in Greens- 
boro in May. She is with Triad 
Travel, and he is president of 
Commercial Electric. 

Mary Johnson married Wayne 
Banks in Greensboro in May. 
She IS with R.J. Reynolds 
Tobacco, and he is with Biggers 
Brothers Food Distribution. 

Susan Jolley and William 
Landers were married in 
Clemmons in July She is with 
the Winston-Salem/Forsyth 
County Schools, and he is with 
Digital Equipment Corp. 

Debra Kriegsman. daughter of 
Robert and Rascha Sklut 
Kriegsman '58. and Gerald 
Goulder were married in Greens- 
boro in July. She is with the 
Greensboro City Schools, and 
he IS chairman of Emporium 
Stores, Ltd. 

Lori Lloyd and Christopher 
Guidi were married in Salisbury 
in May. She is with the Greens- 
boro City Schools, and he is with 
Caber Systems, 

Susan Long and Thomas Niel- 
sen were married in Jonesville in 
May, She is with Guilford Mills, 
and he is with RS&H, Inc, 

Charles Morris Jr. and Sandra 
Rogers were married at the 
Sawtooth Center in Winston- 
Salem in June He is a video 
producer for Sara Lee Direct, 
and she is with Sara Lee Corp, 

A Helping Hand 

Kay Ellis '67 attended two 
WInte House ei'ents in 1989. In 
the photograph above First Lady 
Barbara Bush greets Kay at a 
reception celebrating the release 
of Go For It, a book on sports 
and recreation for people with 
disabilities. A program analyst 
with the National Park Service 
in Wasliington, DC, and a 
nationally recognized authority 
in tlie field of accessibility in 
recreation, Kay helped edit the 

Kay also attended a presen- 
tation by Vice President Dan 
Quayle of a scale model of 
Washington's Capitol Hill, the 
Mall, and the monument area to 
the Under Secretary of the U.S. 
Department of the Interior. The 
model is part of the Tactile Cap- 
ital Project with ivhich she 
assisted. It helps the visually 
impaired and other disabled 
visitors better understand the 
historic sites of the nation's 

For the past eight years 
Kay, who has a master's degree 
in thereapeutic recreation from 
George Washington University, 
has imrked with the Special 
Programs and Populations 
Branch of the National Park 
Service. She coordinates acces- 
sibility efforts in the 350 
national parks and provides in- 
novative training and technical 
assistance to other federal and 
state agencies as well. 

"I feel fortunate to be -with 
the National Park Service and 
to be among the leaders in guar- 
anteeing our disabled populace 
their right to accessibility in 
recreation areas," said Kay. 
"The civil right of a disabled 
person to the highest quality of 
life possible is our goal. " 

Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 


Michael Penland and Pamela 

Young were married in March in 
Asheville- He is a psychologist 
with Smoky Mountain Mental 
Health, and she is with the 
Amelia Bauer-Kahn Psychiatric 
Unit of Franklin. 

Carol Shell married Benjamin 
Zachary in Conover in April. She 
is a hemodialysis nurse at Iredell 
Memorial Hospital. They are 
living in Taylorsville where he is 
general manager and treasurer 
of the Alexander Railroad. 

1984 REUMOM9')4 

Vanessa Barndt and Jeffrey 
Davison were married in Raleigh 
in May. She is with Richard 
Black Interiors 

Oil paintings by Justine Patrick 
LInvllle (87 MFA) were exhibit- 
ed at the First Presbyterian 
Church Gallery, Winston-Salem, 
last summer. 

Mary Louise Hanson Moore 

(PhD) of Winston-Salem is re- 
search assistant professor of 
obstetrics and gynecology at the 
Bowman Gray School of 

Kathy Pogue and George 
Johnson were married in 
Clemmons in March. She is with 
USAir. and he is with Holly 

Caitlin and Rachel, twin 
daughters of Mike and Carolyn 
Ballard Richardson, were born 
Apnl2, 1990. They join their 
brother, Nicholas, at home in 

L. Douglas Roberts (89 BS) 

and Rebecca Jones were 
married in Greensboro in May. 
Both are employed by Moses 
Cone Memorial Hospital. 

Robbin Saunders and Cheryl 
Nichols were married in 
Lexington in June. Both are 
nurses at Forsyth Memorial 
Hospital in Winston-Salem. 

Betsy Waynlck and Michael 
Hale were married in Greens- 
boro in May. Both are with Duke 
University Medical Center. 



Rachel Bishop and Charles 
Belts 86 were married in June 
in High Point. She is with Riviera 
Trading, and he is with Standard 

Lloyd Carter and Carol Crutch- 
field were married in High Point 
in May. Both are employed by 
the City of High Point. 

Now living in Little Rock, AR, 
Lynne Cooper and Darrell Pyle 
were marhed in Cherokee in 
May. She was with American 
Express. He is with Bullet 

Wendy Engelmann of Manas- 
sas, VA, received her MBA from 
the University of Virginia in May. 
She IS now an associate with 
Chase Manhattan Bank in New 

Connie Gibson and John 
Nykamp were marned in Hope 
Mills in June. She is with the 
Oakhurst Rest Home, and he is 
with Western Steer. 

Marvia Gibson and Russell 
DeShield were married in Trinity 
in June. She is with Old Stone 
Bank, and he is with Mepla 
Furniture Fittings. 

W. Craig Greer ('88 MPA) is the 
Alexander County administrator. 

Dana Joyce and Edward 
Waynick were married in 
Greensboro in June She is with 
Russ Berrie, and he is with AMS, 

Emma Thomas daughter of 
Sarah Baity Thomas 43 of 

Cameron, and Lee McGraw 
were married in Southport in 
Aphl. She is with the Brunswick 
County Parks and Recreation 

Stephanie Kearns. a graduate 
student at UNCG, and Mark 
Dobbins were married in High 
Point in May. She is director of 
health education for the David- 
son County Health Department. 
He is with Signage Industries. 

Ann King and David Shisler 
were married in Jamestown in 
July. She is with Integon 
Insurance, and he is with Kenan 

Maria Miller and Michael Keat- 
ing were married in Greensboro 
in May. She is with Fuji Foods, 
and he is with Cone Mills. 



Angela Brady, a UNCG grad- 
uate student, and Mark Flem- 
ing '90 (MFA) were married on 
top of Hanging Rock in Danbury 
in May. Both are employed by 
Charter Hospital of Greensboro. 

Deborah Bullln and Anthony 
Sharp were married in Greens- 
boro in May. She is with Moses 
Cone Memorial Hospital, and he 
IS with W.J.B. Video, 

Now living in Centreville, MD, 
Matthew Cahoon and Mary 
Beth Huskey '88, daughter of 
the Rev Robert and Mary Ann 
Hancock Huskey 60, were 
married in Charlotte in July. He 
IS with the Book Warehouse, and 
she teaches at the Gunston 

Now living in Columbia, SC, 
Katherine Dye and David Andes 
were married in June in 
Salisbury. She teaches first 
grade at Thomas Elementary, 
and he is with Utility Service 

Tony Elkins and Patncia Ropp 
were married in Greensboro in 
June. He is with Gay and Taylor, 
and she is with Ciba-Geigy, 

Jamee Fagg and William 
Weatherford Jr. were married in 
Greensboro in May She is with 
TRW Real Estate Loan Services, 
and he is with Smoot Office 

Frederick Fonda (MBA) and 
Anne Gardner were married in 
Charleston. SC, in June. He is 
with the American President 
Lines, and she is with WCBD-TV 

Amy Haithcock and Bruce 
Morton were married in Mt. 
Gilead in July. She is with Gary 
Brown Associates, and he is with 
Nichols Caffrey Hill Evans and 

Nancy Hubbard and David 
Mabes were married in 
Fayetteville in May. She is a 
masters degree candidate at 
UNCG, and he is the owner of 
Traffic Jams Auto Sounds. 

Tara Jones and Bnan Mayhew 
were married in Reidsville in 
June. She is with the Central 
Virginia Training Center. He is 
employed by Weyerhaeuser 
Paper and The Crown Sterling. 

Melissa MItchum and Byron 
Willis were marned in Charlotte 
in July. She is with the Lincoln 
County Schools, and he is with 
Hereford Barn. 

Laura Peake and Raymond Pnll 
were married in Raleigh in July. 
She is with the State Employees 
Credit Union, and he is with IBM. 

Now living in Greensboro. 
Naomi Reavis and James Ray 
were married in Troutman in 
May. She is marketing manager 
with A&V Production Company 
of the Triad, and he is an 
avionics technician with USAir. 

Sherri Reynolds of Lenoir, an 
intensive care unit nurse at 
Caldwell Memorial Hospital, was 
accepted into the NC Institute of 
Nursing Excellence. 

Teresa Roberts and John 
Waddell were married in Black 
Mountain in May. She is a nurse 
at NC Memorial Hospital, and he 
IS with Sun Forest Architecture 
and Construction, Research 
Triangle Park. 

Marc Sasseville and Sonya 
Stelmack were married in 
Bethesda. MD, in July. He is with 
Dewberry & Davis, and she is 
with the US Environmental 
Protection Agency. 

Patricia Pratt Summers (MEd) 
IS a program developer with the 
Center for Family in Society. 
School of Medicine. University of 
South Carolina-Columbia. 

Teresa Williams (MM) and 
Thomas Allred were married in 
Jamestown in June. She is with 
the Guilford County Schools, 
and he is with Graphic Printing 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 



Sharon Beeson and David 
Blalock were married in Sophia 
in June. He is with Burlington 

Andrew Bellenkes and Kathryn 
Richardson were married in 
Greensboro in May. He is with 
Baron Financial, and she is with 
Andco Industries. 

Now living in Statesville. 
Stephanie Blacl< and Kenneth 
DeFeo Jr. were married in 
Charlotte in March. She is with 
Office Interiors, and he is with 
Brendle's Stores 

Now living in Hampton, VA. 
Regina Brool<s and Wilbert 
Artis Jr. were married in June in 
Charlotte. He is with Dudley 

Susan Dunlap and William 
Pruning Jr. '88 were married in 
Washington. DC. in September. 
She IS an advertising account 
executive, and he is in commer- 
cial real estate. 

Lisa Smith Eppley and Paul 
Folckoner were married in 
Burlington in July. She is with 
the Concord Middle School, and 
he IS with J.C. Penney. 

Bridget Foley and Jon Pritchett 
were married in Greensboro in 
June. She is with the Greens- 
boro City Schools. He is a 
master's degree candidate at 
USC-Columbia where he is 

Now living in Raleigh. Patricia 
Flynn and Henry Hayes Jr. were 
married in Apnl in Greensboro. 
She is with Alfred Williams and 
Co., and he is with Kelway 

Jerry Goodwin and Amy 

Southerland were married in 
Greensboro in June. He is with 
Hongson, Inc.. and she is with 
Root Sawyer Wilkerson & 

Daniel Griggs and Laura 

Perrella '89 were married in 
Greensboro in June 

Amy Helsabeck and Randall 
Lipshay were married in May in 
Charlotte. She is with the 
Carolina Medical Center, and he 
is with Law Engineering, 

Betty Jernigan (MEd) and 
Thomas McDaniel were married 
in Graham in July, She is with 
the Burlington City Schools, and 
he is the owner of Steve 
McDaniel's Paint and Body 

Beverly Lucado and Thomas 
Allen were married in Greens- 
boro in June. She is with Ameri- 
can Industrial Contractors, and 
he IS president of Allen Displays. 

Cecile Naylor (PhD) is a 
research assistant professor of 
neurology at Bowman Gray 
School of Medicine. 

Bobbie Noble ('90 BS) and 
Charles Barton Jr. were married 
in High Point in May. He is with 
Southern Coach. 

Now living in Granite Falls. 
Deborah Terrell and Darrell 
Hoppes were married in June. 
She IS with First Union National 
Bank, and he is with Griffin 

Pamela Wall and Kerry McKen- 
zie were married in April. She 
teaches at Clayton Primary, and 
he IS with Burroughs Wellcome. 

Christine Wujcial< and James 
Germaine were marned in June 
in Clawson. Ml. She is with 
General Rehabilitation Services. 
He IS a student at Wayne State 
University and is employed by 
Michigan Coffee Service, 

1988 REUNION 1993 

Amy Bailey and Kenneth Rob- 
bins were married in Asheboro in 
May. She is with Randolph Bank 
and Trust, and he is with M&H 

Traci Cobb marned Jay Cole- 
man in May in Yanceyville, She 
is with Thomas Stout Stuart 
Core & Stuart, and he is with 
Proctor & Gamble, 

Kimberly DelGado and Terry 
Sam were married in Jamestown 
in May, She is with First Wach- 
ovia, and he is with Gray-Bar, 

Lisa Dieffenbach and Gregory 

Godat were married in Greens- 
boro in May, She is with USAir, 
and he is with Universal 

Robert Faub (MM) and Carolyn 
Clapper '90 were married in 
Moneta, VA, in June, He teaches 
in the State University System of 
New York. 

Karen Green ('90 MEd) and 
Ryan Brauns were married in 
Greensboro in May. She is with 
Marta Montefusco & Associates, 
and he is with Nationwide 

Wendy Harris, daughter of 
Robert and Linda Ell<ins Harris 

'64. and Harry Starnes were 
married in Littleton in June. She 
IS with the Guilford County 

Charles Howell and Karen 
Wilson were married in Charlotte 
in July. He is with SPATCO 

Now living in Charlotte, Cynthia 
Jones and Kevin Mason were 
married in May in Durham, She 
IS With United Parcel Service, 
and he is with First Chicago 

Kris Martin and Mark Jordan 
were marned in Brevard in July, 

Now living in San Antonio, TX, 
Donna IVIcDaniel and Thomas 
Nolfa were married in Winston- 
Salem, She IS with the Great 
America Companies, and he is 
with The Lane Co, 

Now living in Greenville, Julie 
IVIulllnix and George Vann Jr, 
were married in Albemarle in 
June, She teaches at Garner 
Senior High School, and he is 
with the Masonite Corp, 

Audrey Owens and Joe Bost Jr, 
were married in March in 
Cornelius, She is with Presbyte- 
rian Hospital, and he is self- 

Julie Piper and Steven Boles 
were married in Madison in 
June, She is with Halstead Metal 
Products, and he is with Duke 

Valencia Pritchett and James 
Williams were married in 
Greensboro in July, She is with 
the High Point City Schools, and 
he IS with Ecoflo, Inc, 

120 Hours = 10 Seconds 

If you've ever seen the 
California raisin commercial, 
you've seen clay animation. 
Clay mation, for short, is the 
technique of photographing 
small clay figures and creating 
the illusion of movement. 

Using this medium Mich- 
ael Frierson '75 ('80 MA) and 
his wife, Martha Garrett, have 
created an orange mother kang- 
aroo and her big blue baby who 
are appearing on the Nickel- 
odeon Cable Network. In the 
spot, which is aired during 
commercial breaks and 
identifies the daytime program- 
ming aimed at young children, 
the mother pidls strange items 
out of her pouch along with her 
baby, who holds a rattle that 
says "Nick Jr." 

Michael and Martha divide 
the claymation work. He directs 
and runs the camera, and she 
designs and paints the charac- 
ters and sets. The movement is 
timed with the sound track — 
in the Nick Jr. spots it's all 
bongs, whangs, honks, and their 
daughter, Georgia's, "goo goo." 
It takes roughly an hour of 
shooting for each second of film. 
The ten second project took 
about 120 hours to complete. 
Their previous credits include 
The Children's Television 
Workshop and the Fund for the 
Improvement of Post-Secondary 

After receiving his PhD 
from the University of Michi- 
gan, Michael taught at Loyola 
University in Nrw Orleans. 
But Greensboro is home, and he 
returned to UNCG to teach film 
theory, filmmaking, and the 
history of animation in the 
broadcasting/cinema division of 
the Department of Communica- 
tion and Theatre. 

Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 


Candace Ross and Douglas 
May, a graduate student at NC 
State, were married in Lumber- 
ton in June. She is witti thie 
Wal<e County Sclnools. 

Marjorie Ross and Harold 
Church were married in June in 
High Point, She is with the High 
Point Schools, and he is with 
American Television and 

Jack Rothrock Jr. (MBA) and 
Millicent White were married in 
Greensboro in May. Both are 
with the Greensboro News S 

Amy Russell and Heath Travis 
were married in Greensboro in 
June, She is with the Greens- 
boro City Schools, and he is with 

Sandra Stancell and Don 

Beaddles were married in June 
in Mebane He is with the NC 
Department of Transportation 

Corrine Styer and Samuel Ore 
were married in Reidsville in 
July, She is with Wesley Long 
Community Hospital, and he is 
with Golden State Foods. 

Whitney Wade and Joseph 
Pesot were married in High Point 
In May, Both are with IBM. 

John Ward and Stephanie 
Marshall, a graduate student at 
ECU, were married in Greenville 
in May. 


1989 REUNION i^m 

Angela Allred and James 
Thomas were married in 
Ramseur in June. She is with the 
Randolph County Schools, and 
he is with Central Telephone, 

Ruth Arledge and Kevin Loftis 
were married in Greensboro in 

Julie Beeson, daughter of 
James and Julia Ayers Beeson 

73 (77 MSN), and Marty David- 
son were married in Summer- 
field in June. Their reception was 
held at UNCG's Alumni House. 
She IS with the Winston-Salem/ 
Forsyth County Schools, and he 
is with Fieldcrest-Cannon Mills. 

Therese Browne and John 
Wakefield, a doctoral candidate 
at the University of Alabama, 
were married in Greensboro in 

John Carmichael and Elizabeth 
Holton, daughter of Samuel and 
Margaret Umberger Holton 70 

(MEd), were married in Chapel 
Hill in July. He is a graduate 
student at the University of 
Northern Iowa. 

Leanna Chrlstensen and Jerry 
Church II were married in 
Winston-Salem in June. She is 
with Suddenly Signs, and he is 
with American General Life & 
Accident Insurance Co, 

Rebecca Claxton, a real estate 
agent, and Lewis Welch were 
married in June in Weaverville, 
He IS a police officer for the City 
of King. 

Ann Delk and Bryan McColl 
were married in May. She is with 
Silver Knit Industries, and he is 
with the F&B Body Shop. 

Catherine Fiacco and James 
Buchanan were married in 
Broadway in April She is with 
Lee-Harnett Mental Health. He is 
a student at Campbell University 
and IS employed by Moen of 

Sabine Freeman and Michael 
Brown were married in Greens- 
boro in June. She is with RSVP 
Communications, and he is with 
1st Home Federal. 

Mark Hall (MEd) and Carole 
Dyer were married in March at 
Wake Forest University. He is 
assistant director of student 
activities at WFU, and she is 
with Hospice, 

Kim Hinshaw and Robert 
Beeson were married In High 
Point in July, She teaches at the 
Randleman Middle School, and 
he is with Beeson's Rhododen- 
dron Nursery. 

Steven Hmiel and Martha Davis 
were married in Greensboro in 
July. Their reception was held in 
the Alumni House. He is with 
United Parcel Service, and she 
is with the Charlotte-Mecklen- 
burg Schools. 

Richard Hurley and Susan 
Lishness '90 were married in 
Greensboro in June. He is with 
En-Cas Analytical Laboratories, 

Mary Ellen Jones and Timothy 
Whitworth were married in 
Greensboro in June. She is with 
the Guilford County Schools, 
and he is with the Paragon 

Christy Key and Jason Welch 
were married in May in Trinity. 
She IS with First Wachovia, and 
he IS with the High Point Police 

Now living in Riva, MD, Mary 
King and James Batten Jr. were 
married in Greensboro in June. 
She IS with the Anne Arundel 
Schools. Their reception was 
held in the Alumni House 

Keith Leinbach and Glenda 
Hawkes were married in June in 
Kernersville. Their reception was 
held at UNCG's Alumni House. 
He is with Bennett Uniform 
Manufacturing. She is a student 
at UNCG and employed by Ben 
Hawkes Accounting. 

Anne Lewis and Wendell 
Gundlach were married in 
Greensboro in May. She is with 
the Greensboro News & Record. 
and he is with Bankers & 
Shippers Insurance. 

Sharon Likens and Joey Euliss, 
a UNCG student, were married 
in Gibsonville in May. She is with 
Pennsylvania National Insur- 

Renee Long and Steven Flee- 
man were married in Greens- 
boro in May. She is with Jeffer- 
son Pilot, and he is with AT&T. 

Gary McCann of the Greens- 
boro News and Record received 
an award for sports writing from 
Landmark Communications. 

Linda McMasters and Andrew 
Garner were married in 
Asheboro in May. She is with 
AT&T Federal Systems, and he 
IS with Garner's Plumbing. 

Amy Miller and James Goodwin 
were married in Biscoe in June. 
She IS with K Mart Apparel, and 
he is with A Cleaner World. 

Bonnie Mullen and Christopher 
Fulp were married in Greens- 
boro in June. She is with the 
Greensboro Historical Museum, 
and he is with the Beaman Corp, 

Now living in Colfax, Pamela 
Mullis and Michael Tucker were 
married in Valdese in May. She 
is with Moses Cone Memorial 
Hospital, and he is with Wrangler 

Now living in High Point, Susan 
Nixon and Michael Sutton were 
married in Mt, Airy in May, She 
is with McGladrey & Pullen, and 
he is with AT&T. 

Pamela Otte and Jonathan 
Ingram were married in 
Greensboro in May, She is 
employed by UNCG, 

Renea Paschal, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs Garland Paschal 72 

(MEd). and Raymond Smith Jr. 
were married in Reidsville in 
May. She is with Junior 
Achievement of Guilford County, 
and he is with the Greensboro 
Country Club, 

A Catawba College music 
instructor, Julie Rhyne (MM) 
competed as Miss Western 
Piedmont in the Miss North 
Carolina pageant in June. 

Debbie Gordon Scotten is a 

receptionist at the Liberty 
Medical Center. 

Robert Seate III and Mary 
Hodges were married in 
Henderson in May. He is with 
Smith Helms Mullis & Moore, 
and she is with the City of 

Robin Thrower and Thomas 
McRae were married in May in 
Hamlet. He is with United Parcel 

Susan Harris Whittington and 

William Ortt were married in 
May. She is with AT&T Federal 
Systems, and he is assistant 
rector of St, Francis Episcopal 
Church, Greensboro, where they 
were marned, 

William York and Sandra Martin 
were married in Greensboro in 
June, He is with Horizon Tool, 
and she is with the NC Credit 
Union League, 


Alumni News 

Winter • 1991 



Samantha Bickford and Eddie 
Warner Jr. were married in 
Winston-Salem in June. Sfie is 
with Researcli and Analytical 
Laboratories, and he is with 
Revco Drugs. 

Jaime Blew and Kevin Walker 
were married in Greensboro in 
May. He is with Amencan 

Jennifer Brest and David Bun- 
yard were married in May. She is 
with Duke University Medical 
Center, He attends NCSU and is 
employed by DaVinci Systems. 

Julie Hale and Jonathan Bryson 
were married in Archdale in 
June. He is a student at the 
Kirksville (MO) College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. 

Kathryn Harris and Ralph 
Rowe, a UNCG student, were 
married in Greensboro in May. 

Jill McCoy and Jason Pring 
were marned in Greensboro in 
June. He is with General 
Electric. Their reception was 
held in the Alumni House. 

Amanda Osborne and Edison 
McGee were married in 
Stokesdale in June. He is with 
Guilford County Emergency 

Lisa Savage, a programmer at 
Ciba-Geigy. and William Monde 
were married in June. He is with 
the United Guaranty Corp 

Joyce Scott and David Whitaker 
were married in Raleigh In June. 
He is with Revco Drug Stores. 

Kelly Sells and David Blair were 
married in Greensboro in June 
He is a student at Southeastern 
Baptist Theological Seminary 
and pastor of Rocky Cross 
Baptist Church. 

Amy Shelton and Jettrey Small 
were married in Reidsville in 
June. He is with B&S Services. 

Nancy Slate and Jerry Tuttle 
were married in May in German- 
ton. He IS with Duke Power. 

Melody league and Jeffrey 
Applewhite were married in 
Durham in July. She is with 
ATCOM. and he is with the 
Caswell Center. 

Ida Whatley and James Durham 
were married in Burlington in 
May. He is a student at NCSU. 

Phillip Wilson, son of Jacque- 
line Abrams Wilson 66 of 

Greensboro, and Laura Ebert 
were married in Greensboro in 
June. He is with Trico Pools, and 
she IS with the Alamance County 

Jeanine Young and Jonathan 
Day were married in Mebane in 
June He is with Bahan Machine 
& Foundry. 



Charlotte Dawley of Greens- 
boro, who retired as an associ- 
ate professor of biology in 1968. 
died May 25, 1990 She received 
her bachelor's degree from 
Carleton College (Norlhfield. 
MN) and her master's from 
Washington University in St. 
Louis, MO. Atter receiving her 
PhD from the University of 
Minnesota in 1944. she began 
teaching at UNCG, Before 
coming to Greensboro she had 
been a faculty member at Florida 
State College for Women and 
Hibbing Junior College. 

Arthur Dixon of Seabrook 
Island, SC, died April 29, 1990, 
He came to UNCG in 1 957 and 
retired in 1977 as an associate 
professor of English, An Army 
Air Corps veteran of World War 
II, he was a graduate of UNC 
Chapel Hill and received his 
master's and PhD degrees from 
Yale University. 


Minnie Rodwell Foster 21 of 

Mechanicsville died June 22, 
1990, She was formerly organist 
and choir director for Norlina 
Baptist Church. Survivors in- 
clude her daughter. Laura 
Foster Reed '46 of Gastonia, 
and her sisters, Virgie Rodwell 
Walters '17 of Fayetteville and 
Hattie Rodwell Johnson 29 of 

The Alumni Office was notified of 
the March 28, 1990, death of 
Alma Blount Longman 23 of 

High Point 

Hazel Fry Sandlin 25 of Bryson 
City died November 11,1 989, 
Sun/ivors include three 
daughters, all retired teachers 
from Bryson City: Martha 
Sandlin Brown 47, Jeanette 
Sandlin Doughit 51 , and 
Dorothy Sandlin Totherow 51 

Elsie Brame Hunt 26 of Rock 
Ridge died May 31 , 1 990 The 
mother of former North Carolina 
Gov. Jim Hunt, she had been an 
English teacher and school 
librarian. In 1948 she was the 
first woman to be named to the 
State Board of Health. 

The Alumni Office was notified of 
the July 23, 1990, death of 
Annie Marine Wilson 26 of 

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 

Mary Parker Wood 31 of 

Greensboro died May 15, 1990, 
She formerly worked in the 
chemistry department at UNCG, 

Retired from the Greensboro 
City Schools, Linda Rankin 32 

('52 MED) of Greensboro died 
July 27, 1990. 

Louise Hayes Rose 33 of 

Littleton died June 7, 1990, 

Stella Moore Willis 33 of 

Gastonia died March 23, 1 990 
She was a retired Forsyth 
County reference librarian and 

Mary Albright Hardy 34 of 

Reidsville died June 12, 1990, 

Robbie Dunn Siske '35 of 

Pleasant Garden died April 12, 

The Alumni OHice was notified of 
the death of Helene Person 
Youse '38 of Sarasota, FL. on 
March 2, 1990, 

Mabel Caddell Monroe '40 of 

Southern Pines died July 1 5, 

The Alumni OHice was notified of 
the June 1990 death of Virginia 
Hardesty Bradburry '41 of 


The Alumni Office has learned of 
the death of Mary Pitman 
McKinney 41 of Penland. 

Lee Sherrill Mathews 45 of 

Atlanta, GA, died March 7, 1990, 

The Alumni Office was notified of 
the July 25, 1990, death of Alice 
McGilvary Matthews 48 of 


M. Florence Parrish 50 of 

Winston-Salem died January 3, 
1990, She was a retired Western 
Electric employee. 

Former art teacher Sarah Jane 
McLean fi/loser '53 ('60 MFA) of 
Brevard died in April 1990. 
Survivors include her daughter. 
Julie Moser 83 of Brevard 

Carolyn Leagon McDaniel 54 

of Athens, GA, died February 1 1 , 

Ernst Hostettler 67 (MA) of 
Statesville died March 14, 1990, 
He was a retired farmer and had 
taught German language and 
literature at Winthrop College, 
Queen's College, Wingate 
College, and Johnson C Smith 
University, Survivors include his 
daughter, Anna Hostettler 
Hooker '67 of Baltimore, MD, 

Jerry M. Howell '70 (MFA) of 
Asheboro died July 26, 1990. He 
was chairman of the department 
of photographic technology at 
Randolph Community College, 
Survivors include his wife, Ellen 
Farmer Howell '54 (69 MFA). 

Rachel Somers Grant 71 of 

Canton. NY. who taught at the 
University of Canton, died June 
1 , 1990. Survivors include her 
sister, Geraldine Somers Davis 
'56 of Burlington, 

Melody Harris Shropshire 79 

of Stoneville died July 16, 1990, 
She taught in Virginia's Henry 
County School System, 

Paul Grzeszczak 83, formerly 
of Greensboro, died July 8, 

Joseph Moyer Jr. '85 of 

Greensboro, a certified financial 
planner, died July 1, 1990. 

Richard Ranieri '85 (PhD) of 
Greensboro died June 26, 1990. 
He was formerly employed by 
Burlington Industries. 

Alumni News /t ry 
Winter • 1991 TT / 


"To become an [alumnus] is 
simply to advance into the next 
class. The [Alumni] Association is 
that 'next class.' We no longer 
think that Graduation Day brings 
us to the edge of a chasm which 
forever divides us from our 
College, from its interests and 
activities, and from participation in 
them. The [Alumni] Association is 
the bridge across the break. ...Will 
you, because to do so is a privilege 
as well as duty, an opportunity as 
well as a responsibility, enter into 
partnership with Our College, take 
your place joyfully in the associa- 
tion of [alumni] and when the call 
to service comes, as it does and 
will, for the work to be done is 
great, answer gladly? We extend 
an invitation now." 

These were the parting words of 
Alumnae Secretary Clara Byrd to 
the graduating class of 1935 as 
recorded in the Piiic Needles for 
that year. Fifty-five years later, the 
opportunity to remain involved 
with our University is still here. 
The invitation stands, and I want 
to offer you some specific opportu- 
nities for involvement. A few of 
these are drawn directly from Miss 
Byrd's messages to the seniors in 

I Let the Alumni Office know 
when you change your address (or 
your name). Keeping up with 
55,000-plus alumni is a big job, but 
you can help by letting us know 
where you are. 

^ Send us your news so we can 
share it with your classmates: 
Marriage, job change, career 
moves, additions to your family, 
retirement, honors. Mileposts in 
your life are important to us, too. 

O Send us clippings you see 
about other UNCG alumni. 
Share with us what you read about 
another alumnus. You may be our 
only means of receiving this 

t Talk about our University. 
Tell the world you love it! Alumni 
are the best press agents any 
University can have. 

O Interest the best students you 
know in attending our alma mater. 
Let the UNCG Admissions Office 
know about them so they can be 
contacted by the University. 

O Remain a member of the 
Alumni Association — your 
contribution to the University is 
needed now more than ever. 
Through your membership you 
receive the Alumni News, the 
official publication of the Alumni 
Association. It will keep you 
informed about current happen- 
ings at the University, about what 
your classmates and college 
friends are doing. Again to quote 
Miss Byrd, "It will be your letter 
froni home." 

f Read your mail from the 
University! When you receive a 
letter, brochure, or publication 

from the University or the 
Alumni Association don't discard 
it as "junk mail." Your Alumni 
Office and other University 
departments spend a great deal of 
time and effort to prepare com- 
munications designed to keep 
you abreast of events on campus 
and in your area. Failing to give 
the correspondence at least a 
moment of your attention will 
waste the time and effort used to 
prepare it and your contribution 
and tax dollars used to print and 
post it. And, you may deprive 
yourself of an opportunity to 
participate in a rewarding and 
enjoyable event which has been 
planned with you in mind. 

Being beyond a distant horizon 
does not mean you are out of 
touch with the University. Where 
you go, it goes. Where its learn- 
ing extends, its ideals are cher- 
ished. Where its alumni are 
found, there you may feel valued 
and welcome. We at your college 
home look forward to hearing 
from you. 


Brenda Meadows Cooper '65 

Alumni Secretary 

Acting Director of Alumni Affairs 


Alumni News 
Winter • 1991 

Planning for their Fiftieth 

The Class of 1941 began meeting last July 24 to make plans 
for their fiftieth reunion next May. Everlasting President 
Buzz Falls Heisler and Reunion Committee Co-Chairs 
Helen Fondren Lingle and Mildred Younts pulled together a 
lively bunch of classmates for a planning luncheon that 
turned out to be a day-long affair. Among the class 
members present were, from Greensboro: Sarah Fleet fones, 
Bettie Rosa Williams, Mary Miller, Bobbie Clegg Minton, 
Elizabeth Booker, Mildred Younts, Grace McCraw Evans, 

Frances Cooke Neal, and Marguerite Murpliy Stcntz; 
from other North Carolina cities: Elsie Nunn (Winston- 
Salem), Frances Scott Bivins (Charlotte), Lucile Griffi)i 
Leonard (Lexington), Marjorie Williams Harris 
(Burlington), Carolyn Willis Cunningham (Raleigh), 
Mary McQueen Currie (High Point), and Joyce Safiit 
Moore (Reidsville); and all the way from Florida: Buzz 
Falls Heisler (Indian Harbor Beach) and Helen Fondren 
Lingle (Osprei/). 

Charter Day 1991 

Although we will not begin 
celebrating our Centennial until 
October 1991, a milestone event in 
February cannot pass without 

The State Normal and Industrial 
School, now UNCG, was chartered 
by act of the North Carolina 
legislature on February 18, 1891. 
One hundred years and one day 
later, alumni will celebrate in 
Raleigh where a bill will be 
introduced in the General Assembly 
to recognize the University's Charter 

Alumni from each county in the 
state are expected to represent 
UNCG in Raleigh on February 19, 
1991. (The legislative calendar 
causes the one-day delay of 
Charter Day.) Those coming from 
points west will be invited to board 
the Carolinian, the pied- 
mont's revived train 
line. From the east, 
a caravan of buses 
will transport 
alumni to the state 

Both will arrive in time for lunch in 
Raleigh before the legislature 
convenes in the afternoon. 

More information will be mailed 
to you soon. In the meantime, keep 
your calendar clear for Tuesday, 
February 19, 1991.